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Whirled Peas and Realizing Reality

Beyond the “whirled” mishmash we call our current world there is a true reality that has very little to do with this one.

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Whirled Peas and Realizing Reality


Beyond the “whirled” mishmash we call our current world there is a true reality that has very little to do with this one. It is energetic, harmonious and joyful. It is empowered by the fundamental forces of deep cosmic nature Itself. It is ecstatically alive and continually creating, bristling with excitement, colors, thrills and astounding beauty where peace and joy reign supreme.

Where we find ourselves here is just a faint hint of where we truly belong and essentially already live.

We know there is something wrong in this earthly experience and that there is so much more to real life than what we see here. Free land is held by “owners”, laws restrict freedom, everything must be purchased thus obligating lives of servitude, and the very clockwork of anti-human machinery limits and abuses our true reality to its core.

Until we wake up.

The Zero Point of Realization

When you find out what’s really going on everything changes. Your entire perspective shifts and in fact keeps on shifting as new realizations dawn on your consciousness. Some people come to this zero point directly through profound spiritual experiences, while others come at it informationally, but the two will converge sooner or later as our persistent pursuit of putting the pieces together continues until another dimension comes into our reality and everything makes sense at multiple levels.

Even those new realizations will keep on shifting as deeper and deeper we meld with this wonderful sensation of awakening. It actually surpasses the senses, at least as we had them defined by our finite, programmed minds. What eventually surfaces from either direction is that we are so much more than our small individual selves. We learn we are intrinsic parts of the whole, and are inextricably connected to all forms of life both seen and unseen.

Even more profound is realizing our very essence is simply consciousness and that we can actually detach from the experience we call ourselves and observe objectively who we truly are as eternal spirit having this human experience. We each are simply a part of this collective wonder of existence that have our own unique expression. We’re clearly influenced by our genetic and ancestral heritige, upbringing and social environment, but we are not bound by them, and can learn to operate from this higher level of knowledge and understanding and so become who we in fact already are.

Not a cumulative product, but a spark of infinity rediscovering itself in this strange new environment.


Our Paradoxical Lives

Synthesizing information in this new found awareness then becomes thrilling, while at the same time a daily challenge. Being well informed about the illusory nature of this level of existence we’ve been injected into is imperative in order to stay free from its many traps and ensnarements. Yet that same information can be very dark and weighty at times as we learn to get a handle on this seeming paradox called life.

Ours is to detach from it yet to be involved in it at the same time. We’ve been taught that such detachment was only for the super enlightened ones who generally were these high and mighty ethereal ascetics who had fully devoted their lives to more or less constant meditation as well as the teaching of their wisdom.

But in reality, this ability to live a consciously aware and empowered life is available to all and a very natural path for each of us. This elevating people to hero, guru, avatar, savior or some other sort of demigod is a social engineering mechanism that is both imposed by social manipulators, as well as something readily adopted by those who don’t want to make the effort nor take the responsibility to fully realize themselves and live consciously. This conveniently passes the buck so most of lazy humanity can go back to their life of seeming ease and comfort.

But as we know, true happiness will always elude them. It’s very sad, as this same potential lies within every human spirit.

Why Do People Shun the Truth?

Addiction to pride and ego mainly. Materialism and power issues are secondary as they try to mold the world around them into what is best for them and their limited understanding of the human condition. We’ve all done that to some extent before we awoke from slumber. But these attachments become addictions that grow more and more difficult to shed.

Self image and reputation in the eyes of others is how they’ve judged their whole lives leading up to whatever point or points their conscience gets pricked by these inconvenient bothersome notions of truth and unselfish love. Each time it is turned away their spiritual and moral callousness grows thicker until only a radical shake up can get their attention.

People who have near death experiences are the perfect example of an abrupt awakening. No matter what account you read, people who undergo this or similar events invariably become extremely spiritual and transcendent in their approach to life and are often moved to not just a changed career path, but to a life of activism, as they feel the force of love compelling them to share their profound enlightening experience and what they’ve learned with as many as possible.


The Royal Shaft, Religion and Demagoguery

Another form of passing the responsibility buck is humanity’s treatment of and attitude towards those in power. This is especially true, and most disturbingly, with so-called royalty and religious leaders. They’re cut from the same dark cloth, playing on controlling social archetypes and symbolism passed through the collective mind reinforced by ritual entrancement.

Disempowerment in order to curtail disobedience or even revolt is the name of their game. It’s the same with political leaders, and there it’s even trickier as they learned that if people thought their leaders were “elected” they’d be even more compliant. And it’s worked – up until now.

Awakening from the induced stupor of this contrived social programming called the world, or the “whirled” as I like to call it, changes everything. Rather than continue operating on their level, suddenly it’s a whole new playing field. The abject lie of these supplanting interlopers becomes almost comical in its stark nakedness. The emperors really don’t have any clothes and reality is laid bare. This is when the fun begins as the once enthralled and obedient masses snap out of their hypnotic state, point and laugh at the imposters, and walk away.

Without our attention and support, never mind obedience or tribute, the house of cards comes tumbling down.

And Today?

We’re in very complex and confusing times but with the same basic modus operandi: Dominate and control in every possible way. With technology exponentially increasing in the hands of psychopaths this clearly does create new challenges.

But fundamentally it’s the same game. It’s consciousness versus low level control mechanisms, whatever form they may take. Don’t be enthralled by all the technological “advances”, it’s just the same game.

We mustn’t be daunted by their high tech devices and crypto-occultism, they all boil down to the same thing. Low level attempts to quash humanity and keep us from discovering who we truly are and our enormous potential as infinite resources of creation. This is what freaks them out.

They can only imitate. They cannot connect with Source because they have no heart. We have heart, the heart of the marvelous living creative Source inside of us. They do not. There is no contest.

We simply need to realize our true divinity and manifest it, in each and every glorious way we’re led.

Lights on, and activate your inner knowing. Bold, brave, and unafraid in full on ecstasy!

This contest is for real. Let’s blind them by our light and scatter the cockroaches into the dustbin of ancient history.

Turn the light on and leave it on!

Love always, Zen

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Contributed by Zen Gardner of Just Wondering.


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