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Voluntarily Disarming Yourself

When it comes to gun registration, compliance leads to confiscation.

Controlling the Herd

Voluntarily Disarming Yourself

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If you study criminal behavior, you find that throughout history criminals routinely strive to gain an upper hand over their victims.  For the mugger, that may be waiting until the mall parking lot is mostly deserted before he victimizes someone’s grandmother.  But for criminal governments, the upper hand is gained through laws and regulations.  Some would argue that no matter how many laws are passed, or how oppressive those laws may become, as long as so many Americans have firearms we cannot be truly conquered.  I would tend to agree with that statement.  Otherwise, why would there be such a concerted effort to disarm us?  Criminals want their victims defenseless, for once that happens there is no resistance to whatever further crimes they may choose to perpetrate.  And, history shows that their crimes ultimately get elevated to murder, usually on a mass scale.

The first step taken by a criminal government to disarm the population is registration of said population’s firearms.  Perhaps you were unaware, but gun registration is now alive and well here in the land of the free.  Here are two examples:

In an excerpt taken from an article in the Sacramento Bee, you can see how registration has crept into California.

 Starting on Jan. 1, 2014, the California Department of Justice will retain information on long-gun purchases, data it had formerly been compelled to destroy within five days. Dealers will need to register purchases with the state.

In Connecticut, it is no longer creeping…now its reality.  I pulled this from a story at Time Online

Gun control: Connecticut will implement measures stemming from the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting last December. The state will require assault weapons and large-capacity ammunition magazines purchased before April 2013 to be registered starting Jan. 1, and it will create a registry of parolees whose crimes involved a weapon.

Our Canadian brothers-in-arms have been dealing with this sort of thing for much longer than we have.  So when someone from Canada, especially someone with media influence, warns Americans about gun registration, wisdom dictates that we should probably listen.  The following video was recently sent to me, and contained therein is just such a warning.

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Contributed by James White of NorthWest Liberty News.


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