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The Military Industrial Sports Complex

It’s all a charade designed to program, pacify and polarize.

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The Military Industrial Sports Complex


Well, it’s upon us again, and the world looks with anticipation to the big super display bowl, rife with military exercises of course. I’m not going to belabor the idiocy but wanted to say something, mainly the BS indoctrination they saturate the naive viewers with. Whether football, basketball, baseball, soccer, the Olympics, it’s the perfect stage to feature their occult program of personal sacrifice to the fascist State of Control.

Emotions run high at these events. Not just in those attending personally, but those freaking out in front of their televisions. With high emotions and dilated spirits comes the perfect condition for indoctrination.


And they use it. Bathed in patriotic displays and tributes and peppered with multi-million dollar advertising gimmicks and promotions, these stinkers slip in every possible corporo- illuminist sales point and cause they’re told to push. And with a whole lot of sex appeal.

Besides unwavering support to sacrifice your children to the Moloch of the military industrial complex, the NFL, via minions like Bob Costas and other well heeled mouthpieces, have been dutifully pushing many state programs including, most recently, gun control for some time now – as if that has anything to do with a so-called recreational sport. What’s interesting this year is the marijuana issue, as the two cities represented are in states that have legalized pot to some extent. Let’s see how they handle it, but don’t trust a damn thing they say.


The Cultural Chaos Gambit

Competitive sports, many of which were invented by Freemasons, with most of today’s mega franchises owned by high ranking mega wealthy Freemasons, are built on their themes of exploitation and their rule of thumb to divide and conquer – keeping humanity at variance with itself, out of which comes a much easier milieu for direction, domination and control. Not only will they be distracted by “bread and circus”, but it gives them an outlet for their emotions.

Release valves are important to them, which is why some issues are allowed to “come to light” periodically in the political and news arenas. This aspect is almost as important as their ongoing programs for preemptively lobotomizing humanity via drugs, adulterated air, food and water, reverse education, mindless media and the like.

Not just that, but sports exacerbate and normalize anger, pride, patriotism, territorial aggression and the like. In turn, that justifies the police state to control the crazed masses – a deliberately contrived vicious cycle. Welcome to the police state mentality.

Most Think It’s Just Amusing

You’ve seen plenty of examples of violence at sports events, but this one came across my screen today that pretty much sums up the intoxicated insanity sports events engender. Just multiply this pent up “release” based on sports allegiance many, many fold and you can see how the PTBs use these venues to cultivate their programs.

Training and Entraining

Ever wonder about “uniforms”, their effect on the psyche and what they imply? School uniforms, team uniforms, business uniforms, medical uniforms and on and on. Why do bells and alarms and sirens sound and the herd is taught these required mass responses?

Sure, some make sense…but most are just conditioning.


This  is everywhere, and something to be researched thoroughly. We have to get this matrix programming out of our systems and learn to identify when we’re being programmed. It’s increasingly difficult with the advent of advanced electromagnetic and nano technology, but nothing can trump consciousness.

We have power they know not of – and that is why are justifiably afraid of us.

Rub their noses in it. We have nothing to fear. Our weapons are spiritual.

Superbowl, shooperbowl. It’s all a charade designed to program, pacify and polarize.

Much love, Zen


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Contributed by Zen Gardner of Just Wondering.


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