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The Logistical Flaw In Non-Anarchistic Libertarian Thought

True liberty, natural liberty, cannot manifest under a monopolized coercive state, which is subject to neither law nor market forces.

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The Logistical Flaw In Non-Anarchistic Libertarian Thought


It seems to me that the logistical flaw in non-anarchistic libertarian thought—that the state is necessary, if for nothing else but protection of its citizens (defense from attack from abroad, protection of individuals from each other, dispute adjudication, etc)—is rooted in the lack of recognition that history has readily proven that the state can not—will not—be limited by law, especially (and one would think obviously) when the state itself is the author, interpreter, and enforcer of the law.

The dismal failure of the “American Experiment” proved this truth, once and for all.

So it’s not that there aren’t seemingly legitimate functions of government—it’s that the institution of government is impossible to control, when that government holds a monopoly on authority over the populace and the use of force, and is not subject to market forces.

America’s constitutionally-limited, representative republic failed for precisely the same reason that all forms of political systems (socialism, communism, fascism, monarchy, etc) fail; that is, they fail to account for human nature, which dictates that individuals will generally act in their own self-interest—including individuals which comprise the institution of government.

Once one realizes that government is impossible to control, to limit, in any effective manner, then the only conclusion to be drawn is that it is the very idea of government which is flawed—not necessarily the various structures and/or principles under which it has been manifested throughout history.

This fact necessitates the trial of something new, something better, a more effective, non-violent means of creating free, peaceful, and prosperous societies, and casting of the idea of the state onto the scrap heap of history.

“Yeah, we tried that, in all kinds of ways…and it didn’t work.”

True liberty, natural liberty, cannot manifest under a monopolized coercive state, which is subject to neither law nor market forces.

So let’s end the state, transfer the state’s “legitimate” functions to private enterprise operating within a free and open marketplace, sit back, and see what happens.

I’m game.

Rand Eastwood is an author, blogger, graphic designer, and drummer, and currently resides in beautiful Las Vegas. Read more of his work at Rand Eastwood | blog, or visit his blog page on Facebook. He also administers two other Facebook pages: Liberty & Leviathan, and The Sovereigntarian. To check out some of his fiction, visit his Amazon author page.

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