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So now we know: Hurricane Sandy voted for Obama

The technology exists to modify anything that calls itself weather. So, sooner or later this perfect weapon to influence the foibles of we human beings would get around to steering elections. And that’s how and why Hurricane Sandy came barreling in from the Atlantic and blew Mitt Romney all the way back to Salt Lake City.

Political Gamesmanship

So now we know: Hurricane Sandy voted for Obama

Over the last 40 years or so, science has gradually learned how to generate rain in deserts, play with fog, create snowstorms – and even interfere with the upper atmosphere. The technology exists to modify anything that calls itself weather. So, sooner or later this perfect weapon to influence the foibles of we human beings would get around to steering elections. And that’s how and why Hurricane Sandy came barreling in from the Atlantic and blew Mitt Romney all the way back to Salt Lake City.

There seems to be general agreement even among the Frankenstorm cynics that Sandy’s timely appearance concentrated the minds of electors favorably towards the incumbent. In truth, Obama did very little to deserve that. He simply toured the devastated areas, looked suitably serious as aid workers explained what they were doing with picks and shovels, smiled and waved at victims trying to make sense of things.

In short, he indulged in the well known pastime among the political elites: turning up at the scene of freak weather events, dismal climatic catastrophes in general, and of course man-made calamities, like the wake of 9/11.

It is of course loathsome cynicism that drives them to flock to disasters, little more than a step above ghouls, because they are milking other peoples’ woes in order to magnetize votes. Obama all but brought his halo along.

The repugnant smugness of the spectacle was enough to make any reasoned observer throw up. The last thing I’d want if my house was filled with noxious bilge after a big storm would be finding the President of the United States of America offering a clammy handshake from what’s left of my doorstep.

The braying hyenas of the corporate media overdid themselves as usual, chanting hosannas at how well Obama ‘handled’ the storm. In reality, the relief workers did all the handling. The only handling he did ensured that the His Highness didn’t mucky his fine loafers. Paraphrasing one G. Ceaser: ‘I came, I saw, and I went home to weigh the votes’.

Right, now to the meat of things. Towards the beginning of the 1990’s the West and the Soviets began work on integrated technologies designed to modify the weather for political and military ends. This included ways to kick up monster storms, earthquakes and even stoke volcanoes.

The US Air Force Document “Weather as a Force Multiplier”, also known as AF 2025, is the much-quoted testament that explains techniques such as precipitation enhancement, storm enhancement, precipitation denial, space weather, fog and cloud removal, etc. All of the above are nice ways to say weather warfare.

One could say that the father of climate farming was the Hungarian-American genius John von Neumann, whom many rate as the other Einstein (with whom he had a close friendship). Von Neumann’s mind stretched into many fields from quantum physics and advanced numerical analysis to self-replicating machines and the first A-bomb. Here was a fantastic egghead who lived entirely in the future, which inspired Hans Bethe, himself another rival to Einstein, to ponder if he ‘might be from a species superior to man.’

And yes, among John von Neumann’s many insights of things to come was the prospect of ‘forms of climatic warfare as yet unimagined.’ His fellow Hungarian refugee scientist Eugene Wigner wrote that observing von Neumann’s mind at work, ‘one had the impression of a perfect instrument whose gears were machined to mesh accurately to a thousandth of an inch.’

Obviously von Neumann was hardly your standard conspiracy theorist.

Von Neumann reasoned that altering climatic systems merely required an understanding of the physics and what, if any, machinery might be involved. He seems to have grasped the concept of sonic manipulation as a means of triggering or managing storms. And from there we take the great leap forward, so to speak, to the hush-hush experimental program known as the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program, better known as HAARP.

HAARP is a progeny of the Office of Naval Research and Air Force Research Laboratory, and DARPA, the Pentagon’s very own Frankenlab. The most prominent instrument that John von Neumann would recognize at the HAARP facility, buried deep in the Alaskan wilderness, is an exceptionally high-powered radio frequency transmitter which is intended to operate in the high ionosphere.

In bald terms the purpose of the Ionosphere Research Instrument (IRI) is to ‘excite’ (meaning heat) a chosen area of the ionosphere with high frequency radio waves to see what happens next. This rather crude description is too naïve to be taken seriously. DARPA’s men in white coats are interested in war machines and advanced forms of weaponry thatrequire high value scientific input. DARPA is not a weather agency and nor is HAARP a weather station. It is a branch of the US military-industrial-scientific complex.

HAARP’s activities center on the filling of the sandwich that lies between the Earth’s atmosphere and the magnetosphere. In between is the ionosphere, possessing too little air for balloons and is not good territory for satellites either (save, possibly, the mysterious pilot-less X-37B designed and operated by the US Air Force and DARPA in this same twilight zone).

The ionosphere is buzzing with free electrons which form the electrical charges that help to generate weather patterns on the Earth far below. Earlier work by scientists in Norway pioneered exploration of the ionosphere by similarly ‘exciting’ it with high frequency radio beams in the 2–10 MHz range, and studying how the ionosphere reacts. HAARP is equipped with much greater power.

Beginning in the start-up year of 1993, the Alaskan site began to sprout a veritable forest of aluminum pillars some 22 meters (66 feet) high, whose number has multiplied to almost 200. Each of these pylons is equipped with antennas that span the 2.8 to 7 Megahertz range and upper band between 7 and 10 Megahertz.

These antennas are capable of transmitting high frequency waves 350 kilometers above the Earth’s surface. And that of course is precisely the layer that interests the HAARP boffins most, because it is the breeding ground of rarefied plasma in the form of highly-charged ion particles.

As far as back as 1925, pioneer scientists thought about a mechanism to generate an electrical discharge from lightning storms that could then work upwards from clouds to the ionosphere. In short, primitive HAARP and weather manipulation. This same playground stretching 80 to 560 km above the Earth’s surface is now the scene of experiments that have no other purpose than to fulfill von Neumann’s amazing prediction of ‘climatic warfare as yet unimagined’.

The HAARP people insist that it is all perfectly harmless and that they are just harnessing the properties of the ionosphere to cultivate improved radar fields and in a more sinister tone, for ‘surveillance’ purposes (supposedly ‘seeing through’ solid matter like underground bunkers).

Indeed, there is a wide range of purely academic studies attached to the HAARP experiments, but this is perfectly normal in any work in such an advanced field. After all, the spin-off from the atomic bomb was nuclear power to generate electricity. So we understand that despite these cover stories, HAARP is indeed a full scale military program, and the add-on studies are merely the usual camouflage for the real purpose, R and D to develop electro-magnetic weapons of war.

HAARP is the test run for a super-powerful radio wave-beaming technology that lifts areas of the ionosphere by focusing a beam and heating those areas. Electromagnetic waves then bounce back onto earth and penetrate everything, thus the ability to ‘see underground.’

The mammoth in the lab is that nobody knows yet what the concomitant effects of constantly meddling in the balance of delicate upper systems probed by poorly equipped humans actually are. HAARP is operating at the upper range of current scientific knowledge in search of a new knock-out-all war machine, the Bomb minus the radiation, if you will.

Yet there is a stark possibility that playing with heat limits in the ionosphere that may lead to unnatural responses that might terminate human life on the planet. There could be a point that using crude human technology will cause a runaway affect among the delicate eco-systems that rule over our heads.

The Pentagon dreams of a new “Star Wars” defense shield, seemingly at minimal expense. Yet we are speaking of the most dramatic expansion of war-making capabilities since the development of nuclear bombs. In fact, bombs, silos, radar screens, deterrent anti-missile shields, the entire detritus of nuclear war, are as relevant as steam engines in this Brave New World.

However, reckless injection of such highly-charged power surges in our natural shield – the ionosphere – could well be cataclysmic. A string of universities are queuing around the block to get in on the act, which might well turn out to be the Doomsday Machine. When budgets are tight and the military turn up with their huge purse, chancellors know what to do. Take the bait.

Weather management of course comes under various headings. The Chinese authorities famously employed fairly primitive techniques to spare the Beijing Olympics from crowd-scattering downpours by spraying silver iodide pellets and dry ice on threatening party-pooping incoming clouds. A similar practice run resulted in a vast dump of out-of-season snow on astonished Beijingers. But HAARP is not about fun and games like that.

Reports in the German media claimed that the enormous floods and tornados which struck Central Europe in 2010 might be the result of HAARP experiments. For this to be so, antenna radiation emitted from distant Alaska – and then recalling all that interesting early work on clouds and lightning – would have to strike low layers of the ionosphere over an area thousands of miles away, with devastating consequent effect on weather formations

Aspects of Hurricane Sandy begin to fit a pattern of careful preparations to take an existing fairly minor storm in the state of formation, then pep it up into a real head banger with the aid of full moon tidal pulls plus the convenient collision with an incoming nor’ easter cold front as the matching partner.

Those suspicious souls who talked about the ‘perfect storm’ were spot on. The early videos broadcast from weather satellites suggested that Sandy was indeed losing punch. It was officially downplayed to a tropical storm. All the early predictions indicated Sandy would touch land east of New York in Connecticut, and blow itself out.

Then, as though steered by invisible hands, what was now a grown-up mammoth hurricane slammed into New Jersey with devastating consequences, hooking north east of New York City before tacking sharp right towards Canada. The first videos clearly demonstrate the storm losing power and gradually veering way eastwards. Some fifty or so miles offshore, long established sensor networks recorded their highest miles-per-second readings ever as the suddenly supercharged Frankenstorm Sandy made a sudden switch of destination to New Jersey.

Sandy swung, that’s for sure, and just happened to swing into states with a bonus of truckloads of votes. States such as Virginia, once thought to be in the balance, firmly clutched at Obama’s coat-tails.

Of course, they might have swung anyway, minus Hurricane Sandy and Obama stepping gingerly through the puddles. But I think this was hardly the point. HAARP went for an eye popper.

Here was a chance to go through the choreography real time before a world audience – particularly those who happen to speak Russian and Chinese. Both countries have rival HAARP systems and since there are no proprietary rights to the upper ionosphere, we are back to the Space Race.

The United States has already advanced a claim to inherent rights of near space development, based on no grounds whatsoever, beyond the belief that it is better placed in scientific and practical terms to defend that claim. Hurricane Sandy was more or less the perfect demonstration of supremacy in the new world of geo-managing the climate.

In this new Olympian universe, droughts, great storms, tsunamis, and all the terrors of what would otherwise be nature, are in the service of men transformed into gods.

The Sandy Frankenstorm was a Hollywood disaster movie in real time. The next disaster will be Obama himself, the president who literally took America by storm.

Richard Cottrell is a writer, journalist and former European MP (Conservative). His new book Gladio: NATO’s Dagger At The Heart Of Europe is now available from Progressive Press. You may order it using the link below (or by clicking here – Gladio, NATO’s Dagger at the Heart of Europe: The Pentagon-Nazi-Mafia Terror Axis):

Note: be sure to check out Richard’s latest articles, “Good morning Mr. President: Uncle Sam is dead broke and there isn’t a darn thing you can do about it” and “Weimar on the Med: Greece unwinds, Men in Black and the military poised for a coup d’état

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Contributed by Richard Cottrell of End the Lie.

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