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Now the US May Ignite a New ‘Arab Spring’ in Central Asia

Now the US May Ignite a New ‘Arab Spring’ in Central Asia

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Now the US May Ignite a New ‘Arab Spring’ in Central Asia

Editor’s Note: What happens when the US and the West “Arab Spring” the planet?


The United States will inevitably attempt to install political players under control of the West, destabilizing Central Asia, the newspaper vesti.uz wrote.

The United States may attempt to install pro-Western politicians in the Central Asian states, destabilizing the region, according to vesti.uz.

While the President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev and Uzbek President Islam Karimov are in power, their foreign policy will remain unchanged and the situation in the country will be stable, a number of experts claimed. However, these leaders will have to leave the political stage one day due to various objective factors and Central Asia will then face a number of serious challenges.According to the Russian political expert, Andrew Kazantsev, the Central Asian republics are currently pursuing a multi-vector policy, distancing themselves from the world’s major players and preventing Western powers from expansion of their influence in the region.

But sooner or later, the US will inevitably attempt to install pro-Western politicians, who could destabilize the region, according to vesti.uz.

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