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Let’s Find Our Common Ground Again

Let’s find our common ground again so we can heal and become united.

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Let’s Find Our Common Ground Again


Remember – we’re all Americans.

Those who voted selected the person that they felt would be best for our country. For the most part, they were sincere and passionate about the choices they made. Remember that sometimes, our best intentions may steer us wrong. When they do, that doesn’t make us inherently evil. Just mistaken.

Right now, people who supported a candidate other than Trump are feeling anger, disappointment, and even grief. Trump supporters are elated. On both sides, there are extremes of emotions.

Indeed, there are some people that do need to be held accountable for their actions. The conniving members of the DNC, the media who colluded with the Clinton campaign to present a biased, dishonest coverage, and the people who plotted to disrupt rallies and the election itself all need to be called out for the things they did. In cases where criminal actions took place, criminal charges should be laid. These people don’t deserve our respect. They deserve to reap the ramifications of what they have done to deceive the American people and to take away our right to informed choice.

But those people are not your neighbors, family and friends.

Win or lose, we can be gracious and we can remember why we care about our friends and loved ones who may have different opinions. The real reasons are never political in nature. They’re about shared interests, shared bonds, and shared love. Let’s find our common ground again so we can heal and become united.

The people protesting are showing the worst of America, but we don’t have to be that way. We can choose to be kind. We can choose to be courteous. We can choose to respect the good intentions of others.

Anger and hatred will just bring more division.

Ellen DeGeneres delivered an inspiring monologue before she learned the results of the election.

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