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Jesse Ventura Explains Hillary Clinton’s Gun Control Hypocrisy

A host is left speechless when his gun control narrative falls apart.

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Jesse Ventura Explains Hillary Clinton’s Gun Control Hypocrisy


Former Minnesota governor Jesse Ventura appeared on The Young Turks, a leftist online news channel, and explained to the host why he doesn’t take Hillary Clinton seriously on gun control.

Ventura says that Clinton should first concentrate on the US not sending arms to people around the world before she starts talking about disarming people here in the US. He explains:

Hillary wants us all to disarm, right? Well, my answer to that is: Hillary, when you come after my guns, let the United States disarm first. We are the biggest gun dealer in the world; we sell weapons all over the world to kill people, and they’re telling me to give up my 2nd amendment weapons, when my own government is the biggest weapons dealer throughout the world.

Then Jesse demonstrates the insanity of gun control from his own experience living in Mexico. He says, “I live in Mexico. Gun control is strictly followed there; you cannot have a gun. Yet they have 20,000 gun murders a year down there, or more. And yet, guns are banned.”

Ventura goes on to say that there are more gun murders in Mexico than there are in the US, even with such strict gun control measures. This completely ruins the leftist narrative.

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