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How to Become a State Dept. Pariah: Ask For Evidence

Asking for evidence may not be the best way to make friends in the US State Department.

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How to Become a State Dept. Pariah: Ask For Evidence

According to the US State Department, either Russia or Syria conducted air strikes that hit multiple hospitals in Syria.

Russia Today correspondent Gayane Chickakyan asked the State Department spokesperson what evidence they rely on for such claims, and the spokesperson failed to present any facts relevant to proving these claims. Instead, he decided to distract and he berated Chickakyan, before repeating the accusation multiple times.

“Why shouldn’t you ask your government the same questions you’re standing here asking me? Ask them about their military activities! Get them to deny what they’re doing,” said State Department spokesperson John Kirby.

Kirby continued, “I’m sorry, but I’m not going to put Russia today on the same level as you who are representing independent media outlets.”

Why is Kirby refusing to provide evidence for these accusations?

“Evidence is not what the US State Department is interested in,” said former US diplomat Jim Jatras to RT host Ed Schultz, referring to the State Department’s allegations that Russia was involved in the bombing of at least 5 hospitals in Syria during the last few days. He continued:

When all is said and done, the Obama administration’s policy in Syria rests on maintaining some kind of viability of Al-Qaeda and its allies in Aleppo, and they will throw every spit ball and rock they can at the Syrians and the Russians, whoever… And I think they just don’t really care about the substance of the charges and whether they can be substantiated.

Claims require evidence, and in this case, the State Department is suspiciously leveling accusations against Russia without providing supporting evidence for their claims.

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