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Global Cooling: Mother Nature’s Gift To The Agenda 21 Elitists

With Agenda 21 on the minds of increasingly large numbers of the population, could this be why the government refuses to tell us that global warming has stopped?

Agenda 21

Global Cooling: Mother Nature’s Gift To The Agenda 21 Elitists


I don’t believe in anthropogenic global warming (AGW), and I almost failed a college course for saying so. Of course since the industrial revolution, more man made particulates have been put into the atmosphere, there’s no disputing that. Man has, however, burned far less wood than previously and to some extent, this offers a level of mitigation. Trees take in carbon dioxide and put out oxygen so at least some of what man has done has been naturally rectified.

The changes caused by man do exist, but not to the level that governments around the globe would have us believe.

Climate change also exists, it has always existed, and it will continue to do so. Climate change is a cycle that to greater or lesser degrees repeats over and over ad Infinitum.

In the 1970s the newspapers screamed that a new Ice Age was approaching and approaching very fast, that within a few decades we would all be up to our armpits in snow and struggling to survive. All that was missing from the vivid verbal pictures they painted was a few hardy individuals hunting stray dogs that had were the modern equivalent of woolly mammoths.

Then, as quickly as the hype began it stopped, only to be replaced by global warming. Those people that had told us we were going to freeze to death now told us we were going to drown as the polar ice caps melted and raised sea levels, or we would all die of melanoma due to increased exposure to UV rays. The crops would shrivel in the fields and life, as we know it would end.

Global warming morphed into climate change about a decade ago. The reason why is simple, the Earth hasn’t warmed since 1998. For 15 years we have had a hiatus. There have been fluctuations, as is normal for any dynamic system, but no overall heating.

Once again this is normal, its part of a cycle that sees ice ages and warm periods come and go. As they always have and always will.

Still though the governments of the world use climate change to pull in tax dollars across the board. Industry has to pay if it puts out too many emissions; commercial premises strive to be carbon neutral or better still carbon negative in order to get tax breaks. Children are terrified by films produced by the likes of Al Gore and in fear nag their parents into being more environmentally friendly.

At the moment we are all living in what scientists call an interglacial period. An interglacial is the time between glaciations, between ice ages. Even during interglacial periods there can be wide fluctuations in the temperatures we experience but overall that does not denote a move from one type of climate to another. The statistics that the government spews about 9 of the 10 hottest years since recordings began have occurred since 2000 depends entirely what your definition of recording is.

Ice core analysis is a form of recording that goes back tens of thousands of years. Air trapped in the snow can be captured and tested to tell us what climate was like many thousands of years ago.

Guess what?

The Earth has had several periods hotter than it is now, with a higher carbon dioxide than we have now BEFORE MAN WALKED THE EARTH, let alone industrialized it. (They don’t like it one bit when you say that to your Environmental Science lecturer, I can tell you.)

Looking at climate, as a whole there is a trend towards some seriously heavy-duty scientists saying it’s going to get colder over the next 60 years. Much colder.

Easterbrook, Hathaway, Abdussamatov and Alley to name just a few have all said they believe that  global cooling is part of a natural cycle and that it will occur again, some say soon, others that it’s already started.

Scientists have made the connection between what happens on the Sun and the climate here on Earth and the findings are a little worrying.

Thanks to the work on sunspots by Livingston and Penn a correlation has been made between the lack of sunspots in any given solar cycle and colder weather in the cycles that follow it.

Livingston and Penn looked in depth at sunspots and discovered that they need a minimum of 1500 gauss to form. With solar cycle 24 being so weak it’s entirely possible that solar cycle 25, which starts in about 11 years from now will not have the magnetic energy to form sunspots and without sunspots the Earth gets, colder weather.

Looking at the chart below, you can see the correlations quite clearly. The so-called minimums were preceded by low sunspot solar cycles on every occasion and this has led scientists to believe that we are heading for a few decades of extremely harsh winters and cooler summers than we have been used to.


The Maunder Minimum is the one most often mentioned mainly because it was so well recorded by man. Rivers froze to a depth that made frost fairs possible on the river Thames. Millions died from crop failures due to cool wet summers causing famine. Life was hard, and got harder as time went on. This period was called the Little Ice Age and it occurred between 1550 and 1850 as defined by NASA. Even within this period there were fluctuations. NASA defines three particularly cold periods in 1650, 1770 and 1850 with slight warming periods between them. There have been many other minimums that are associated with cold periods in history. The Dalton, Sporer and Wolf minimums to name but three.

It’s not only the Sun that can influence weather patterns.

Volcanic eruptions throw up millions of cubic miles of ash each year. Some of the gases, sulfur dioxide in particular turns into sulfuric acid when it hits the stratosphere and this reflects sunlight back into space preventing the heat reaching the surface of Earth.

A slow down in the thermohaline circulation would also cause cooling in parts of the northern hemisphere. Better known as the Gulf Stream, it’s this massive, continual movement of water that keeps Europe from having the same weather as Siberia. NOAA scientists at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution keep a careful watch on the Gulf Stream looking for signs of slowdown in the rate of overturning  and speed of the current.

Cold weather brings with it not only a drop in temperature but also much larger die-offs of population than you get with hot weather. In heat waves there is respite in the shade, some food stuffs can still be grown, irrigated with grey water if need be. There is still water in the rivers that can be used and generally it is the very young the very old and the debilitated to suffer the most.

Cold weather is indiscriminate; it takes all who are overexposed. Food production is impossible when feet of snow and ice cover the land. Snow and ice as well as freezing rain bring down electricity poles and pylons leaving millions without open fires with no way of heating or cooking. Hospitals are overworked and intensive care beds are at a premium. These things play out somewhere in the country every winter, imagine those same winters with the temperatures up to 10 degrees lower, and the winter lasting a few weeks more than usual.

When those winters are followed by cool wet summers where the crops rot in the field the shortages of the winter are exacerbated. A couple of years like this would be a nightmare; a couple of decades would change the course of most of our lives.

With Agenda 21 on the minds of increasingly large numbers of the population could this be why the government refuses to tell us that global warming has stopped? By keeping quiet about the possibility of the world cooling they are not allowing citizens the time to prepare for the famines that would naturally occur during prolonged cold conditions.

Unlike the Inuit of North America or the Evenki people of Siberia,who are well equipped for prolonged winters and who know how to look after themselves and their families, most of us do not, and a lack of preparation would be a death sentence to millions.

It’s possible that this is just what many of the global elite would love to see, a natural occurrence that thins the herd to levels that they can control without the inconvenience of the citizenry banding together and fighting back.

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Contributed by Chris Carrington of The Daily Sheeple.

Chris Carrington is a writer, researcher and lecturer with a background in science, technology and environmental studies. Chris is an editor for The Daily Sheeple. Wake the flock up!

Chris Carrington is a writer, researcher and lecturer with a background in science, technology and environmental studies. Chris is an editor for The Daily Sheeple. Wake the flock up!


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