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Gardening – The Ultimate Food Storage Backup

Got food with dirt on it for backup?

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Gardening – The Ultimate Food Storage Backup

The importance of gardening is sometimes overlooked when considering a long term food storage plan. The ability to grow your own food will ultimately make your ability to provide a true long term food source for your family a reality.

Gardening does require a lot of more effort on your part and presents challenges that will test your skills in self reliance. The rewards for your efforts are well worth the time and effort it requires. Nothing tastes quite like fresh vegetables from the garden.

While it may seem easier to stack cans of food on a shelf, you will eventually need to acquire gardening skills to be fully self reliant. When the stores in your pantry start to diminish, you will have the knowledge and ability to restore your pantry without a trip to the grocery store.

There are some limitations on gardening depending upon where you live. The different types of soil and weather conditions will play a large part in which direction your gardening efforts should take. You will need to learn what will grow and when according to the conditions in your area. You can then focus your efforts to take advantage of these conditions for your maximum benefit.

One of the easiest ways to get started with gardening is by learning from your friends, neighbors and relatives. Most will readily share their experiences. You will be able to learn quickly what plants are successful and which ones will most likely be doomed to failure before you even start. You can also learn the best times of the year to plant and what can be done to improve or maintain your soil to get the maximum production from your garden. There is no need to re-invent the wheel when it comes to gardening.

Another advantage that comes from developing your garden skills is the barter factor. Fresh garden produce is one of the easiest items to barter. If you get to the point where you start to experience real success in your gardening, the extra foods items that can be traded for other items you may need. You can trade food for just about anything from anybody. If they’re a little hungry at the time, it’s even easier.

Gardening will also allow you the opportunity to “customize” your food storage to fit your family’s needs. You can concentrate your efforts on food items that grow easily in your area that your family enjoys eating and that are easy to preserve for future use.

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Contributed by Riverwalker of Stealth Survival.

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