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Flashback: Original 1954 Bilderberg Minutes Reveal Backroom Dealings From The Start

Uncovered Bilderberg minutes provide proof of conspiracy to strengthen Anglo-American empire by establishing a common trade policy.

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Flashback: Original 1954 Bilderberg Minutes Reveal Backroom Dealings From The Start


Very recently minutes have been uncovered of the original 1954 Bilderberg conference held near Oosterbeek in the Netherlands. These minutes, with more expected to be released in the coming months, reveal a growing consensus among the several members that the Anglo-American establishment was dead set on a neo-colonial power grab through trade policy. The documents also reveal that a global power network was to be established through such a policy, with the aim of bringing a large number of developing nations under its wing.

The photos of the 1954 Bilderberg minutes were taken by Shepherd Johnson, a Census Bureau whistleblower, who stumbled upon the material while doing research at a DC University Library.

In the uncovered transcripts, several participants (including first Bilderberg chairman Bernhard) express a desire to use the first conference and its ability to coordinate Anglo-American trade policy as a “starting point” for a “partnership for growth”. As UK parliamentarian Mr. Pilkington states on page 19 of the transcripts:

“I think that a “partnership for growth” is a fine idea. A good deal has been said but very little has been done about trade policy, and this would be a good place to start the partnership.”

Bilderberg’s insistent PR-talk about its innocence, suggesting the annual gathering is just a talking shop where no decisions are being made, stands in clear contrast to statements such as these. Bilderberg’s co-founder prince Bernhard on page 17 suggested that a common trade policy should be used as a means to make developing nations fall in line with the Anglo-American political construct:

“We are naturally concerned about the underdeveloped countries which must depend, for their economic safety, on the export of raw materials.

If we can find some way as soon as possible to stabilize the prices of those materials, we could assure them of a more or less stable economy and give them more confidence in our aims. I think this would help them to accept political and other guidance from us more easily and assist them in avoiding communism.”

Towards more cooperation between Europe and the US in trade policy and other matters, another participant stressed that ”we must use all means, whether moral or material. The particular means will vary country by country.” In addition he noted that it’s crucial for the Bilderbergers to collaborate “at the highest and most effective level” (page 8).

The common trade policy remarks by several participants of this maiden Bilderberg meeting was followed up the year after with more concrete proposition. In the transcript from the 1955 Bilderberg meeting we read several participants speaking of the “pressing need to bring the German people, together with the other peoples of Europe, into a common market”, and the desire is expressed to “arrive in the shortest possible time at the highest degree of integration, beginning with a common European market.”

For all the available photographs of the minutes, please visit this link.

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