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Controversial Plum Island Bio Safety Lab Being Relocated to the U.S.

This potentially dangerous lab is moving to tornado alley, Kansas. Can you say outbreak? Centrally located for mass contamination.

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Controversial Plum Island Bio Safety Lab Being Relocated to the U.S.







Congress has appropriated fifty million dollars to build a Bio Safety Level 3&4 facility in Manhattan, Kansas.

According to the DHS website, the NBAF will be a state of the art laboratory with critical research adjacencies for DHS and USDA to carry out their unique and congruent missions. NBAF will contain 580,000 gross square feet of facility space which includes BSL-2, 3, and 4 shared research space for the development of vaccines and other countermeasures. Approximately 10% of the space will be for BSL-4 research.

Some of the research to be conducted there will include the study of the following diseases:

Nipah Virus
Hendra Virus
African Swine Fever
Rift Valley Fever
Japanese Encephalitis Virus
Foot and Mouth Disease
Classical Swine Fever
Contagious Bovine Pleuropneumonia

If this all too sounds familiar, it maybe due to the fact that the NBAF will be taking the place of the controversial Plum Island. The very same island seen on Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura. This facility will now be on the campus of Kansas State University. Yet, DHS does not admit there is danger to surrounding populated areas near by.

Professors and students of Kansas State University have protested the facility being built on their campus. They’ve had no success in stopping the development. The Bio Safety Lab will be completed by August of 2012. The transition from Plum Island to Kansas will be final by 2020.

DHS press release here-

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