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‘Bless You’ Gets Student Suspended

The teacher asked who told the student it was polite to say “Bless you” when someone sneezes, and she said her parents and pastor. That’s when the teacher told her that there will be no godly speaking in her class.

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‘Bless You’ Gets Student Suspended


What do you say to people who sneeze? Most of you will probably say ‘bless you’ or God bless you.’ I don’t use either of those because of how they originated. Centuries ago, people believed that evil spirits could enter someone when they sneezed and that by saying ‘God bless you’ the spirits could be warded off. For that reason, I use the German expression ‘gesundheit’ which literally mean ‘good health.’

But who would have thought that saying ‘bless you’ to a classmate who sneezed could get you thrown out of class and given an in-school suspension?

That’s what happened to Kendra Turner, a high school senior at Dyer County High School in Newbern, Tennessee. When a classmate sitting next to her sneezed, Turner politely said ‘bless you.’ The teacher stood up and asked who said that and Turner admitted she had. The teacher asked her why and Turner told her that she was being polite. The teacher asked who told her it was polite and she said her parents and pastor. That’s when the teacher told her that there will be no godly speaking in her class.

Turner tried to tell the teacher that she has the constitutional right to say that. That didn’t sit well with the teacher who then sent her to the school office where one of the administrators told Turner that if she didn’t want to follow her teacher’s rules that perhaps she should have her pastor teach her.

Turner was then given an in-school suspension for violating a no talking policy in class and for being disruptive.

After the incident at the high school, some students showed up with homemade bless you shirts. Other students also spoke out about the teacher’s list of unacceptable language in the classroom which included ‘dumb’ and ‘my bad.’ The list now includes ‘bless you.’

Turner is defending her actions and faith saying:

“It’s alright to defend God and it’s our constitutional right because we have a freedom of religion and freedom of speech.”

This is another clear cut example of a teacher violating the constitutional rights of a student, especially when she told Turner that there will be no godly speaking in her class. This seems to be a growing trend among liberal teachers who don’t care about students’ rights or the law. It’s part of the agenda of the socialist educational system whose goal is to raise a generation of good little comrades.

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Contributed by Dave Jolly of Godfather Politics.


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