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Woolwich: the naked power grab by British secret services is out of control

She ‘warned’ (have you ever noticed the frequency that special verb is invoked by the spooks when they make public pronouncements) ‘MI5 could not be expected to spot every danger’ and that ‘further attacks were likely’.

Controlling the Herd

Woolwich: the naked power grab by British secret services is out of control


With the family of the trooper butchered in South London wrapped in mourning and grief, who bursts upon the scene with complete indignity but Sheila Rimmington, the one and only female spook to head MI5.

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Like some barmy headmistress she chooses this, of all moments, to lecture the British public on the joys of a Stasi-style East German street spy system while others promote more widespread snooping powers.

She ‘warned’ (have you ever noticed the frequency that special verb is invoked by the spooks when they make public pronouncements) ‘MI5 could not be expected to spot every danger’ and that ‘further attacks were likely’.

We are left with the very clear impression of manipulated terror, as practiced and perfected by the secret services who worked both sides of the Catholic-Protestant blanket during the long and dirty ethnic conflict in Northern Ireland.

The victim is an off-duty soldier, like the victims of the pub bombings in Guildford (1989) and Birmingham (1990). These attacks were allegedly part of the IRA’s ‘mainland campaign’ although the alleged perpetrators were later cleared after spending years in jail.

There is an unmistakably strong similarity between the ‘mainland campaign’ of the Irish republicans and the motive which is alleged now, retaliation for British attacks on the Muslim world.

Rimmington was exhumed from retirement precisely to cover up the smell of something less sweet than violets around the secret services in the wake of a terrible murder. That’s because none other than MI5 and its sister overseas outfit MI6 had been tracking the two Nigerians blamed for this atrocity for the best part of a decade.

One of the suspects, Michael Adebolajo, was picked up by the Kenyans in 2010 as an actual or potential terrorist fighter. He was put on the international black list, then deported back to Britain, the secret services there having been supplied with full details. But what came next? A job offer.

He was approached numerous times by MI5 to work as an informer. A friend who talked to the media about these approaches was promptly arrested by the Met. Adebolago refused the proffered bait, although the carrot was dangled up to six months before the events in Woolwich.

Readers of End the Lie know perfectly well this is invariably a standard element of any script which centers on tragedies like the one in South London. This was the moment for the spooks to grovel and beg public forgiveness. Instead, in true Orwellian fashion, they deflected the blame back on the public themselves.

True there was all the usual waffle about ‘internal failures’ (though significantly not from the lips of Mrs. Rimmington) but that is quite beside the point.

I gloss over the looming possibility that someone inside the services or perhaps the London police force may be tooting a whistle, since the media knew the following day at least some of the long time secret service connections to the accused pair.

However, don’t expect to hear the truth in open court. Woolwich is undoubtedly destined for the new secret courts procedure forced through by the Cameron government to hide the heaps of dirty washing belonging to the secret services.

It may very well mean that even the family of the murdered soldier will be denied the right to either attend the proceedings or at the very least, receive some account. That’s Democracy UK for you.

Repeat: British security not only knew these individuals and their past record, they were willing to take one of them on board, knowing he was suspected as an international terrorist. But it won’t come out in the wash.

The lady alchemist of the truth management factory invoked the ‘wartime spirit’ (yes, you would expect that cheap appellation from the Daily Telegraph aka the Daily Blimp) because the ‘public had a duty to act as the eyes and ears of the security services in combating terrorists.’

Excuse me, what duty exactly? The job of keeping citizens as safe from harm as possible belongs squarely with the paid-up police (who are notoriously diffident in that department of their duties) and the hordes of ultra-superannuated security officials holed up in their ivory castles.

Do you detect some expression of regret, some teeny-weeny hint of apology for the agency itself having totally screwed up? They had these monsters in the palm of their hands and let them get on with it. Those are facts, not conjecture.

Were it not such a horrid business, black laughter would be in order given Milady’s suggestion that unless the curtain twitchers were allowed to run amok, then British people would get a Stasi-style total surveillance state ‘where everyone was monitored.’

Humbug! In the next breath she calls for Westminster to unblock a draft law that would give the ‘security’ services those exact powers to pry on every e-mail and website visit by every British citizen. Did you catch that Orwell, wherever you are?

A more splendid example of distorted 1984 ‘Newspeak’ would be difficult to find.

Mrs. Rimmington, during your on the job training did anyone utter Rule Number One from the spy code? Let me remind you. It states ‘never, whatever you do or say, give the game away.’

The spooks have been itching for total surveillance of all electronic communications in the UK and sulking because for once, parliament demurred. The brutal murder of the trooper is now being manipulated to get it.  That’s called joining up the dots.

The blind cheek of it is mind blowing. There is already one CCTV camera in the London region for every twenty or so citizens. What difference did that make on that black, awful day in Woolwich?  Patently, none whatsoever.  Are we to be told that the security services were not snooping on the accused, whose propensity for terrorism was well known to MI5 and MI6?

They could easily gain permission for that, given those thick files on the same individuals tucked away in their filing cabinets. Or do it anyway. Yet again Milady has indeed given the game away. They did not eavesdrop on the suspects, because they already knew all about them.

We have been here before. My book Gladio (see the thumbnail below) shows many cases where secret services knew well in advance that acts of violence were in the offing.

The classic instance is the 7/7 bombings of the London Transport network in 2007 which resulted in 58 deaths and hundreds of injuries, not a few of them terrible. The young Muslims blamed in absentia (because they are dead) had been on secret service watch lists for ages, trailed all around the country and Pakistan, but the bombs mysteriously exploded just the same.

Cross their hearts, the spooks pleaded another internal breakdown. This excuse has now worn so thin anyone with half a mind can see through it.

The Gestapo thought they had refined the art of spooking to a fine scale. Hitler’s state of suspicion had watchmen on every street corner. There were little boxes in which the twitchers and snoopers could deposit their suspicions about their neighbors (c.f. Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451).

It was all a total waste of effort. All they got in the main were spiteful hate letters and denunciations by people in a disturbed frame of mind. When the Stasi got up to the same tricks in the old GDR, the outcome was precisely the same.

Look, when a state or an integral part of that  state (such as spy outfits) incites citizens to spy on each other, then such a state can no longer call itself anything but a tyranny. The game is clear enough. It is the elimination of all privacy in a Big Brother society where everyone spies on each other, except for the privileged few insiders, of course, who remain firmly off radar.

Millions (including my father) fought and many died in a war some seventy years ago against the fascist totalitarian states that threatened to destroy all freedoms and liberties. It now seems they did so pointlessly. The Cold War is long gone, yet we still have NATO continually job hunting and countless other military power blocs waving swords at each other. Now our citizens are once again butchered in the streets, as with the ‘years of lead’ attributed to Gladio in the 70’s and 80’s.

Same means, same ends. Create hysteria and fear, then mass population control.

Orwell warned us: Big Brother is watching you. We do well to mind those words of Juvenal’s, variously interpreted, but in essence, ‘so who will watch the watchers?’ Not our governments it seems. They are too busy looking the other way.

Edited by Madison Ruppert

Richard Cottrell is a writer, journalist and former European MP (Conservative). His new book Doctor Who? The Atomic Bomber Beeching and his War on the Railways is available and Gladio: NATO’s Dagger At The Heart Of Europe is now available from Progressive Press. You may order it using the link below (or by clicking here – Gladio, NATO’s Dagger at the Heart of Europe: The Pentagon-Nazi-Mafia Terror Axis).

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Contributed by Richard Cottrell of End The Lie.


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