Woah: 12-Year-Old British Gypsy Has a Higher IQ Than Stephen Hawking and Albert Einstein

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by Amanda Froelich

A 12-year-old daughter of migrant Roma workers in England is raising the bar on human intelligence, much to the delight of her family and community.

As the Western Daily Press reports, pre-teen Nicole Barr of Essex aced her IQ test with a perfect score of 162.

Barr’s score surpasses the wits of noted geniuses such as Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking and places her among the top 1% of the population. According to NY Daily News, the average IQ score for adults is 100, and anything higher 140 is considered genius level.

Nicole told the Western Daily: When I found out I got such a high score, it was so unexpected. I was so shocked.” 

Barr took the Mensa IQ test with her father James Barr, 36, who intuitively felt she’d be accepted into the illustrious society for intellects who score in the 98th percentile.

He told Yahoo Parenting:

“She’s always loved numbers and puzzles, and she’s always been excellent at math, performing several years ahead of her age group in school. She likes challenging herself.”

The pre-teen lives in a Gypsy caravan with her father and baby half-sister. Her proud father said her academic achievement has been the talk of community, also known as Roma.

“It’s nice for us to be in the news for something good for a change. This shows that it doesn’t matter where you come from, anyone can be academically brilliant,” her father said.

Nicole has always been more academically mature than her fellow peers. Even in elementary school, she could calculate complex algebra before she was 10.

Presently, Barr attends Burnt Mill Academy in Harlow where she acts in school plays and hopes to be a doctor one day.

“Nicole is a brilliant pupil,” said Helena Mills, head of Burnt Mill Academy. “She works incredibly hard and has thrown herself into many different activities in her first year with us.”

The amazing feat is definitely something to be proud of. According to Ann Clarkson, a Mensa spokeswoman, “Only 110,000 members worldwide have been accepted into the exclusive Mensa society; 20,000 are from the British Isles, 35% of its members are female and only 8% are younger than 16.” 

Only children are able to score higher than 161 because that is the maximum IQ score for an adult. The test is age-dated for children,” she said.

Unsurprisingly, child geniuses are academically mature for their age, are well-versed in a particular subject, have an incredible memory and prefer spending time with older people.

With the ability to access unlimited information at one’s whim, no doubt many more children and teens will be deemed geniuses before the century is over.

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8 thoughts on “Woah: 12-Year-Old British Gypsy Has a Higher IQ Than Stephen Hawking and Albert Einstein”

  1. The last paragraph in the article shows the flaw is “IQ” tests –

    “With the ability to access unlimited information at one’s whim, no doubt many more children and teens will be deemed geniuses before the century is over.”

    It relies not just on the ability to process information but on what you already know. High “IQ” does not mean you are “smart”. Makes me think of the dialogue in “I Robot”; “You’re the dumbest smart person I know”.

  2. Her IQ of 162 will be worth nothing if they fill her head full of crap in the you know who controlled state educational system.

    Also, I remember years ago when the average human IQ was way above 100, like 113 or something for Indians and Chinese, and somewhat less for Caucasians, so TPTB (sure we can trust them) told us. Now we are ‘all the same’, all around 100. No mention of an average 67 for Somalis, or 85 for black Africans. Albeit, there are 100 different kinds of IQ so the newer thinkers tell us, and 67 Somalian IQ is not really the equivalent of a mentally handicapped Caucasian with 67 IQ. We are all very different indeed.

    1. Gypsy’s aren’t real big on state run education. I think the better question is if IQ is wasted on females. Sorry ladies but..
      Physicist Mary Taylor Slow: Actress
      Masters degree in engineering Mercedes Carrera: Porn star

      1. They’re smart enough to go where the real money is, obviously. People with degrees in physics and engineering, once highly prized in our country, are a dime a dozen these days thanks to the infamous H1-B visa and wholesale offshoring of engineering and manufacturing capabilities. China and India produce; we consume.

  3. I am reminded of the scripture,
    “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, and to depart from iniquity is understanding.”
    None of us are very smart compared with the Creator of the universe.

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  4. What a crock of s**t anyone can be a genius because of the internet I was and still am a genius BEFORE THE INTERNET WAS A THING!

    Goes to show she isn’t really a genius, She will likely crash and burn by the time she’s 16 years old from information overload or she will develop a Mental illness sad but true.

  5. Life experience, field of study, aptitude, cognitive ability and several other factors weigh heavily on whether someone is truly a “genius.” And let’s not forget the so-called idiot-savant: low IQ but brilliant in one thing (e.g., the low-IQ kid who can play complicated piano concertos by ear). IQ was originally intended as nothing more than a predictor of how well someone would do in higher education, that is, was it worth sending someone to college if they didn’t “pack the gear,” as a Marine would say? And the inherent bias in IQ testing is a whole other subject in itself.

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