Will U.S. Ignore Syria Ceasefire Zones?

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The United States may not abide by the Syrian ceasefire implemented Saturday morning if it conflicts with American operations against the Islamic State in the country, an official said Friday.

“The coalition will continue to target ISIS wherever they operate to ensure they have no sanctuary,” Maj. Adrian J.T. Rankine-Galloway, a Pentagon spokesman, said at a press briefing on Friday.

The United States was not a party to the talks which established the ceasefire, held in Astana, Kazakhstan on Thursday.

Rankine-Galloway added that the U.S. would continue “to effectively de-conflict coalition operations, however, we are not going to discuss the specifics of how we de-conflict operations in the highly congested and complex battlespace in Syria.”

While American operations in Syria are mostly focused on expelling ISIS from the rural eastern half of the country, disregard for the ceasefire could lead to a clash with Russian military forces if American planes happen to cross into one of the zones.

Russia has supported the Assad regime in the ongoing Syrian war since 2015.

Russian officials said any aircraft operating within the de-escalation zones, including American planes, is “off the table.”

“In the de-escalation zones, the work of aviation, especially the coalition forces, is absolutely not envisaged, with or without notification,” said Alexander Lavrentyev, Russian special envoy to Syria and leading negotiator in peace talks to resolve the conflict.

The envoy, however, added that American strikes on ISIS would be permitted.

“The only place where the coalition’s aviation can operate is certainly on targets of the Islamic State,” Lavrentyev said. “The aviation is located in the area of concentration of forces of this group near Raqqa and other settlements, near the Euphrates and Deir ez-Zor.”

Everything appears to be in order, but the Syrian conflict has taken unexpected turns in the past. Communication between the involved parties, however, could reduce the chances of an incident.

The American-Russian de-confliction line remains open after Russia threatened to close it over a retaliatory U.S. missile strike on Syria for an alleged regime chemical weapons attack. The line is a means of direct communication established to avoid clashes between air operations carried out by both countries.

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17 thoughts on “Will U.S. Ignore Syria Ceasefire Zones?”

  1. Difficult to read true Psychopaths, however their motives seem very clear in Syria as with other countries they have utterly destroyed. Lets see if they prove once again to be what they truly are. Pure Evil hiding behind a banner called the USA.

    1. The wars in the middle have more to do with Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Turkish ruling parties than Israel, granted Israeli government’s treatment of Palestine is awful.

        1. Yes I agree what is taking place is not only based on oil which was prophesied along time ago to take place over oil and the lavish lifestyles and power selling it provides but also one religion over another . That is all its about they will try to make it seem like more in order to give their murder and greed a heroic face but truly that is all its about below the surface .

  2. The USA Washington DC “Federal” Empire has been trying to start WW 3 for at least months. The USA for profit international Corporation, is an international criminal cabal. It has murdered heads of States, overthrown governments, murdered millions in their invasions of sovereign Nations, smuggles drugs, operates terrorist cells in foreign countries, protects high up pedophile murdering scum, steals the labor of American families, gives it away to other countries, and pisses that labor away trying to start Usury Banker Wars.

    So there is no hope of the cabal doing the right thing because it is the right thing to do. They have to be made afraid to do the wrong thing.

    So the question is, has Putin given the order to shoot their murder planes out of the Syrian sky if they do violate the zone?

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  3. Yes as always our arrogant psychopaths will not respect any treaties or agreements that could lead to peace because the military industrial complex might lose money in the process.

  4. Pentagon and D.C. chefs are whipping up a ‘sea to shining sea’ platter of stir fried Americans under mushrooms. The chefs will reemerge from their kitchen bunkers to scrape the plates and bury the leftovers. Bonappeshiite!

  5. Trump is a megalomaniac who is being puppeted by Kushner via Ivanka…

    Always be a light that is shininginthedark

  6. A $654 Billion defense budget and we expect peace? What exactly will our military complex spend that money on if there is no war? I think our warehouses are about completely full of bombs.

  7. The U.S. will probably USE ONE of it’s allies, either the Brits or France, to ‘accidentally’ violate the cease fire zone. They would bomb ANOTHER hospital but I believe they hit all of them already, maybe a school this time.

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