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Will Americans Put Up with Americans Being Trained to Attack Them?

As evidence mounts that the U.S. military is being trained to engage citizens domestically, the lack of outcry from the American people has been astounding.

Controlling the Herd

Will Americans Put Up with Americans Being Trained to Attack Them?

A military police officer with the Special Reaction Team, 178th Military Police Detachment, 89th Military Police Brigade, raids a house in Wainwright Village during a new training exercise at Fort Hood, Texas, March 5, 2013.

The answer may unfortunately be a resounding “Yes”

As evidence mounts that the U.S. military is being trained to engage citizens domestically, the lack of outcry from the American people has been astounding.

Exactly why the military is undergoing training in this regard is still unclear.

It could be related to a potential welfare state collapse, which could be triggered by cuts to food stamps or social security benefits. According to the Social Security Administration, “9 out of 10 individuals age 65 and older receive Social Security benefits.”

The arms buildup could also be in response to the slow motion financial collapse, which can only be accelerated through the implementation of Obamacare and which banks have already been warned to prepare for.

Another possibility is that the military is gearing up for another type of staged false flag event, which is desperately needed to relieve Obama’s flagging approval rating, and which will in turn help further instill fear in Americans and keep them looking to government for solutions.

gun confiscation offensive targeting “bitter clingers,” tea party conservatives, or “conspiracy theorists” who support the Second Amendment is also not completely out of the picture, as one MP in Arizona recently confirmed to Infowars.

No matter the explanation, a few things are clear. Ammunitionlethal and nonlethal firearms, and riot gear is being stockpiled at an alarming rate, along with checkpointsmilitary vehicles and armed personnel for federal buildings.

Confirmed rumors that the military is weeding out of several generals and enlistees using a “litmus test” to gauge whether or not they will fire upon American citizens, in addition to shooting range targets depicting armed pregnant women, children and elderly citizens in residential settings, and domestic training exercises and army manuals, only exacerbate worries that the government is preparing for imminent civil unrest.

While Infowars and others have diligently documented these unprecedented developments, the sleeping giant that is the American people has thus far failed to offer a reciprocal response through protest, activism or other means.

The question must be asked: Will Americans put up with their own countrymen attacking them? All signs unfortunately point to a resounding “Yes.”

Americans already have complete apathy towards eugenicist practices carried out by the likes of Planned Parenthood in the form of abortionsterilization and other artificially induced procedures.

Americans are already putting up with cops that conduct proctology exams on the side of the road and forced colonoscopies inside hospitals.

Americans already put up with bureaucrats repeatedly and unapologetically lying to them on a near daily basis.

Americans already put up with a government that ships arms and funds to foreign mercenaries, such as the Al Qaeda offshoot Jabhat Al Nusra in Syria and other parts of the world, while they simultaneously promote gun control within their own borders.

Americans already put up with having a federally funded domestic spy network and tech software which ubiquitously monitors and logs conversations, phone calls, texts, web pages visited and emails.

Americans already put up with degrading so-called security procedures, like the TSA sticking their hands down their pants, snapping x-ray photos of them naked and grabbing their genitals, all while gradually moving outside the scope of airports.

Americans already put up with massive wealth redistribution schemes, like Obamacare which, under the guise of wanting to keep everyone healthy, is actually set up to annihilate the middle class through increased taxation.

Indeed, it seems Americans know no limit when it comes to allowing the federal government to further erase liberties in the name of safety, activities which far exceed what America’s forebearers initiated a revolt over.

Something I missed? The conversation continues on Twitter with the hashtag: #Americansalreadyputupwith, where everyone is urged to describe other ways in which the American people have stood down while their rights and liberties were slowly stripped away.

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