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White House Tells Border Patrol Agents to be Cowards and Hide

With President Barack Obama’s policies on border security and immigration, I’m surprised he hasn’t done away with Border Patrol agents all together.

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White House Tells Border Patrol Agents to be Cowards and Hide


With President Barack Obama’s policies on border security and immigration, I’m surprised he hasn’t done away with Border Patrol agents all together.

First Obama illegally changes immigration enforcement by telling ICE to only detain and deport illegals with previous felony convictions and let all of the others free to take jobs from Americans and deplete state and federal budgets with all of the benefits they are freely given.

Then the Obama administration illegally allows thousands of guns to cross the border into Mexico and into the hands of the drug cartels. In return, some of those guns are used to murder US Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry and over 300 Mexican citizens. Instead of accepting responsibility, the administration targets legal gun shop owners.

Then Obama has ignored the pleas and demands of state leaders along the Mexican border for stronger security. Arizona Governor Jan Brewer has repeatedly invited Obama to tour the border with her and let him talk to the residents that live along it, but Obama ignores her and refuses to face the problem. Instead he has road signs warning Americans of the dangers from illegals posted within one hundred miles of the border.

Then Obama began closing Border Patrol stations in a number of states, especially the border states with Mexico.

Obama’s promise of amnesty has led to an increase in the number of illegals coming into the country. It is now estimated that in the fiscal year of 2014 that at least 60,000 children without their parents will illegally enter the US with the hopes of amnesty and citizenship.

Then Obama illegally bypasses Congress and declares his own executive version of the DREAM act, allowing nearly a million illegals to stay and work in the US. Obama’s actions angered many of the legal immigrants who went through the normal process of entering this country. A friend of mine who is a legal immigrant said that Obama’s actions were an insult and slap in the face of every legal immigrant.

Now, if the reports are accurate, the White House is issuing a new policy for Border Patrol agents instructing them:

“When possible, agents are to seek cover or move back out of the immediate area of danger.”

That’s right. When they come into contact with illegal drug and human traffickers, they are to go hide behind a rock and let them pass.

Why you may ask? According to Kevin McCullough:

“The new policy is being couched in this idea that our Border Patrol has been too rough, too aggressive, and too quick to use force when attempting to curtail illegal shipments of criminals, drugs, humans, and terrorists over our borders. The thinking has been that it’s imposing too much upon the people who are not allowed to be here, to step in front of their vehicle and demand that they stop.”

“So if the cartels, the drug runners, gangs, human traffickers, and of course Eric Holder and his fast but furious gun runners decide to become aggressive and launch rocks or cars at our Border Patrol, the administration has now explicitly said to run for cover.”

“A long time ago the retro-sexuals like Senators John Edwards and Barack Obama made being manly a thing of the past. But now that one of them became president he wants to feminize the security of our nation, military, and law enforcement. Now they are to become sissies and go hide behind rocks, just like the unnamed characters in movies that always die off in the midst of action sequences.”

“For the last decade or more, residents in southern New Mexico, Arizona, and to a lesser degree California and Texas have been inundated with border violence that has raped their children, stolen their families land, life, and work, and more or less created some zones of completely lawless anarchy.”

“Crowing about how the Border Patrol will be diving for cover when a 1972 Chevy Silverado comes barricading through a border crossing will increase or lessen the fears our fellow American citizens already live with in that region?”

Obama’s failure to secure our borders is tantamount to treason in aiding and abetting our enemies. He should be charged, tried and convicted for this and for the numerous other traitorous acts he has committed.

We need a president that works for the good of the country instead of the good of every other country. A new president needs to nullify the 10 year extension of troops in Afghanistan, bring them all home and use the billions of dollars of aid promised to Afghanistan to place our troops along our border. The troops need to be given orders to stop ALL illegal entry with whatever force is appropriate. Then we need an Attorney General that will actually enforce the laws against illegal entry instead of trying to charge law abiding Americans from defending their country, state and homes.

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Contributed by Dave Jolly of Godfather Politics.


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