Where Did ISIS Get Drones From??

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by Cassius Kamarampi

On Tuesday and Wednesday, ISIS hit the Syrian Arab Army with drone strikes in the eastern Qalamoun Mountains and Syrian Desert. That’s right: ISIS is using drones now.

According to AMN:

“The terrorist group’s official media wing, Al-‘Amaq, released images before the attack and then the aftermath of the strike in west Palmyra.

This is not the first time that ISIS has used these types of drones; in fact, in the Deir Ezzor Governorate, the terrorist group often uses an unmanned aircraft to carry out attacks against the Syrian Arab Army in the densely populated neighborhoods of the provincial capital.”

Headlines from recent and not so recent warn about ISIS drones potentially launching chemical attacks, airstrikes, and even exploding drones. However, they are mostly being used for gathering information.

While it has mostly been reported that ISIS is using hobby drones and less serious ones than the US, how long is it until they get a General Atomics Predator or Reaper drone replica?

After a leaked Hillary Clinton email tangibly admitted ISIS is being funded by Saudi Arabia and Qatar, who the US supplies with weapons, it would be wise for us to question just how ISIS is able to acquire such things.

Why would ISIS be so determined to attack Syria as the US just happens to have wanted regime change in Syria for decades? We must question who is really funding them and what the situation is now with all the changes in the geopolitical landscape.

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39 thoughts on “Where Did ISIS Get Drones From??”

        1. No, the reports from the pentagon were fairly explicit, you’ve been delivering these weapons to terrorists whilst calling them moderate rebels. There was never any moderate rebels. That was an invention from the start. Being stupid and using bathroom analogies just makes you look like an A$$ the facts remain unfazed by you clown.

    1. They aren’t American weapons. I don’t doubt we armed them but they’d be dropping more than 40-mikes if we supplied their air campaign.

  1. Where Did ISIS Get Drones From??
    From ISIS (Israeli Secret Intelligence Service)?
    So where will these drones go to as “U.S. Air Force Gives No-Bid Contract to Israeli Company To Destroy ISIS Drones” ( activistpost . com/2017/02/air-force-israel-isis-drone-killing-technology.html )? ISIS again, what else? Let’s not forget Greater Israel, ISIS is a tool of Israel to conquer Near and Middle East, JEUropa and then the whole World.

    1. Follow the money. Netanyahu will burn in hell along with every other Israeli Prime Minister before him. Nothing new here; same old guff, different year.

  2. Obama deliberately allowed a US drone to land in Iran and did absolutely nothing to retrieve it. It was from that time on that Iran began working on drones, using our as a template and has improved it since.

      1. Yeah, now there is a backorder until March for them to get that. A mere few months delay is all that happened. Obama is still in business with his shadow gov’t cronies. Obama is not going away quietly; He’s recharging his “legion of evil”.

      2. Sure, the same Hildebeast who promise war on Iran. get a clue. Your CIA has been supplying ISIS and your drones and ship crews get into trouble with Iran, because you are tresspassing.

    1. He didn’t do NOTHING you clown. YOUR drone was spying on Iran and was captured as everyone but you knows. What was he going to do launch a war on Iran for capturing your intruding spy drone?

  3. The simplest view is that ISIS is funded by, armed by, and sometimes protected by some combination of US, Saudi, and possibly Israeli covert forces. What is the main alternative theory about how this organization – which seemingly goes out of its way to paint itself as a sinister, cartoon-like evil responsible for assorted worldwide misdeeds and increases US DOD $$$$ – keeps getting new technology, new money, new forces, new US arms – and evades destruction while parading around the desert in un camouflaged black?? Just lucky? Secret underground gold and tunnels left by space aliens?

    1. Possibly “Israeli” forces? Are you kidding? “Israel” just answered the call by ISIS to help them yet again with air support against the Syrian army and “Israel” complied. There are UN resolutions naming “Israel” as complicit with ISIS FFS!

      Also “Israel” is not a real country.

  4. It is an open secret that DC is behind ISIS. Now why doesn’t the Syrian army use drones against the terrorists. I think their weaponry should be upgraded., or else we may end up with the surprise of a rampant “caliphate” next to Europe as an operational base and the chaos their nihilistic ideology with the arms and money of the Gulf statelets can lead to.

    1. “It is an open secret that DC is behind ISIS”
      Yes but who pulls the strings of DC ? As always Qui Bono , US oil companies and Israel as they would be assured of the Golan Heights as Israeli property should Assad be removed and open season on more land North of the Golan.Connect the dots ,it’s all there .

  5. ISIS got drones from the same source that they got all their other weapons and supplies… Obama and the CIA. Prove me wrong. I DARE you to.

  6. Where Did ISIS Get Drones From you ask
    George Soros – Obama’s Puppet Master, George Soros showing how he is well connected to what many had once believed to be just a fictional idea of what is called the “Shadow Party.”Apr 7, 2014

  7. What are you gibbering about? There is no question about this. Everyone except the US citizens know the USA is supplying everything from anti-tank weapons to SAM missiles and drones to the Takfiri terrorists.

      1. Unlike you I have numerous strings to my bow so shall give you another example. ISIS themselves show off their US supplied hardware and much of it is captured and oh yes, US, French, israeli and other officers have been captured and killed among ISIS. Lol at you.

        1. Oh please behave. Nobody really cares about your thoughts, your examples, your life, your belief. Get that yet?

          1. LOL at the clown. You are self evidently obsessed with my “thinking”. Grow a brain you worm. Nobody much cares about silly little trolls.

    1. I’m a US citizen and am aware that ISIS is our proxy army. Our congress openly gave the FSA $500mil of our tax dollars in 2014 and the average American doesn’t even know it. Trump is right, the MSM is the enemy of the people, not just the fake news, all of it.

  8. from the same people who gave them the new, white, toyota trucks, the stinger missiles, uniforms, ar&ak’s, ammunition, radios, intel, flac vests, boots, sleeping bags, backpacks, helmets, ski masks, sea rations and the training to use all that stuff.

    you gave it to them.

    1. I didn’t want too, I don’t even remember being asked if I wanted that $500 million be given to them in 2014, not to mention all the secret money and supplies they get from us.

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