Western Megadrought: Folks, This is No Ordinary Dry Spell

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As the drought conditions throughout the Western United States continue to worsen, photos released from Lake Powell along the Colorado River show that the massive reservoir is less than half full. This marks a record low for the man made lake formed by a dam that is supposed to produce 4.5 billion kilowatt hours of electricity a year, and provide water for some 20 million people. The record water levels are the result of nearly 14 years of drought.

America’s Western States have been hammered with dry conditions for over a decade now, and with no real signs of it relenting. 14 years is truly abnormal, and there’s no telling how bad this is going to get. We really don’t have any reference point, because the West was settled in a relatively wet period of time compared to the rest of its history. According to paleoclimatologist Edward Cook, we’re facing what he’s calling a “megadrought”. Recalling tree ring data that can often show drought conditions in the past, he’s claiming that dry periods like this have lasted significantly longer in our history.

“Indeed, pretty scary, One lasted 29 years. One lasted 28 years. They span the entire continental United States” and that “Two megadroughts in the Sierra Nevada of California lasted between 100 and 200 years”

Think about that. If this truly is a megadrought then in the best case scenario, we may be facing another 15 years of these conditions, and there is nothing we can do about it. While global warming alarmists may claim these events are proof of their theory, these incredibly long dry periods took place before those supposed “greenhouse gases” were even being produced by humanity.

Nonetheless, there are some serious implications for United States as an economic power. A total of seven states are facing the brunt of this drought, including the economic and agricultural powerhouses of our nation, Texas and California. So far 76 percent of the Golden State is facing “extreme drought” with the other 24 percent facing exceptional drought. Add that up. No other state is facing a drought over 100 percent of its area.

Since the Central Valley provides a third of America’s produce, California’s drought could prove to be a devastating blow to the grocery bills of the rest of the nation. This means that while the price of meat continues to climb, trying to cut back by buying  more produce may not help as much as we’d like. And this valley, which is considered one of the most valuable and productive agricultural regions on earth, is facing some serious long term strain.

Much like the depletion of the Ogallala Aquifer in the Midwest, the ground water of the of the Central Valley has been overdrawn for many years. This aquifer has been so abused for so long, that it actually causes the ground level to sink, roughly 11 inches per year in some places. The area around Mendota California has sunk 30 ft since 1925, but for the people living there, that may be the least of their concerns. According to a weather.com article from last week:

“The consequences are staggering near towns like Mendota. Dried-up fields blow dust into the sky. River beds and canals, once full of water, are now full of dead weeds and rattlesnakes. Fruit orchards along Interstate 5 look like burned piles of firewood. Workers who used to make a living picking fruit and working machinery now stand in government supported food lines to feed their families. No water means no jobs.”

How long can this continue? Even if there’s enough water to last for several decades, it’s still a matter of fact that we’re running out, and the most productive regions of the United States are facing agricultural collapse. Even without the drought, there is a definite point in time in our future, when America will no longer be the breadbasket of the world, and it will likely occur within our lifetimes.

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Contributed by Joshua Krause of The Daily Sheeple.

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38 thoughts on “Western Megadrought: Folks, This is No Ordinary Dry Spell”

  1. If we got rid of corporate greed we could build desalination plants & use pipelines to bring water throughout the United States at a reasonable cost to the the consumer. Fresh water is limited & oceans are rising. To me a really simple solution would be desaltation.

    1. Water may not always be in the right place to be useful. Like here in Australia where we can have floods in what are drought areas. The water simply runs off the land and the drought conditions return.

    2. I guess you’re not in California. “From south to the farthest reaches of the north and into southern Oregon, we’re in a critical drought. The forests are like kindling. Lord help us this fire season.

  2. Using swales, as Permaculture growing techniques has proven time and time again will increase and over flow water reserves in desert conditions. The poor conditions which are being lived thru on the west coast is simply the result of mismanagement of environmental surroundings.

  3. We know geo-engineering/weather manipulation has been going on for at least 20 years, quite heavily over the last 10 years or so. This has been my observation anyway. Is it just a coincidence that these horrible drought conditions are occurring now? I think not. It’s no different than the increase of disease in people, and animals for that matter, since the advent of and massive production of genetically modified foods over the last 20 years. There is definitely a direct correlation between the increase in cancer and other diseases and the use of GMOs and geo-engineering during this time frame. Nothing aggravates me more than someone who just can’t figure out why cancer or obesity or diabetes is on the rise. It’s obvious. People need to start putting 2+2 together, and no, it does not equal 5. THINK!

    1. Lori: Two major unsubstantiated claims: (1) weathermanipulation is ongoing; and (2) there is a direct correlation between genetically modified foods and the increases in cancer, obesity, and diabetes.

      Both claims sre obvious hogwash, but let’s assume that weather manipulation is possible. Who’s doing it and why don’t they turn the rain back on?

      Please show us what clued you in to GMOs being dangerous. “It’s obvious,” you say. Well, not to me toots.

      1. Thomas, you are amazingly ignorant. Google “Seralini study” for the pictures of animals fed GMOs which develop ubiquitous cancers and produce infertile offspring within two or three generations. Wise up pal.

        1. Tim, dude, you probably know this, but I’ll mention it anyway. The Seralini experiments were a botch; the article was withdrawn by the journal it originally appeared in. Some advice, son, don’t believe anything that Alex Jones writes. He is a con-artist and liar who preys on the paranoid and mentally challenged.

          1. I’m sure you don’t know this because you don’t really research anything and just believe anything you see in the media. The journal did indeed with draw the study, but the little part they leave out is that they did right after they got a new editor. That editor just so happen to come from monsanto! You know a company that stands to lose a whole lot of money because of this study. If you truly researched this you would know that the journal with drawing the study without grounds has caused a massive up roar because of how unethical it is. Feel free to believe your propaganda all you want but we will choice to stick with facts.

      2. Its not to you because you listen to Monsanto propaganda and if you have even looked at any studies on gmo’s , you are looking at the Monsanto ran/financed studies. Every independent study shows them causing a lot of damage, cancer being one of them. Independent studies also so them to be void of nutrition and very hugh levels of chemicals, not to mention the studies on yield shows them to have underproduced their organic counterparts.
        Weather manipulation has been going on sice atleast the Vietnam war, with operation popeye. Now we have things like harp and chemtrails doing it. To answer your ignorant questions about who is doing it and why they are not making rain. The goverments of the world are doing it, with the u.s. government leading the charge. They are not turning the water on because of this thing called agenda 21 thought up by the un 20 some years ago.

        1. josh, you’te making no sense. Agenda 21 is a UN document about developing a sustainable society. To that end, what is the point of turning off rain in California? I really want to know!

          1. Agenda 21 is not about creating a sustainable society. That is just what they claim it to be, if you read it you will see its all about depopulation and gaining control over people and the earth’s resources. They are not making it rain because they don’t want it easier for people to feed themselves but harder .

          2. And you know this how? That’s what it always devolves down to-how do you know about the conspiracy? Agenda 21 is about sustainable development-I’ve read it-but nooo, there is a secret truth that only we the select few, along with Alex Jones and Lyndon LaRouch, know about.

          3. I’m sure you are one that still thinks Obama care is about affordable insurance too right? Just because they present some thing as “sustainable development” or “the affordable care” doesn’t mean that is what it is really designed to do. The sustainable development part of agenda 21 is all about hoarding people into massive government approved cities and making the vast majority of the world restricted areas. All to protect mother earth of course, which is laughable considering what they are doing to it right now.

      3. “Genetic engineering is to traditional crossbreeding what the nuclear bomb was to the sword.” — Andrew Kimbrell

        The Global GMO FREE Coalition is ON! The people of the world have had enough!

  4. I was brought up to believe that L.A & San Francisco were places that were for people who literally live on the edge. Then I went to Las Vegas……sat right in the middle of a desert, with just no natural resources.
    Now, Lake powell is a sludge bed, but 100 miles downstream, Lake Mead is well below normal, and the drought continues.
    Hmm…I wonder when the rats will leave the sinking ship?

  5. JCD; Thanks for the heads-up on the video. It is practically a text book of selected editing, innuendo, and falsehoods designed to manipulate the gullible. Somebody has been watching too many James Bond films. There are not secret powerful men in the shadows trying to take over and/or destroy the world. Where does this paranoia come from? I don’t know, but I’m looking into it.

      1. Another rightwing-nut conspiracy theory adapted by Alex Jones and that other predator of the paranoid Lyndon LaRouch.

        1. Your ignorance on this subject is only surpassed by our arrogance. The bilderberg annual meeting started today in Copenhagen. The mainstream media is slowly admitting thegroup is indeed real. CNBC has wrote an article called ” bilderberg conference: spies, ceo’s and politicians meet together…

  6. Amen.
    “And the heaven that is over thy head shall be brass, and the earth that is under thee iron, and the Lord shall turn the rain of the land into powder and dust, even from heaven it shall come down upon thee, until thou art brought to naught”.
    “If My people, which are called by My name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land”.
    Can’t you just hear the chorus of rage and mockery swelling forth from the children of men?
    “As I live, saith the Lord God, I have no pleasure in the death of the wicked, but that the wicked turn from his way, and live”.

  7. Assuming that weather modification is real, then why the massive drought out west? Is the drought being done on purpose to drive people off the land the government wants? Drive up food prices so no one can afford to live without government assistance? Or is it because the government f***ed up the weather so bad they can’t fix it?

  8. That was my point. I was being slightly sarcastic with Dan’s getting rid of “corporate greed.”

  9. Are you talking about the same government that has been buying up billions of rounds, many of which are hollow point and hundreds, if not thousands of MRATS. To my they are getting ready for civil u rest, if not full fledged civil war.

  10. Please use some critical thinking skills and read what I wrote. I said “assuming”, I posted a hypothetical possibility questioning whether climate manipulation is being conducted. Is tree ring data an indication of past events? Yes. Is it possible that we will have natural and severe droughts in the future? Yes. Is the tree ring data a direct indication that we will have, or this is the beginning of, a mega drought? No. The government has been using weather modification since at least the Vietnam War. The Air Force just admitted in recent Congressional testimony that HAARP was created and used to “inject energy into the ionosphere to be able to control it” (David Walker, deputy assistant secretary of the Air Force for science, technology and engineering). What is/are the purpose(s) for controlling the ionosphere? Educated Realist’s post plainly says “before climate manipulation”. Again I ask, if climate manipulation by the government is possible, then why the drought? If the government can create droughts, then they certainly can turn on the rain (Vietnam for example). Is the government causing the drought to drive people off the land (e.g. Cliven Bundy)? Drive up food prices? In the end, it is always about control, and I want to know who is trying to do the controlling and what are their capabilities.

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