Welcome to the Bubble State, Where Everything is Unsustainable

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Since its inception, California has always portrayed itself as the land of opportunity. Kind of like a dream within the American dream. It’s the California dream to be precise, and while it has taken on many forms over the years, the song has always remained the same.

That song preaches that anyone can become fabulously wealthy here. But unlike the American dream, the California dream does not demand effort, at least not in its current form. Instead, it offers low hanging fruit. It claims to be overflowing with opportunities, just waiting to be exploited. The grass is always greener here, and a new millionaire is made every day. So why not you? What are you waiting for? Anybody can make it big in the Golden State, haven’t you heard? You’d be a damn fool to stay in your podunk Midwestern town. Get over here already!

Of course, if you ask anyone who actually lives here, they’ll tell you the truth. The only people getting rich from the dream are the ones who made it up. They prey on the gullible masses who think they can move here and become movies stars, and tech CEO’s. But more importantly, this dream is the lifeblood of our vampiric state, and always has been. Like the myths surrounding the Great Wall of China, our foundations are layered with those who fell while chasing the dream. We owe our very existence to this ever evolving scam.

It all started with the gold rush. The first of our get rich quick schemes. As soon as word got out that there was gold in those hills, the rubes poured in by the thousands. The only folks who got rich were the ones who sold picks, pans and shovels to the miners at outrageous prices.

Then came the movie industry, which produces the one lie that never seems to die. There are always just enough success stories about talentless nobodies making it big, that the Hollywood machine will always have an abundance of starry eyed wannabes hoping to ride the gravy train to fame and fortune. Few ever “make it” of course, and the rest would be fortunate enough to get a second chance in the porn industry.

And who could forget the hippies? Ahhh the hippies. That one managed to suck in thousands angsty teenagers, who now make their living as either college professors or strung out homeless panhandlers, depending on who you ask. This scam was unique for it was not a get rich quick scheme in the financial sense, but in the spiritual and political sense. Hunter S. Thompson so astutely described them as “All those pathetically eager acid freaks who thought they could buy Peace and Understanding for three bucks a hit.”

You might be thinking to yourself “But how do you house and feed all these gullible masses?” I would say, as inefficiently as humanly possible. Only in California would they build gigantic cities hundreds of miles away from the nearest source of fresh water, because the weather is just so darn pleasant in LA. Then they feed those people with crops grown on thousands of square miles of desert. Not even Las Vegas can hold a torch to that kind of madness.

And between the poorly regulated water supply and the sublime weather conditions, you have the perfect recipe for the marijuana bubble, which hasn’t quite reached its peak. There are plenty of folks who think they can show up and make hundreds of thousands of dollars growing pot. They’re in for a rude awakening once the plant is fully legalized, and Philip Morris starts growing Mary Jane in such vast quantities, that it cost half as much as it does now, and runs all these people out of business.

By the way, our water supply didn’t just make our sprawling dystopian cities a reality. There’s no housing bubble if you don’t have houses and cities right? While California doesn’t carry all the blame for the housing crash of 2007, would it really be the same without this state? I seem to recall that the price of housing was pretty stable in other parts of the country, while it was ballooning to ridiculous levels every year in California. Our state was practically the epicenter of the “house flipping” fad.

Do you see what I’m getting at here? California is the pump and dump state. The history of California is a cascade of overlapping economic bubbles and ridiculous lies, each one bigger than the last. It’s the only thing that sustains us. The get rich quick scheme is our oldest trick, and it has never failed suck up an abundance of money and talent that would have never arrived here otherwise. The ever-changing Cali graft continues to operate to this day, though it’s finally starting to get repetitive.

Everyone remembers the dot-com crash right? Call me crazy, but aren’t we starting to see the same thing now with all these startups? We keep hearing stories about these young nobodies making millions after selling their tech companies. It’s kind of ridiculous isn’t it?

It’s the next gold rush, and just like all previous gold rushes, very few people are making that kind of money. The vast majority of these new companies you hear about, fail miserably. Silicon Valley is not the easy money tech mecca they want us all to believe in, and yet, people keep putting millions of dollars into these companies. It hasn’t even been 20 years since the last tech bubble burst, and now we’re in another one.

You see the same situation unfolding in the real estate market. When someone buys a 750sq foot fixer upper in San Francisco for $1.5 million, or when sharing a room with three people costs $1,000 a month per person, one must wonder if another real estate bubble is being inflated courtesy of the California dream, whose hallmarks are blind optimism and blissful ignorance.

The tech bubble and the housing bubble were responsible for the greatest financial losses in recent memory, and now they’re both back with a vengeance, and they appear primed to burst at the same time. And when they do, you can thank the California dream, the most outrageous and pervasive scam in American history. The century spanning hustle that just won’t die.

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Contributed by Joshua Krause of The Daily Sheeple.

Joshua Krause is a reporter, writer and researcher at The Daily Sheeple. He was born and raised in the Bay Area and is a freelance writer and author. You can follow Joshua’s reports at Facebook or on his personal Twitter. Joshua’s website is Strange Danger .

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12 thoughts on “Welcome to the Bubble State, Where Everything is Unsustainable”

  1. Well, I’ve decided. I like this Joshua Krause cat. Good writer and he’s always on top of things.
    Two years ago, I had a rather insistent dream of moving to California. I loved the gritty character of Los Angeles and the climate just can’t be beat. I wanted it and I was ready to make that move to paradise. Then I woke up, and when you wake up, it doesn’t take long to realize what a Totalitarian nightmare they have out there on the West Coast. Two years I would have given anything to make that relocation. Today, you couldn’t get me to California with a cattle prod no matter how brightly the sun shines. It’s a real pity what they’ve done with that beautiful chunk of real estate.

  2. You forgot that your sanctuary state sucks in 1/3 of all welfare payments in this country. You should be ashamed.

  3. Look back young fool look back. Callisedfuckn the land of dreams. Agra was it #1 business and tax,&, job’s. So they ruled in the courts the cities have water first. As that is were the jobs are. In a few high profit industries. As all the rest have fled the tax’s and moved on to gamble in Nevada. They built on credit many fine things. Only to find the earth does move and no road runs strait. Now the high profit is over as the patens expire, Nothing new has moved in with out water. The farm work has dried up and blew away. But all of this is ok. The State will go bankrupt and do away with it’s debt. The rains will return and fools will come again.

  4. I was born in San Jose. Ave. house price is now $900k. I also lived in L.A. Then, we had the misfortune at a kid to move to the only state MORE bankrupt, the People’s Socialist Thugocracy of Illinois. CA. does not rank in the top 20 of states/provinces/countries likely to declare bankruptcy, per credit default swaps. Leftist IL. is #8 to declare bankruptcy, just behind Portugal. I cannot WAIT to get out of IL, and would NEVER return to CA., ever. I get job offers there, and tell them no, and – I mean this literally – tell recruiters I would much rather move to pro-business North Dakota than CA. Everyone thinks I am exaggerating until I tell them I will not consider anything in CA (yes, if they want to pay me some absurd amount, I might. But it would have to be absurd). When I was a kid in the 1960s, CA was a ***conservative** state. Then all the vile, stinking leftists and east coasters came in and turned it into NY or MA west…. after destroying their own states. Now, all these leftist Californians are moving out, destroying Montana, Colorado, Texas. I makes me want to vomit. I also am a dual citizen in Canada, and – frighteningly – Canada’s most conservative province Alberta (where I also lived) just voted in the far left NDP a week ago. Are people insane????? I would move ANYWHERE to get away from the socialists. Anywhere.

    “Socialism is the great fiction, whereby everybody endeavours to live off of everybody else.” Frederic Bastiat, 1801-1850

  5. I live in Southern California.

    I have a lot of reasons to want to leave, but only a few that force my family to stay. The city of Los Angeles, where my wife teaches is a cesspool of overcrowded immigrants, prostitutes, gangs and young hipsters who think living in a half a million dollar 1 bedroom condo amongst the indigenous population of Central Americans is the greatest life experience one can have.

    The suburbs where we live in a beach town is nice, but over priced and full of leftist Obama lovers.

    Almost everyone you meet in California hates guns, but loves illegals.

    The only non truth in the article would be to blame California for the real estate bubble – while real estate prices and buying a house here did succumb to the nonsense a few years ago, the real housing bubble with flipping properties was in places like Nevada. Where many Californian’s purchased properties only to sell them for tens of thousands of dollars more. The reason for this was nobody in California could afford to purchase houses in California.

    Another reality of California is that most of our population is that much of our population is made up of non-Californians. As someone who was born and raised here, it’s not often you find people whose families are multi-generational Californians. We seem to attract the worst liberals the country has to offer – and they have ruined California.

    Believe it or not, I remember a time in my childhood when my father would strap on a pistol and we’d get in the car to just drive out to the desert to go shooting. Try that now.

    Don’t hate California – feels sorrow for us that must stay. See what this state has become and don’t allow it to happen to your free state (wherever that may be). I only have a limited amount of time here before we pack up the family and get the hell out of this beautiful state which has become ruined by the Fienstiens, DeLeons, Boxers and MoonBeams.

    God help the once great state of California.

  6. I see a much larger bubble being inflated with the printing of the worthless fiat currencies backed by nothing but more worthless currencies and promises. Greed is an invisible and incessant force to those infected that drives the hearts of men for more, more and more. Greed affects the heart and mind and causes Ill-logical and selfish decisions to be made. When God of heaven and earth is thrown out of the hearts and minds of men the the vacuum is many times filled with the god of “money.” You will either love one or the other. Never both.

  7. The worst part is wen you are from here and you try to explain to people that it’s not what it appears to be on the suffice they look at you like your crazy.
    I tried to explain it to a transplant from Tennessee last week but I couldn’t get threw because “the weather is so nice”. I just left it with “Well, enjoy your stay in at the Hotel California”.

    1. The Hotel California thing is a myth. I’ve checked in and out, and left, dozens of times. The weather is nice until it isn’t, and then it is as nasty as anywhere else in the lower 48.

  8. CA used to be the place to go. You could nearly assure a job with a decent wage with a situation where you’d be set-up for many many years, a good life. But CA now is a place where if scrutinized is not even part of the United States, more like an associated area, a Territory of the US.

  9. The author needs a reality check; or an honesty one. I have four kids who moved to California and all are doing great financially and otherwise.

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