Watch: Guy Builds Shotgun Out of Items Purchased After Going Through TSA at the Airport

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Maybe eventually they really will just ban everything.

It may not look like much from the screen capture above, but the mad genius over at Terminal Cornucopia on YouTube was able to build a break-action shotgun out of items he purchased in the airport after going through TSA… a weapon capable of exploding and shooting a hole the size of almost two quarters near a sheet of drywall.


The weapon itself survived the blast as well.


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14 thoughts on “Watch: Guy Builds Shotgun Out of Items Purchased After Going Through TSA at the Airport”

    1. I’m sure it won’t matter to the perp after he speaks the magic words of absolution: Allahu Akbar…surrounded by virgins and all.

    2. Seeing how it works, I don’t think you need to do much more than wrap a towel around it and wear heavy work gloves.

  1. Pretty impractical though. I mean you couldn’t hold onto that thing when it went off or you’d be injured or set alight yourself. Also, the several seconds of it smoking away before it actually goes off would give anyone the time to realize something was amiss and get the hell out of it’s way! Still an interesting concept though. Maybe if one set it up as an IED it would have a more practical effect.

    1. I dunno. Seems like it wouldn’t be much help getting the hell out of the way on a plane if some fool pointed it at the window or the wall or the cock pit door… at those speeds, a hole shot out like that would cause some serious problems. I’d be most worried about that.

      1. Yes, but those simple projectiles wouldn’t penetrate a cockpit door. Drywall is very easy to go through. Also, it’s only in movies that small punctures within an aircraft or even a knocked out window will actually bring down the aircraft.

  2. This just goes to show how over the top TSA is in the first place. We survived just fine for how many years before TSA? Criminals and those intent to cause harm will always find weapons which we can’t possibly ban– such as feet and fists.

    1. Which is why I have been advocating for over a decade that every seat pouch on every airliner needs to be equipped with two Belaying Pins.
      Very useful for close quarters work, makes a passable thrown weapon, and won’t seriously damage any of the items necessary to keep that aluminum tube in flying condition.

  3. I’ll bet the BATF and TSA have got this guy tagged. I wonder what will happen the next time he tries to fly? He may find himself on the no fly list.

  4. You don’t even need to make anything that works. All it needs to do is look “threatening” and the everyday public will cower and do anything you want.

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