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Warlords in Drone Frenzy – Global Rollout Planned

We complain about our “enemies” and keep arming them to the teeth. And not just for war on the enemy or invader du jour, but now for the global war on the freedom and autonomy of all citizens anywhere.

Controlling the Herd

Warlords in Drone Frenzy – Global Rollout Planned

I don’t know how else to see this insanity. We complain about our “enemies” and keep arming them to the teeth. And not just for war on the enemy or invader du jour, but now for the global war on the freedom and autonomy of all citizens anywhere.

How long can they keep this charade up?

And you can bet your booties these drones will be rigged to report to a central intelligence installation. The Big Eye goes global.


Nobel Peace at last – even Orwell would be shocked..

In Plane Sight – Here’s the Latest Announcement:

Pentagon lists 66 countries as eligible to buy US drones

The 66 countries were listed in a Defense Department policy worked out last year to clear the way for wider overseas sales of unmanned aerial systems, as the Pentagon calls such drones, said Richard Genaille, deputy director of the Pentagon’s Defense Security Cooperation Agency. He did not name them.

“We don’t really have a comprehensive U.S. government policy” on such exports, he told an industry conference called ComDef 2012. “It hasn’t moved quite as fast as we would like, but we’re not giving up.”

Northrop Grumman Corp chief executive Wes Bush on Wednesday praised the Obama administration for what he described as significant moves to boost arms exports, but voiced frustration at delays in codifying them in a new export policy. [emphasis mine].Source

Whatta joke. You really think these guys wait for approval? They’re just getting the public mind caught up to what they’re already busy doing in most cases via their black ops programs.


Yes, George. War is Now Peace

That might sound moronic but it’s actually what has been embedded into the psyche of millions of people, as aptly predicted by George Orwell. If you talk to the mainstream mindnumbed new era “patriot” anxious to send our children off to die in pointless and endless wars, this is definitely the way it should be.

You might notice there’s not a peep of anti war propaganda since Obama got in. It’s part of the mind-screw. Suddenly the protesting stops, the changing of the guard being successful, and you’re given the impression that it’s all good and things are “being taken care of” as they’re claiming in these idiotic campaign speeches.

Hard to fathom. But the subtle effect is, if the protesting stopped, there must be peace! We must be in a peace with some justified fighting going on…a sort of suspended reality. And despite hugely escalating wars and new fronts opening all the time, the mass hive mind sees it as a state of “enforced peace”.

For them….and to hell with all the innocents getting bombed and strafed into oblivion.

And this same “enforced peace” will be the mind numbing mantra used to break America’s conscious backbone as they marginalize, incarcerate and kill any and all opposition to the State.

What kind of country targets rescuers like the US did in Palestine?

Drones – The Ultimate Peace Enforcer – No Flesh or Emotional Engagement Necessary

There’s hardly a peep about the forays of US drones into helpless countries there’s not even a stated conflict with. The ubiquitous “war on terror” label has apparently given the psychopathic warlords carte blanche permission to do what the hell they want.

After all, are you hearing a peep against these brutal murder missions in the mainstream press?

Damn them. There should be such outrage it would make the Vietnam protests look tame. But alas, just too busy living the American dream. Now that’s worth fighting and killing for, whoever the hell it is!

“Fire away drones, shoot ‘em all up to hell just like in the movies and video games. It’s not touching me and it’s cool!”

Murder by Joystick

A drone treatise by Zen Gardner dramatized by the amazing, talented Snordelhans. Hang on.


Never lose your outrage, this reality they’re pushing isn’t real and it’s bad for humanity.

Love, Zen


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Contributed by Zen Gardner of Just Wondering.

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