War On Cash: E.U. to Phase Out 500 Euro Banknote

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The governments of the world loath paper currencies, almost as much as they hate gold backed currencies. They tell us that paper money enables terrorists, criminal enterprises, and tax evaders, all of which is true to an extent, but it’s not the real reason why they hate cash. They just don’t like the idea of you having any savings that they don’t know about. They don’t want you to have money that they can’t confiscate on a whim.

That’s why the European Union has recently decided to stop producing the 500 euro note by 2018. Though the merits of the bill have been debated for some time, calls to eliminate it grew after the Paris terror attack last November. As usual, terrorist attacks are always the government’s best excuse to limit our freedoms.

But the real impetus to eliminate the bill is obvious when you see how important it is for Europe’s savers. More than 300 billion in euros are currently in circulation, a number which as grown precipitously over the years as the EU’s debt fueled economy has degraded. The 500 euro makes it so much easier for the average person to protect themselves from confiscations and bank holidays.

And don’t assume for a moment that this won’t happen here in America. The globalists are pushing harder than ever before to stop producing the $100 bill, and our media is rife with anti-cash propaganda. This is a global battle to punish savers everywhere, and it’s one that savers can’t afford to lose.

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5 thoughts on “War On Cash: E.U. to Phase Out 500 Euro Banknote”

  1. It doesn’t matter if all the central banks and governments on the entire planet stop issuing currency. Those of us who have real money will be able to buy whatever we need or want, at stable prices.

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  2. The 500 €uro note like the USSAN dollah and all other bits of tinsel threaded paper “issued” by banksters is not money. Paper is paper whatever fancy watermarks, seals, stamps and holographic images might be built into it. As for the nightmare scenario of chosen racer shaman banksters of the anglozionazi empire of carnage turning us into penniless paupers at the whim of their digital “currency”… it will never happen. If I so choose, then single malt Scotch whiskey, silver coins, gold nuggets even dog turds can be money, more so than the banksters shaman blood spattered fecal smeared toilet paper fiat “currency” which they can never force any sane person to “believe in”.

    As JP Morgue put it… “Gold is money, everything else is credit.” and today anyone that still has credit in the bankster, political whore matrix deserves to be robbed blind by these punks.

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