VIDEO: Our False Reality

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Reality may not be what you think it is.

As long as people remain asleep, those who seek power and control will continue to manipulate and engineer the masses, right down to the structure of our very reality.

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9 thoughts on “VIDEO: Our False Reality”

  1. The great writer Dr. Wayne Dyer was giving a speech one day and said something inspiring. He said “the faster you can become logical and see the world as it really is, the quicker you can move along and get on with your life. In romance, in the art of making money, in friendships, in living life to the fullest.”

    Now we view this crazy video telling us we live in an alternative reality and nothing is as it seems. If you believe that, then your in for a frustrating and confusing life.

    One method of having a clear mind is to do what I did today. I removed the TV from my life. No more CNN. No more Fox news. No more lies.

    1. I’d have to express reservations about the clarity of your mind if you think Dr. Wayne Dyer is a great writer, but you might have been watching too much Oprah before you got rid of the television:-)

      1. One thing about you and me is very clear. I live in a warm cozy house and you live in a van freezing your ass off with your cell phone hooked up to the cigarette lighter. Trying to act smart.

        1. And the day may come in your lifetime when the paper on your house is bundled with that of many others who will find themselves being evicted by the new owers.
          I have never shivered in my van.
          Staying warm is easy when you have a strong grasp of reality.

          1. The only fucking “PAPER” on my house is the home owners deed with my name on it. And a homestead document notarized with a stamp which claims “NO BODY” can take it from me. Understand? Fuck face!!!

    2. Good job !! I did away with the television 13 years ago and have never regretted it. A year ago I did away with the smartphone, I just never found any real use for it.

  2. Funny how you quoted Bill Hicks on this one. Have you not heard the accusations that he is in reality Mr. Dis Info himself Alex Jones?

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