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VIDEO: Creepy Clown Gets Pistol-Whipped!

Prankster pistol-whipped after attempting to scare people with a creepy clown costume.

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VIDEO: Creepy Clown Gets Pistol-Whipped!


A prankster in Stockton, California is not laughing after an attempt to scare people in a creepy clown costume ended with a man pulling out his pistol and striking him on the side of his head.

Sadiq Mohammad, 20, decided that clowning around in Stockton attempting to scare unsuspecting people was a good idea, and he assuredly reaped the consequences of this brilliant plan.

He is a professional prankster who runs an entertainment website called Hoodclips, which gets almost 7 million views daily.

“The numbers don’t lie, people love comedy. That’s why I have a lot of followers,” Mohammad said.

Mohammad decided to hide behind some bushes and jump out to scare a man who was walking by, he began to cry out, “It’s a prank,” but the man said the prank was not funny, and he approached him with his pistol drawn.

He was struck down to the ground, and he and his cameraman immediately ran away.

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