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UPDATE: Military Analysts Say North Korean Missile Launch May Be Imminent; Intercepted North Korean Military Communications Reveal Plan to Launch Missile

The allies appear to be taking important policy decisions on the basis of the imminent deployment…

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UPDATE: Military Analysts Say North Korean Missile Launch May Be Imminent; Intercepted North Korean Military Communications Reveal Plan to Launch Missile

Updated 15:10PM Central: INTERCEPTED military communications indicate North Korea could be planning to launch a ballistic missile which was spotted being moved by train. 

The revelation comes after South Korean officials revealed a medium-range “Musudan” missile had been spotted being loaded on to a train and transported towards the coast of the Sea of Japan.

The Yonhap news agency reported speculation that the missile may be fired on April 15, the birthday of the nation’s founder Kim Il-sung.

The US is reportedly seeking the location of a secret North Korean launch facility or hidden launch vehicles on the nation’s east coast. The location is of particular concern as any launch would likely go over the coast of Japan.


Updated 07:30AM Central: The AFP is reporting that North Korea seen moving missile after it declares it has given approval for a nuclear attack on the United States. 

South Korean Yonhap news agency reports that North Korea’s new KN08 Musudan missile has been spotted in the process of being transported by train towards the Sea of Japan.

It has yet to be confirmed whether the missile was carrying a warhead, but multiple sources in Seoul forecast that Pyongyang is likely to fire it off around April 15, when North Koreans celebrate the birthday of its founder Kim Il-sung.

The KN08 Musudan is still under-development and it is unclear if it has the range to reach the United States mainland. Previous assessments have given it a range of 4000km – potentially enough to reach the United States controlled island of Guam.


Updated 14:25PM Central: The AFP is reporting that the North Korean Army has received “final approval” for a nuclear attack. 

AFP is reporting the declaration, which came minutes after the United States announced it would deploy a land-based missile defence system to Guam to counter North Korean threats of a nuclear strike. (source)

Originally published 14:03PM Central:

A well known military analyst claims that policy decisions and troop movements by the United States, China, Japan, and other nations indicate that North Korea’s Kim Jong Un may be preparing to deploy intercontinental ballistic missiles and other offensive weapons systems.

There have been a number of vague official statements and inscrutable leaks that seem to suggest North Korea is taking steps to deploy the KN-08 ICBM (intercontinental ballistic missile) without a flight test. 

This is a very unusual step, but not an inconceivable one.

Still, the US has yet to say so directly. This is unacceptable. The United States, Australia and other allies appear to be taking important policy decisions on the basis of the imminent deployment of the KN-08.

If this is the case, they should say so directly and provide the basis for asserting the imminent deployment of the KN-08.

Lowy Institute for International Policy

The KN-08 was, up until recently, believed to be a prop and not a functioning system, but intelligence suggests it may, in fact, be an operational system, and that it may be capable of striking long-range targets in the United States, which may explain why Kim has made numerous overt threats, claiming that North Korea would soon target American cities like Washington DC, Los Angeles and Austin, Texas.

Yesterday, it was reported that in addition to the possibility of functioning ICMB’s, North Korea’s space delivery vehicle, deployed in December of 2012, could potentially house a “Super EMP” nuclear weapons payload, which if detonated over the continental United States would have catastrophic consequences that include a breakdown of the national power grid.

Analysts say North Korea’s reported threats, recent missile tests and troop movements, coupled with the allied response, including re-positioning of US naval assets and troop mobilization on the Chinese/North Korea border, suggest that a full-scale military engagement is becoming more likely:

The impending launch [of the KN-08] comes on the heels of intelligence about missile movements on the western side of the peninsula. Pentagon Press Secretary told reporters yesterday that “test flights” of certain missile systems were possible.

The surest sign of intent occurred Wednesday morning when North Korea delayed the passage of and then blocked hundreds of South Korean workers from the shared Kaesong market. If the market remains closed on Thursday, it would be another strong indicator of intent.

This measure from Kim Jong-Un follows significant troop movements on behalf of both the U.S. and China. Bill Gertz of the Washington Free Beacon recently reported that troops have begun staging in two of China’s northeast provinces.

Those provinces both align with known nuclear sites inside North Korea.

Meanwhile, the U.S. has moved an advanced radar and two Aegis class destroyers off the west coast. The $900 million SBX radar array has been compared to the Iron Dome in Israel, only much more accurate — and the Aegis-class destroyers are particularly adept at knocking missiles out of the sky.

Business Insider

Defense Secretary Hagel said today that North Korea’s threats are a “real and clear danger,” and that the United States is “doing everything we can … to defuse that situation on the peninsula.”

While the threat posed by North Korea sits at the forefront of recent, news, not everyone thinks it’s as serious as claimed by the mainstream media, or, that there is a threat, but not exactly as it’s being described.

Until recently no one really believed the North had the desire or ability to fight the United States head on, and that the posturing from Kim Jong Un and his late father Kim Jong Il were meant to keep tight control over the Korean population. Given the isolation, new leadership and lack of modern military firepower, it may not be realistic to believe that North Korea has any intention of going to war, and rather, elements of the global elite are taking steps to protect their interests and they’re preparing new Korean War to coincide with a global economic implosion.

Economic depressions are highly scripted affairs and the banksters use them to initiate big wars – not only because wars are remarkably profitable for the military-industrial complex, but because they serve as an ideal tool for wealth consolidation and fire sales held in their aftermath. Big wars are also exploited to enforce rigid discipline on the masses. It gives the plebs an excuse to accept grinding poverty and servitude. (Infowars)

After 2008, many contrarian military, political and economic analysts suggested that the economic crisis, centered around tens of trillions of dollars in bad debts and derivative gambles, would likely end in widespread global warfare.

A global war is beginning. The first stages, of course, are the financial wars. And that’s what we’re seeing now.
-Trend Researcher Gerald Celente, February 2012

think this economic crisis is very serious and it will end with the next war. In the next war you will not have a conventional war. You will have dirty forces. The hostile forces, they will be called in the West, Terrorists. They will attack major urban centers. You don’t want to have your house in a financial center. You want to have a farm in the middle of nowhere.
-Marc Faber of the Gloom, Boom and Doom Report, March 2009

Could bankers, military industrial complex leaders, and elite organizations be preparing for the end game?

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