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Former boss of the Council of the National Bank of Ukraine is U.S. State Department’s choice

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Former boss of the Council of the National Bank of Ukraine is U.S. State Department’s choice.

The State Department’s man handpicked to lead Ukraine into the clutch of European Union integration and IMF generated austerity has been put on notice by the Maidan fascists.

Presidential candidate Petro Poroshenko will be watched carefully by Maidan commander Andrei Veremiyenko and the Independence square “defenders” if he is elected. If Poroshenko does not engage in “radical actions” there will be “a third Maidan and it will be more savage than before, much more savage,” according to Veremiyenko.

Poroshenko is a former Yanukovich bureaucrat who made the Forbes list by selling sweets to his fellow Ukrainians. He also served as the head of the Council of the National Bank of Ukraine, an ex officio position allowing Poroshenko and other council members to pass legislation.

“Western diplomats appear, almost literally, to be banking on Poroshenko,” The Daily Beast reported in March. “Ukrainian media report that the likelihood of a Poroshenko victory in May helped convince Europe and the United States to start sending desperately needed financial aid. Specifically, the International Monetary Fund made a decision to provide Ukraine with a multi-billion-dollar lifeline. What gave the international community confidence that Ukraine’s political turmoil would be stabilized? According to the press, it was Poroshenko’s popularity and the probability that he’ll be elected president.”

Described as pragmatic, Poroshenko switched sides and supported the Maidan revolutionists groomed by Victoria Nuland and the State Department prior to the coup in February. Poroshenko moved to the front ranks of the junta after he was chased by separatists in Simferopol prior to a referendum held in Crimea breaking away from the junta in Kyiv. It proved to be a PR masterstroke for the 48 year old billionaire.

Poroshenko: Asking “European partners” for chance to merge with the EU superstate.

In February, Poroshenko was photographed in Munich along with Vitali Klitscho and banker Arseniy Yatsenyuk shaking hands with Secretary of State John Kerry. The confectionary magnate worked closely with Kerry’s predecessor, Hillary Clinton, to “reestablish the work of mission of IMF to Ukraine” and “undertake the certain steps to demonstrate the openness and the effectiveness in cooperation with IMF,” according to a State Department transcript of his remarks dated December 9, 2009.

In 2012 Poroshenko said Ukraine will have to improve the “business climate” in the country. Following the Maidan coup in February, the IMF worked with Wall Street and the European Commission to arrange a $20 billion deal calling for adjusting the business climate by imposing austerity, including cuts to pensions, government employment, and the privatization of government assets and property (assets and property belonging to the people of Ukraine despite what particular government rules the country).

In addition to dismantling state enterprises, the IMF agenda is designed to eliminate private sector competition to globalist transnationals.

Michel Chossudovsky writes:

While the privatization program ensures the transfer of State assets into the hands of foreign investors, the IMF program also includes provisions geared towards the destabilization of the country’s privately owned business conglomerates. A concurrent “break up” plan entitled “spin-off” as well as a “bankruptcy program” are often implemented with a view to triggering the liquidation, closing down or restructuring of a large number of nationally owned private and public enterprises. (Emphasis in original.)

Demands from the sotniki commanders of the Maidan and Right Sector certainly complicate the IMF-Wall Street neoliberal agenda in Ukraine.

However, the fascist undercurrent politically and militarily active in the country does not in any way diminish the globalist effort and may, in fact, strengthen it despite repeated bad press. The establishment media in the West has done a relatively good job of underplaying and dismissing fascist elements driving the government and, specifically, its security apparatus.

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