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Twitter Silences Libertarian Accounts

It is now undeniable—corporate social media is in the process of cleansing itself of those who challenge the state, its wars, and those who support endless war. 

Controlling the Herd

Twitter Silences Libertarian Accounts

On the day after the coordinated takedown of Alex Jones, the social media behemoth Twitter banned Peter Van Buren and Daniel McAdams. Antiwar.com podcaster Scott Horton was also suspended.

Van Buren is a State Department whistleblower. McAdams is the Executive Director of the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity.

The crime? Arguing with Jonathan M. Katz, a corporate media journalist. Katz ratted out McAdams and Van Buren to the Twitter thought police. Katz now works for a George Soros NGO.

McAdams provided details over at Robert Wenzel’s Target Liberty.

Yesterday on Twitter, former US diplomat Peter Van Buren (@WeMeantWell) took members of the mainstream media to task for swallowing and printing government lies without even bothering to check them out. He said as a former US government official (turned whistleblower) he also lied to the press on behalf of the government and was astonished that the press swallowed each one, hook, line and sinker.

Several corporate media hacks and in particular one employee of an NGO funded by George Soros — a fellow called Jonathan Katz — piled on Peter, accusing him of all manner of treachery. When Peter ended one response with a sarcastic reference to zombie attacks – “I hope a MAGA guy eats your face” — which is obviously a joke, Katz replied that he is reporting Peter for promoting violence.

So he and his buddies ganged up on Peter and got him banned. Scott Horton and I were incensed over the ban, which seemed to us totally arbitrary. There was no threat of violence and it was no different than millions of Tweets all the time. So Scott and I both joined in and criticized Katz for running off to the authorities in attempt to get someone banned rather than just walk away from the debate.

Katz then did his usual routine and ran to the authorities and had Scott and me banned. Mine was for, as Twitter informed me, because “you may not promote violence against, threaten, or harass other people on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, religious affiliation, age, disability, or serious disease.” There is no way at all that my Tweet violated the above rule. In no way did I harass or threaten based on those criteria. I merely strongly criticized Katz for running to the authorities to get Peter banned.

Social media is now using its boiler-plated rules to silence libertarians. This was inevitable, although I am surprised it happened a mere day after Jones was kicked off multiple platforms.

It is now undeniable—corporate social media is in the process of cleansing itself of those who challenge the state, its wars, and those who support endless war.

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Contributed by Kurt Nimmo of Another Day in the Empire.

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