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This Is Kinda Spooky

Big time new publishers like The New York Times, The Seattle Times & even Forbes have all published spooky articles trying to raise people’s awareness of a HUGE threat to our way of life.

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This Is Kinda Spooky


Something kind of interesting has been happening over the last several weeks.

Big time new publishers like The New York Times, The Seattle Times & even Forbes have all published spooky articles trying to raise people’s awareness of a HUGE threat to our way of life.

I’m talking about an intense Solar Flare from the sun, or something called a CME (Coronal Mass Ejection).  A threat which has the very legitimate potential to completely wipe out the electric grid of entire nations within a matter of moments… and that we’re currently doing nothing to protect ourselves against.

While some folks are aware of this threat, what many people don’t know is that in 2012 it came VERY close to happening. We actually came within one week of things getting VERY spooky, VERY fast.

According to congressional testimony, if earth was hit by a CME it could potentially result in the deaths of 9 out of 10 people within one year of occurring.  Because it would completely disable the electrical grid which modern day society is entirely too dependent upon for survival.

The pumps that get water to your home, and flush your toilet would get no electricity. Can you imagine a whole city without a working sewer system? I know some folks can, like those who lived through Katrina.

But the difference between a regional disaster like Katrina, and a power outage from a CME is that those neighboring States that always come to the aid of an area hit by disaster… would be without power too.

So no electricity to pump the gas, to fill up those relief aid trucks.  Nobody would be coming to the rescue.

To make matters worse, one top Chinese authority on space weather in his published report said that it would take 4-10 years for us to recover from a direct hit by a CME.

So this isn’t the kind of threat you can just sit out for a week in your home.  It would completely change the way you live to something like this fictional story.

How Likely Is It That A CME Would Occur?

Here’s the good and bad news.

Experts in the articles mentioned above all very slightly on their opinion of how likely a CME is to occur.  Their estimates are between 4-12% likelihood that Earth will be hit by a CME within the next decade.

Other top experts say its not a matter of if, but when.  These events HAVE hit us before… we have evidence of that.  But because a CME is most destructive against sensitive electronics, CME’s didn’t really have a destructive effect on societies that weren’t as electronically based as we are today.

Either way, in my UN-PROFESSIONAL opinion, when I hear about odds flirting in the 10% range it starts to become time to take some precautions.

Something which NONE of the articles above help you do by the way :-(

But there’s good news!

There are some very practical things you can do to protect yourself from a CME.

The expert in the video above, Scott Hunt, is an engineer who was on the North Carolina task force for actually building a CME resistant community that could survive one of these spooky things we’ve been talking about.

And his specialty is in not only protecting electronic devices from being destroyed by a CME, but in building mechanical solutions for replacing the electronics that WILL be destroyed in the event of a CME.

If you would like to learn more about how to protect yourself from a CME, then I’d encourage you to check out Scott Hunts DVD on DIY CME Proofing Projects you can build to protect yourself from this spooky type of event.

Scott has actually built for himself what is basically a CME proof home… or at least VERY resistant to a CME.  And I think following his example on how he’s built his home is a great place to start so you don’t have to have spooky threats like CME’s keeping you awake at night.

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