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If this is as good as it gets, are you ready? Are you ready, to not go along to get along?



July 20, 2012. The hour is 2100. The air is thick as humidity tramples the drought ridden desert southwest like a crowd in a fit of greed on black Friday.
We try to breathe, however the smell of bullshit is too thick in the air. The town known as Yuma, Arizona is swelled in Propaganda. The whose who, the hype. The machine known as The Yuma Sun Newspaper , smells like McElhaney’s cattle farm.

Yuma Private Industry Council a money racket. Jobs? What jobs? Sustain this! Truth! Yuma’s high un-employment rate in the shadow of rooster noise and dog barking fines!

In a few short days our President will sign a treaty. A treaty that will change our second amendment. A treaty that kisses the ass of The United Nations. The fascist regime that now controls your food, your health. Your right to bear arms? Altered by U.N. Agenda 21 , faster than a race car pushing NOS on an Arizona speedway.

The New World Order has an O2-Sensor that will shake your liberty to it’s core. The future of mans metaphorical, “Catalytic Converter”, an epic fail!

Those in the un-employment lines are displaced. Too many people too few jobs. What’s my point? Why should you care? Well, you should care for one very big reason. Every Un-employed American and every legit displaced worker is representing a reality that you may soon find yourself facing. Why? Well, Dorthy we aren’t in Kansas anymore.

A burden is chasing the future. A burden is laying sabotage in the path of our future. No man, woman, nor child will be free. The days of overtime, dismissed. The American dream ? A nightmare! Your food, soon to be rationed. Your media, liberal and whipped. Your leaders, arrogant puppets.

In the near future, Americans will be taxed by how many miles you choose to drive.
Soon your roads will be dirt. Soon your tv will be all that society can relate to.
Soon you will realize that which you feared, slowly already happened.

Each of you will be grateful for your part-time jobs. Your slave wage. Your re-education camps. Soon you will wake up and realize, tomorrow didn’t really pan out. This is as good as it gets!

While local newspapers have no real integrity.
Bogus Government funded ” Job Service Organizations “, are seen for what they really are. High paid, dependent propaganda Internet cafe’s!

While the smell of cattle is fresh in the thick air, by the year 2013 many of you will remember this blog. My warning to you. It will never pay to go along – to get along!
It will never pay to just suck it up. What will pay?

The day that cool fresh breeze rolls by and you search your soul. The day you accept the truth and actually believe that you can make a noble stance in this world. By electing representatives that don’t go along to get along. By educating yourself. By facing truth without hesitation and fear. What if, this is as good as it gets? “This is your life, good to the last drop.” What if I’m correct?

I have lost my job, in fact I’m on my second Federal lay-off in two years. I’d be homeless with children if it wasn’t for my wonderful fiancé . Who, is also a veteran. A former Combat Medic with The 25th Stryker Brigade Combat Team. “Deuce four”

What sets me apart from this sad day upon our generations? I’m practicing what I’m preaching. In college, running a campaign, in poverty! Heads up, boots laced. Knowledge strapped. No man really knows who they are until you’ve lost all your security and have nothing but faith to guide you.

If this is as good as it gets, are you ready? Are you ready, to not go along to get along?

America needs leaders, men and women of courage. Integrity! Vision! We are not our, made in China collectables! We are what are spirits desire to be.

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Contributed by Ginger Jane Hammack of The Yuma Territorial Blog.

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