The Vegas Plot Thickens: The Connection Between The Shooter And An Intelligence Agency

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A few internet sleuths have taken matters into their own hands after the obvious disinformation campaign by the mainstream media surrounding the Las Vegas shooting. Mounting evidence of what looks like a false flag is worrying many. And once you read this, those fears will be shoved into overdrive.

On the surface, the tweet doesn’t say much. But how much can Mike Toke really say in a limited amount of characters? But what he does manage is enough to get anyone seeking the truth to follow all these leads and look into everything that the media and our government continues to hide from us. It’s what’s embedded in the tweet that counts.

Looking closely, the first thing you will notice is that the shooter, Stephen Paddock, had a pilot license and owned two planes. This is well-established fact. The tail number of one of those planes is N5343M, a Cirrus SR-20. You can see that this was owned by Paddock by going to the website But Paddock doesn’t own this plane anymore. It was grounded three years ago, and it’s now in the hands of none other than Volant LLC, which there is little information on.

However, Volant Associates is none other than a Department of Defense contractor. Meaning Paddock’s plane has been in the hands of the United States government for the past three years and grounded since – if Volant LLC is being used as a way to hide information. Considering what Volant Associates does, that wouldn’t be so far fetched.  But the plane’s information is all easily verified here on It’s been in Roanoke, Virginia since April 25, 2014.

Volant’s describes it’s mission on their website as providing “the industry’s preeminent professionals to discriminating U.S. government and intelligence-and-defense-industry customers.

The registration of this plane is also listed as “active” even though it hasn’t been flown in three years. Strange enough yet? Well, it gets even better. The FAA should have this same information. But they don’t. Their website shows that a different aircraft, a Cessna 152, maintains that tail number and it was last registered to a person in San Diego, California. The FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) is a government agency, and it appears that it has scrubbed this plane’s information. Now, why would they do that? Well, the plot still thickens.

There is little to be known about Volant LLC., in Roanoke, Virginia. A company big enough to have a plane should have a website, at least that would be the assumption. But a Google search netted very little information other than they provide “business services.” But Volant Associates is a completely different matter. That’s your defense contractor. And their website says they are located in Chantilly, VA, which wouldn’t be too far from Volant LLC. in Roanoke. And a quick Google search of that verifies that the two cities are only 219 miles apart. So is Volant LLC., a cover company for the defense contractor? Is this a coincidence?

For a list of all of the contracts between Volant LLC. and the government, click here. They have worked for the Obama Administration. Could Paddock’s plane have been used in other scandals, such as the Fast and Furious gun running scheme? Who knows, and at this point, we may never know.

What all this means is entirely speculation right now. But isn’t is strange that this information is being kept from the public, and those who seek the truth are stuck finding it on their own?

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  • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

    They’re not even really trying all that hard to cover up the possible connections this poor bastard had to the government and the accompanying suspicion it should arouse. Or maybe they just underestimated the ability of citizens to look for themselves.

    • New Attitude

      It’s not that they’re not trying, it’s that they think that we’re not smart enough to connect the dots like you said. Arrogance isn’t in short supply within their circles.

      • DonNeedNoStinkinUserName

        I sort of agree . . the PTB don’t give a toss if we know or not. As long as it doesn’t start appearing in the MSM (and it wont, cause the PTB control the MSM), then the majority will remain ignorant & even if they do somehow hear about it – from clued up family members, etc., it wasn’t on the 6 o’clock news so it didn’t happen / it’s not true. That’s why they don’t care – because the information won’t spread far enough to cause any mass awakening

        • Laura Legere

          Niel Rockefeller told the film producer of “Freedom to Fascism” that the PTB do not care whether some know the truth, as long as it is not enough to make a difference.

          • Dave Garry

            Which is why Trilaterals said the Ron Paul movement would cause them significant future damage. And here we are. 10 years a go only a few people knew about the NWO, now millions do.

          • DonNeedNoStinkinUserName

            I started to watch Arron Russos film but got dragged away not long after starting . . & haven’t got back to it. I always wondered why there are always really obvious signs of skullduggery in these false flags then came to the conclusion that they don’t care . . It was the only thing that made sense (unless it was a signal to others not directly involved), because they always keep making obvious tell tale mistakes.

          • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

            That’s why the institutions of education, media/news and entertainment are so important and valuable for them. It allows them to keep their hooks in the masses minds.

        • Laura Legere

          This is from the poster that warned people about Vegas 3 weeks before.

      • Dave Garry

        Only a small percentage even care, or would be open to looking at this info. The plot indeed thickens..

    • SP_88

      It’s not just that they underestimate our ability to find this information, but they are convinced that anything that is found will be tainted with the “conspiracy theory” label.
      Information like this will never be announced by the mainstream media. And any information that doesn’t fit their narrative will be relegated to the websites that have already been labeled as nutty conspiracy websites.
      Few people will get this information, and even fewer will know what to do with it.

      • Rey d’Tutto

        Unfortunately for TPTB, more than a few “Conspiracies” have been shown to have been based in fact. Thus “fake news” is created to do the same job.
        Still, the disinformation spread via the MSM and their lackeys, and the incurious and ignorant accepting that “messaging” gives them the illusion of legitimacy.

        • Dave Garry

          good post

        • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

          It wouldn’t be “predictive programming” if it were just a roll of the dice for them. They float bs knowing that a certain percentage of the masses will buy in. Then when someone calls them out, they toss out the “conspiracy theory” labels and-voila!-it somehow, magically legitimizes their disinformation campaign. Truly incredible…

      • William the Resolute

        The sheep have been warned many times, but being sheep… they just keep grazing.

    • Uncle Sham

      It may have been that Paddock was involved in an illegal arms deal gone wrong

      • anastasia157

        “His brother said, “Steve was an arms…… ” Freudian slip

        • Julie Tyler

          I watched that too. He said “Steve was an arm,” not “arms” which could have meant “an army of one.” He clarified by saying he was going to use a colloquialism. I’m not disagreeing that this whole thing stinks, but we need accuracy.

          • anastasia157

            I went back and you are absolutely right, and yours is the more reasonable inference to draw.

      • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

        Or that could have been the reason he was used as a patsy, knowing that part of his sordid past would eventually surface.

  • Rick E.

    This possible explanation makes lots of sense, as it is completely plausible that he was indeed, an FBI undercover agent dealing in weapons transfers.
    The scenario mentioned in the twitter comments makes a lot more sense than the current ‘one man did the deed’ bullshit.
    This stinks, and leads one to believe that it was a violent attack because of a poorly planned and researched gun deal that went bad.

    • Dave Garry

      They never did explain how this rich guy made all his money.

      • Rupert Chappelle

        That is CLASSIFIED, but a CIA front company has one of his planes.

        Air America!

        • BuggerBuggerthatBugger

          Air Amexica

      • sgtdoom

        Supposedly, according to the NonMedia Media (also known as the “No One Will Ever Know News Agency”) he was an IRS agent who dutifully saved his money then invested in the right real estate deals, then was a successful gambler. Typical money laundering processes.

      • Julie Tyler

        Yes. They did. He made money as a professional successful gambler.

  • moTrouble69

    Then go check the interview with eric paddock where he says “stephen was an arm” then eric catches himself and diverts away from finishing that sentence.

    • GizaDog

      So he almost said he was an Arms Dealer?

      • anastasia157

        It almost came out of his mouth and he had to stop himself.

  • zencowboy61

    These operations are too big to tie all the loose ends together before the internet it was easy……now the evil ones are exposed to the mistakes they eventually make. They have figured out instead of having a story they just morph the story as counterintel comes in keeps changing the narrative to fit what mistakes they made…

  • Justin time

    Sold the plane,u can reuse n numbers.

  • Mac-101

    So is there an record of the plane flying, ie flight plans, maintenance logs?

  • Mac-101

    Does Black Ops fly out of Roanoke?

  • straight shooter

    Excellent work, makes total sense.

    Now, check this out from Truthstream (who always do great work imho), add it to the mix, and we really start getting the picture:

  • Joe Canuski

    This is what I found at:


    N-Number Inquiry Results

    N5343M is Deregistered

    Deregistered AircraftDeregistered Aircraft 1 of 1Aircraft DescriptionSerial Number15284547 Certificate Issue Date07/07/1998Manufacturer NameCESSNA Mode S Code (base 8 / oct)51541026Model152 Mode S Code (base 16 / hex)A6C216Year ManufacturerNoneCancel Date09/06/2001Reason for CancellationCancelledExport ToNoneType RegistrationIndividual Aircraft Registration prior to DeregistrationNamePHILLIPS WESLEY D StreetQUARTERS SL BOX 357027 CitySAN DIEGO StateCALIFORNIA Zip Code92135 CountySAN DIEGO CountryUNITED STATES Deregistered AirworthinessEngine ManufacturerNoneClassificationUnknownEngine ModelNoneCategoryNoneA/W DateNone Deregistered Other Owner NamesNone

  • Matt Agorist
    • anastasia157

      How did that owner of Volant ever find this tiny little article.that no one else can find even when they put in a search under Volant, like I did.

  • Zibgnew Opinionski

    They started the destruction of America with Obama, they intended to let Hillary finish that. They are putting tremendous pressure on Trump and are still trying to complete their plans. This is obvious, just look around and see.

    • Large McBighuge

      It started way way way before the foreign scum odoucebag was placed in the oval office.

      • Zibgnew Opinionski

        True. But Obama ushered in the open destruction. What you are describing is the “softening up” of America.

  • D.Moore

    I’ve never doubted for a minute this was another False Flag event that claimed the lives of innocent, one day their faces will be exposed. Anyone with critical thinking skills can see the correlations from available information without much research, laid out liking the yellow brick road…More proof ISIS is of ptb making

  • eequalsmc2

    It’s common for businesses to form an LLC to own their aircraft. i’ve seen a business that owned multiple aircraft, where each airplane was the only asset of a LLC that was formed to be the owner of the airplane. It’s been a number of years, and at the time some states assessed annual personal property taxes on aircraft. So, the owner would “hanger” the aircraft in a state with no tax assessment on aircraft, form an LLC in the state that would own the aircraft, and make sure the aircraft wasn’t on the ground beyond a certain number of days in any state that imposed the tax based on number of days the aircraft was on the ground in the state.

    • OliviaPope

      And Virginia is a Commonwealth and taxes are very high, especially in Chantilly (which is very close to Dulles Airport).

  • Ashley Morgan

    I’m so tired of the media citing “rage & anger”. Now it’s been discovered that Paddock bought 33 guns within exactly 1 year & the FBI is trying to figure out what occurred in Oct 2016 that led him to stockpile so many more weapons. Wouldn’t surprise me at all if they eventually find he was involved in drug or gun running. He sent his girlfriend away and sent her money to buy a house abroad to keep her safe. Perhaps he was a hostage of some anti-american group who threatened his family if he didn’t carry out the act. He was very deep into gambling for years, so maybe he met some nefarious characters who forced him into this.

    Also, I don’t think he had cameras set around his room to ensure his escape, but rather to keep tabs on where police were so he could finish his task. He had to assume that breaking out those windows would be quite loud, and probably needed to keep an eye on police progress. Someone who planned all this isn’t stupid enough to think they could escape, especially when the room was registered in his own girlfriend’s name.

    • OliviaPope

      That’s why he brought her there earlier in the month to book the room in her name.

  • agent_99

    But the website Flightware shows that this plane was owned by two others before it came to be registered to Volant, LLC. Paddock was the registered owner as late as 2007, but in Feb, 2010, it was registered to USH, Inc. Then in Dec, 2010, it was registered to John W Rogers. Finally, in 2013, it shows registry to Volant, LLC. I think Tokes is barking up the wrong tree. If I’m missing something, please let me know, because I sure as hell don’t believe this guy was a ‘lone wolf’ wack-job. There’s a lot more to this story.

    • sgtdoom

      I think you are probably right, still . . . might be interesting to learn more about USH, Inc. and John W. Rogers???????

  • Serious Starsider

    Wow, some unknown Internet sleuths discovered a company doesn’t have a website… Must be the deep state. LOL

  • Chondra

    Good Job!

  • LCW

    So your conspiracy theory begins with Paddock owning a plane in 2010. You’re immediately suspicious because that plane carries an “N” number recycled from a Cessna deregistered a decade earlier.

    Anyway, he sells it to a student housing company in California. They sell it to a Doctor in Roanoke. He transfers the registration to a personal LLC headquartered in his house, likely for tax/estate reasons. He also changes the “N” number, which is as common with planes as with car license plates. (if you care, it’s now N145AW, and it last flew three weeks ago).

    And then…. because his LLC name is similar to the name of a small government IT & PMP contractor located 220 miles away outside Washington DC, you naturally conclude that …. Paddock is a CIA stooge!

    (oh, and the discrepancies between flightaware and FAA databases must also be a cover-up, and isn’t at all due to your own data/search incompetence)

  • anastasia157

    The media and authorities are exasperated because they have no motive, and have no idea what was on the mind of this man. Why hasn’t the media found out his political party registration. When the “Nazi” killed that young woman, it was the first thing the media told us – i.e. that he was a registered Republican. How come they are not interested in this man’s registration, something so easy to find out.

  • Eric Blust

    Arms dealer…

  • unsheepled

    Chantilly is a virtual NEST /hive of defense contractors. The Bilderger hotel 2012 sits smack dab in thew middle of that demon den !

  • unsheepled
  • sgtdoom

    Great work, and very scary — reads too much like an old novel by Martin Caidin (believe it was called Deathmate, barring past military service).

    What I find most disturbing, and I have yet to see in the NonMedia Media, is that Paddock’s background EXACTLY fits the profile of a contract killer, a professional assassin: access to private planes and/or private boats (pilot’s license and formerly owned several planes), one or more family members a professional criminal and/or diagnosed as psychopathic (his daddy fit that profile), questionable revenue sources, and the two classic money-laundering conduits, real estate and gambling (while the type of gambling he did was a net-loss type), etc., etc.

    I don’t pretend to understand the mass slaughter in Las Vegas: it doesn’t appear he “snapped” as the sheeple/fake newsies claim, as it was a well-planned and well-executed slaughter, but was it the controlled-psycho operation of a lifelong controlled-psycho (professional killer)? Or was it another hit, but of a suicidal kind?

    Either way, I pray for his victims.

  • sgtdoom

    Well, did he work in the same classified section as Eugene Thane Cesar and Valerie Schulte’s aunt and uncle?

    No, wait!!!! That was back in 1968 when Bobby Kennedy was assassinated.

    Sorry, getting confused with all these myriad coincidences . . .

  • Arthur Bentley

    I have just finished reading a few online news articles on Stephen Paddock along with a YouTube video of an interview of his brother. I shall be brief and will add links if requested.

    Firstly, Stephen Paddock was a multi-millionaire and made his living by gambling. His brother says he was extremely intelligent and used algorithms when gambling. Well, let me state categorically that it is impossible to make a living from playing house games such as craps, slots and roulette because of the house edge. No mathematical genius can beat these games. The only house game a player can beat is BlackJack and casinos can spot a card counter a mile off. If Stephen Paddock made money from gambling he made it playing poker, and one doesn’t need algorithms to play live poker. In fact, I doubt the Casino would allow a player to have a laptop while playing live, and anyhow, it doesn’t happen.

    According to the news today with interviews of his former neighbours, Paddock had a huge safe in his garage. It is speculated, quite reasonably, this is where he likely stored guns and ammo.

    I think the ‘highlife gambler’ was a cover for his real vocation. I say that because as I have explained it is impossible to make money at gambling long term unless the game is a game of skill like poker and not an house game. If anything, he was probably an illegal gun dealer. It’s not the first time the CIA have disposed of one of their assets for a greater cause when the time comes to do so.

    According to his brother, Stephen Paddock could walk into any Casino in Las Vegas and they would give him a room for free. Casinos don’t bend over backwards to players that take money from them. They only do that for players who lose money to them. Players who get lucky too often get banned from casinos such as Blackjack players who use card counting to beat the odds.

    If Stephen Paddock had no job to finance his gambling then he must have obtained money illegally to finance his lifestyle. The fact that he had access to guns bought illegally gives further credence that he could have been an illegal arms dealer. He could also have been working undercover for the CIA as an illegal arms trader.

  • burnedhandle

    The Obama admin + Hillary were running guns and nerve gas out of Libya to ISIS. Why would they not still be running weapons since their fast and furious op was so successful in getting weapons to their cartel friends. Trump and Sessions has give the clintons a free pass on all their filthy operations.

  • Christian Gains

    No, ACTUALLY, it’s NOT strange…IT’S “BUSINESS AS USUAL” — “SNAFU” — “FUBAR”!!!! AND! We’ll NOT get any better info, unless our “ALTERNATIVE NEWS DIGGERS”, [like you guys], dig it up, or “We the People…” do it! The MSM, (meaningless, stuffy mendacity), DEFINITELY WON’T give us ANYTHING beyond what the “SHADOWS” will allow! THANKS FOR YOUR WORK GUYS!

  • Robyn Bulen
  • Robyn Bulen

    Date Owner Location

    • Robyn Bulen

      More than one John W.Rogers so which one is it?

  • Yes It Is Political

    So dear OFA Leader is still running the Deep State Ops and once again they get fooled?

  • I’m very surprised that none of the conspiracy theorists/Truthers(mainly the far right wing ones) or the right wing media(such as Fox News) haven’t pointed out about Las Vegas’s mayor Carolyn Goodman and her husband Oscar(the previous mayor[who led a controversial 12 year mayorial reign upon Vegas’ local political scene{with the Vegas news media sheepishly bowing to him}]) and his very close Mafia connections(which he still proudly remains tied to),as the current mayor hasn’t done anything to establish tougher guide lines that would further prevent any future similar attacks from ever happening and has remained completely quiet about this tragic situation. Maybe the Truthers and the right leaning media are too scared upon questioning the Goodmans and why they’re avoiding the issues behind this tragic shootings in fear that a few suit clad mobsters might pay them a visit(knowing how dangerous the Mafia are).