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The Threat of Terrorism: Real or Just Another Control Mechanism?

We need to make people realize that the bogeyman of terrorism is for the most part nothing more than a mechanism to make them agree to government controls that ‘keep them safe’ when in reality it is doing the exact opposite.

Controlling the Herd

The Threat of Terrorism: Real or Just Another Control Mechanism?

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I have come to the conclusion that the government is lying about there being terrorists on every street corner.

Does it not stand to reason that if you had a means of terrorizing a nation you despise you would do so? Yet thankfully, day after day, we go about our business and are not exposed to terrorism. Discounting the domestic terrorism imposed on us by own government that is. Getting groped by the TSA, spied on by the NSA and harrassed by a wide variety of other alphabet agencies is indeed a form of terrorism in my very humble opinion.

So, back to those who wish to do us harm. Where are they?

Even if you count 9/11 and the Boston Bombing as real terror events, we are not exactly scared to leave our homes are we?

I’m not particularly smart, I’m just a very average person, but I can think of numerous ways that I could cause panic and mayhem in the United States…or anywhere else come to think of it. What’s more, I’m pretty sure that if I can think of things to piss off the establishment and put the fear of God into the citizens of this country, real terrorists could come up with far more creative scenarios.

Now, I continue writing under the assumption that none of our dear and trusted readers are in fact terrorists. If you are, well I respectfully request you move to a different article right away.

Good. Right, moving on…

You don’t actually have to do anything in order to terrorize people. You just have to say that you are going to do something with such conviction that people believe you. Now obviously, if you continually say you are going to do something, and you don’t, well, people get complacent and stop believing there is a real threat.


If you say something monumentally big is going to happen, so huge it would affect the way the country carried out its business on a daily basis, you could cause such massive disruption that the country couldn’t function. Now if you are a real terrorist and you know the code word that indicates to government you are a real terrorist, you’ve cracked it haven’t you?

The terrorist calls whoever it is he has to call, gives the password that proves the call is authentic, or uses whatever mechanism is in place that proves he is part of whichever organization he has named, and then he makes his play.

“Using the same technology that allowed your government to make transient electronic chips that dissolve at a pre-set time, we have put anthrax in boxes made of a similar material in air vents at 678 locations across the country. At some point in the next six weeks the material that holds the powder will decay and the anthrax will be pumped via ventilation shafts through our chosen venues. Have a nice day. Goodbye.”


“We have contaminated 200 units of blood at various blood banks around the country.”


“We have sprayed  bridge supports at various locations with a corrosive substance. Within the next two weeks, bridges across the country will start to collapse.”

I could go on like this all night, but you get the picture. Now I have made all these things up, but I’m sure you too can think of things that would throw the country into panic. It would be impossible to check every ventilation system at every major venue. All stored blood would have to be destroyed, and that in itself would cost countless lives. Which bridges would you check and how would you know? Maybe the stuff hadn’t started eating away at them yet.

Now it goes without saying that some groups do see themselves as at war with the United States. No matter how hard we try, there are going to be people that want to do us harm, as both individuals and as a nation. Those people quite rightly need to be sought out and stopped, but I don’t believe there are nearly as many of them as the government make out there is.

I doubt there is a single Daily Sheeple reader that believes all the crap the government foists on us each day, but I can see why those who are less awake than we are stumble about looking for answers. The reason they can’t find the answers is because they are asking the wrong questions.

“Why would my government do that?” is the wrong question, it is outdated. When they start asking ‘Why wouldn’t my government do that?” they may start finding answers.

All the legislation, all the security and the invasion of our privacy is about one thing and one thing only.


If they have to spend the next five years making the asleep people believe that there are terrorists around every corner they will do so, and they will do so in order to isolate and highlight those of us that won’t be silenced.

The idea of spying on everyone was an idea born out of necessity, they have to find out who is with them and who is not. They need to know who will go quietly and who will take half a dozen LEO’s down with them. They have to know who has the food and the water so they can target them when the time comes. God forbid there should be healthy, well fed renegades running around with guns resisting the call of FEMA.

The thing is, this information will not only be used against us by the higher echelons of government. Information is passed around, handed from department to department from the top right down to local levels. The time of placing our total trust in police officers is also outdated. Having half a precinct of cops at your door two days after a flare knocks out the grid is not going to end well. If the local LEOs know you are a prepper this might well happen. Every day more and more police officers are exposed as nothing more than thugs in uniform. I don’t think a natural disaster, or some form of societal breakdown will suddenly improve the mood of those who are that way inclined.

There really is safety in numbers, the more of us there are, the safer we will all be. While we are all concerned with OPSEC, you don’t have to come right out and tell the world you are a prepper. There are ways you can get the message across to others without showing your hand. Some suggestions would be:

  • Have a prepper email only you know about. Send your ‘target’ links to prepping sites that cover their occupations or interests. A teacher might read an article regarding education after a societal collapse for example.
  • If it’s someone you would normally buy gifts for, try a book, one of the Rawles novels, or if they prefer non-fiction, something about the struggles after the Indonesian or Haitian earthquakes, or life after Katrina or Sandy or even the collapse of the Maya.
  • Start a conversation about a conspiracy they might be interested in, Area 51 or JFK perhaps. You will find the subject ebbs and flows and other conspiracy issues will be raised.
  • For the thrifty, point out the money saving benefits of buying food and kits at today’s prices. Stockpiling is stockpiling at the end of the day.
  • Try and get one person interested in a lifeskill. Gardening, first aid, blacksmithing, wood turning, fishing or hunting, anything that may be a barterable skill or a lifesaving skill will do.
  • If you trust them implicitly to keep their mouths shut have ‘the talk’ with them.

One way or another life is going to get very difficult, most likely within our lifetimes. Personally I believe that as the government controls increase, the timescale of a major disaster gets closer. They are doing this to make sure they are in control before such a disaster occurs and if the pace of gaining that control increases you can be sure they know something that we don’t.

Maybe it is a solar flare, or maybe it is global cooling, or getting ready for a nuclear war even. I don’t have the contacts to know. What I do know is that a government doesn’t spy on its citizens piecemeal and at the same time seek to disarm them unless they are seriously worried about a revolution.

Prices are rising, more and more people are experiencing poverty, the weather is changing, the infrastructure is crumbling and the Middle East is still a powder keg awaiting a spark. Any one of these could be the incident that starts the snowball rolling down the hill, or, maybe none of them will and there’s something else waiting for us. Maybe Japan and China will kick it off. Who knows?

Logically the who, in who knows, would be the government.

Whatever it is, it’s going to get ugly one way or another. We need to make people realize that the bogeyman of terrorism is for the most part nothing more than a mechanism to make them agree to government controls that ‘keep them safe’ when in reality it is doing the exact opposite.

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Contributed by Chris Carrington of The Daily Sheeple.

Chris Carrington is a writer, researcher and lecturer with a background in science, technology and environmental studies. Chris is an editor for The Daily Sheeple. Wake the flock up!

Chris Carrington is a writer, researcher and lecturer with a background in science, technology and environmental studies. Chris is an editor for The Daily Sheeple. Wake the flock up!

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