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The Nostalgia Effect and Non Linear Time

No doubt many of you have seen the emails going around about the days of yore being so great. They all either say outright or strongly imply, ”Weren’t the 50′s (or whenever) innocent compared to now?” …. No, they weren’t.


The Nostalgia Effect and Non Linear Time

No doubt many of you have seen the emails going around about the days of yore being so great. They all either say outright or strongly imply, ”Weren’t the 50′s (or whenever) innocent compared to now?”

No, they weren’t. WE were young and innocent. The times weren’t. As always.

Of course it was a different world and I don’t want to sound cynical, but let’s have a little reality check here. Yes it was perhaps not as obvious and draconian as it is today, although that’s arguable since it’s all relative, but the same processes were under way then as they are now.

Big time.

Our parents knew better, even then. Even early in the century people knew prohibition was a scam for money and protested. History sanitized it for the next generation. Same for just about any major questionable event–a large portion of people knew at the time what was going on. The controllers write the history books and the reality of the spirit of the day is gone.

Let’s look at some “always current” realities.

Adulterated History

In truth, the 50′s witnessed one of the biggest hoodwinks in history in full swing. Edward Bernays‘ evil magic in post WW2 America, propaganda innocently labeled as advertising, was unleashed to deceive the ultimate test tube continent under the spell of the occult siren Columbia. America was under attack from day one.

And then this Orwellian influence got television. Society controlling influence on steroids, baby.

At that time people were smoking, drinking and consuming like there was no tomorrow.  I witnessed it in my parents. The scientific corporate state was gaining its stranglehold as German and other European socio-scientific advances, made and tested before and during the world wars, moved their operations to the “land of the free and home of the brave.”

What a set-up.  And people saw it happening and were upset about it then as they are today. American banker and corporate participation in Nazi Germany was called out. But like today, they were overwhelmed by bought off politicians and media manipulation.

Same battle, different era. But you’ll never hear that part of the story. You’ll assume everybody pretty much agreed in some way. The privatizing of the Federal Reserve for example was anathema to Americans, yet the elites pulled it off again in 1913 despite huge protests. And each time they gain ground the next swill swallowing generation thinks it’s only “normal”.

Divide and conquer is a media mantra too. Make it appear to be accepted, that’s all they have to do. Divide reality from the imposed false reality. And repeat.

Founded, funded and fixated on the next stage of global takeover, they utilized the highly motivated newly materialistic “progress” seekers while pretending they were “fighting for freedom”. Pavlovian school bells and nuke drills prepared a whole generation of baby boomers soon to be drones for the military corporate complex.

Just another form of fascism under construction. Then as it is now.

The Medium IS the Message – The Con is On

Marshal McLuhan was extremely perceptive. Video messaging, (TV and movies), changed everything, even more than we realize.

McLuhan understood “medium” in a broad sense. He identified the light bulb as a clear demonstration of the concept of “the medium is the message”. A light bulb does not have content in the way that a newspaper has articles or a television has programs, yet it is a medium that has a social effect; that is, a light bulb enables people to create spaces during nighttime that would otherwise be enveloped by darkness. He describes the light bulb as a medium without any content. McLuhan states that “a light bulb creates an environment by its mere presence.”[3] Likewise, the message of a newscast about a heinous crime may be less about the individual news story itself—the content—and more about the change in public attitude towards crime that the newscast engenders by the fact that such crimes are in effect being brought into the home to watch over dinner.

McLuhan describes the “content” of a medium as a juicy piece of meat carried by the burglar to distract the watchdog of the mind.[5] This means that people tend to focus on the obvious, which is the content, to provide us valuable information, but in the process, we largely miss the structural changes in our affairs that are introduced subtly, or over long periods of time.[4] As the society’s values, norms and ways of doing things change because of the  technology, it is then we realize the social implications of the medium. These range from cultural or religious issues and historical precedents, through interplay with existing conditions, to the secondary or tertiary effects in a cascade of interactions[4] that we are not aware of.

The Disney Dynasty–The Magick Kingdom of Indoctrination


Disney, another darkly motivated state-corporatist,  joined forces with the takeover. Perhaps no one knows the full story and all the details, but it’s reported he was blackmailed by the FBI early in his career to help “influence America’s youth” in a way that was cloaked as “beneficial to national security” or whatever the lingo was back at that time. Whatever, he was controlled right out of the gate.

You have to understand the prowess of intelligence agencies and secret societies to understand the full ramifications of that statement, but either way, it’s true.

We soon had the “Wonderful World of Color” and Mickey becomes Merlin splashing pentagrams around the screen with his magic wand literally made of hollywood, while sexy Mouseketeers entranced and programmed America’s youth.

Ah, the innocent years.


Here’s “Uncle Walt” as they called him with his “stars”. Ah, what a nice (33rd degree Freemason) man. Disney used middle American apple pie images to sell himself, sex and mind control to our nation’s youth.  “A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down” and he loaded it up. The sordid facts about his true nature are easy to find.


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Contributed by Zen Gardner of Just Wondering.

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