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The Mainstream Media: Caught in the Act

Have Americans begun to wake up to the fact that the mass media is nothing but a giant propaganda machine, churning out made-to-wear opinions and cloaking them in a disguise of “news”?

Controlling the Herd

The Mainstream Media: Caught in the Act

According to the most recent Gallup poll, they have.
Americans’ confidence in television news is at a new low by one percentage point, with 21% of adults expressing a great deal or quite a lot of confidence in it. This marks a decline from 27% last year and from 46% when Gallup started tracking confidence in television news in 1993.

Have Americans begun to wake up to the fact that the mass media is nothing but a giant propaganda machine, churning out made-to-wear opinions and cloaking them in a disguise of “news”?

This encouraging decline in public confidence means that people are beginning to see through the blatant manipulation.

Nearly all North American media is owned by one of the five following companies:

GENERAL ELECTRIC:  Worth 157 billion in annual revenue, GE owns a large portion of NBC, MSNBC, 22 local TV stations and Universal Pictures

WALT DISNEY: The house of mouse, earning just over $36 per year,  owns ABC, 277 radio stations, Touchstone, Miramax and Pixtar.

NEWS GROUP: This 30 billion dollar a year entity owns FOX, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Post, TV Guide, Barrons, and Smart Money, not to mention 20th Century Fox and HarperCollins Publishing.

TIME WARNER: Bringing in a cool $25 billion per year, Time Warner is the largest media conglomerate in the world.  They own: CNN, HBO, Cinemax, America Online, TBS, TNT, Warner Brothers Pictures, and more than 150 magazines, including some particularly respected ones like Time, Fortune, and Sports Illustrated.

VIACOM:  At a “mere” $13.6 billion a year, Viacom owns Global, MTV, VH-1, Nickelodeon, and Paramount Pictures.

CBS Corp:  And rounding out the Big Six with an annual income of $13 billion per year, CBS owns, obviously, CBS, as well as Showtime, CBS Radio and book publisher Simon and Schuster.

This incestuous web of entertainment and “news” influences nearly word or opinion expressed through television, radio or movie theatres.  Movies and TV programs are valuable propagandizing tools because they can affect our perceptions by reaching our emotions and by setting up fictional issues with outcomes designed to make us feel strong emotions like fear, joy or sadness.

People are beginning to see the blatant manipulation of pro-government perspectives in the news.  They are noticing the media blackouts, such as the attack against the Ron Paul campaign.  They have begun to realize that they are only getting a carefully selected part of the story.

So, is it good news or bad news that people are waking up?

It’s both, actually.

On the positive side, this means that the government, the elite and the “Powers That Be” are losing their battle of skewing the American perspective.  People are beginning to see the difference between what is being presented and what is actually occurring.  This awareness is valuable, as it can stand to make those in power more accountable for their actions.

On the negative side, however, this new awareness brings with it an ominous threat.  If we are no longer being “snowed” by the media, what is to stop Obama, the Bilderbergers and the global elite from speeding up the end game?  When a bully realizes that his subtle machinations are no longer subtle, the violence often escalates dramatically because there is nothing left to lose.  As recently as May, the US Congress legalized the use of propaganda against the American people in an amendment to the NDAA called The Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2012” (H.R. 5736).  By doing this, they have blatantly showed their hand.  They have proven that they do not believe we can be trusted with the truth.

“When one with honeyed words but evil mind, persuades the mob, great woes befall the state.”

~ Euripides ~

Expect to see things evolve quickly from here on out.   We are under threat of being disarmed through the United Nations Small Arms Treaty discussions.  The Constitution is under constant siege by one Executive Order after another.  The country is economically devastated, unemployment is at record-setting levels and prices for necessities are rising every week.

There is a strong potential in restless times to regain control through a false flag event,designed to pull the people of the nation together towards a common goal through fear and horror.  This was exactly the purpose of the actions on 9/11, which devastated so many families and brought us the unPatriot Act.

The wheels are in motion for a hostile takeover of the free world.  Our awareness of this, while helping to prepare us for the fight ahead, also paints a big red target on our foreheads.  When a country no longer trusts its leadership or its information outlets there is no possible outcome that is peaceful.

When Evil is brought out to the light and recognized for what it is, the stealth attack is over.  The bonds of secrecy no longer apply. Evil has been outed and we are about to see an explosion of tyranny that will be shocking in its swift brutality when the “Powers That Be” seek to squelch the blossoming awakening and subsequent rebellion.

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Contributed by Daisy Luther of Inalienably Yours.

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