The Disturbing Navy Seal Wargames That Nobody Is Talking About

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Did you know that the Navy SEALs just started a series of wargames that will take place in dozens of locations all over the coastline of Washington State, and will go on for at least another 2 years? I didn’t hear about it until recently. Unlike the notorious Jade Helm exercise, which was widely reported by both alternative and mainstream news sources, this operation has received very little attention since it started on January 14th, and virtually no attention before it began.

There’s a shocking reason why there has been so little awareness about these training exercises. The operation was first reported by Dahr Jamail from, and only because an unnamed source leaked it to him. All the documents surrounding these wargames were labeled by the Navy, in such a way that no FOIA request would ever discover them.  No public notice was given, and no relevant government agency was alerted at the local, state, or federal level.

Obviously, the Navy SEAls are a very secretive organization, but given the nature of these training exercises, you’d think it would be prudent to at least alert local police departments. The SEALs will be equipped with simulated weapons, and they will be popping up in state and national parks, residential areas, tribal lands, beaches and marinas, with little regard towards public perception and awareness and without alerting any of the officials that run these public areas. As many of these officials have since pointed out, this is actually illegal to do without consulting them.

Could you imagine what this would be like if you lived in the area? What would you think if you were walking through a park or looking out your front window, and you saw special operators with guns creeping around? I know the Navy SEALs are sneaky as hell, but they’re not invisible. They’re bound to run into frightened and unaware civilians at some point. Unfortunately, that’s probably the whole point of these training exercises. In a recent interview with, Dahr Jamail explained how this operation is designed to interact with civilians.

It’s really, really troubling. Not only are they just disregarding the federal law. They basically are actively finding ways to completely subvert it, and then that would allow them to do what they were poised to do, which is conduct what they call realistic military trainings where—And this is why I say in the title of the piece the Navy uses U.S. citizens as pawns in domestic war games.

I mean that quite literally because by the Navy’s own documents that we published—and they’re online right now for folks to check out—they talk about using U.S. citizens as a way of training their soldiers to say, hey, these could be terrorists. We don’t know the people you might run into during these war game exercises. So, they’re literally using U.S. citizens as pawns to train their soldiers how to react in certain ways.

They’re not carrying weapons with live ammunition in them, but nevertheless, this is a very, very disconcerting step, where they are actively using U.S. citizens in their war games without our consent, without even our knowledge, and certainly without any advanced notification of what they are going to be doing. And then this sets up a situation, where literally you will have Navy SEALs swimming in teams through marinas where people are living on boats. They’re not going to know what’s happening. They’re not going to know who these people are.

You’re going to have Navy SEALs going through residential neighborhoods potentially in the middle of the night with simulated weapons, going through state park and hiking trails at night during the day with simulated weapons, some times even carrying out active war gaming exercises. Needless to say, you don’t have to use a lot of imagination to see the potential for disaster, for someone being shot, for someone else getting afraid and pulling a gun on these people, since we live in such a heavily weaponized country that the potential for accidents is very high—not even to speak of just basic civil rights and civil liberties that are going to be infringed upon by these exercises.

Much like Jade Helm, providing real world training for our military personnel is only one small part of this mission. The real overarching objective is to acclimate our soldiers, sailors, and marines to the idea that one day, they may be ordered to use their skills against Americans. And it goes both ways of course. These training exercises are designed to acclimate the American public to a constant military presence, in all the places where that would have previously been unheard of.

Though this operation is smaller in scope compared to Jade Helm, it’s another step forward in our government’s goal to get everyone used to living in a military police state. With Jade Helm, everyone knew it was coming. Now they want you to feel like it’s perfectly normal to see troops on the streets without notice.

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54 thoughts on “The Disturbing Navy Seal Wargames That Nobody Is Talking About”

  1. So basically people in those areas of alleged training have a high potential of becoming collateral damage, don’t think they won’t shoot real bullets. If this is illegal who will stop them? It is like these folks in the military completely disregard the fact they are American’s like the rest of us. I used to think the military would never shoot at Americans but that opinion has changed…Bizarre times we live in

    1. Wrong they are asked if they would shoot americans those that give the wrong answer are purged. Best thing that could come from this is they run up unexpected on some armed citizens who fire first and ask questions later. The president who is instigating this horeshit needs to be arrested where are you loyal oath keepers?

      1. In Coastal Washington State? ROFLMAO. The Sheeples prefer Starbuck’s Lattes to Gunz.
        Seals are being “set up” IMO; like the TWO helicopter disasters in Afghanistan, expendable. In WA State a political press msm defeat of “terrorizing the poor sheeples”.

    2. The US Armed Forces….Shooting Americans since the Whisky Rebellion! You need to read your history. Damn Yankees shot at great great gramps in the 6th Virginia Infantry Northern Army of Virginia for 4 years.Fredericksburg,Chancellorsville,Malvern Hill,Gettysburg holding the Regimental colors and never hit him once!

      1. Oh I have read my history but I still hold some hope, unfortunate truth they will shoot and kill us in a minute. Sad thing is they are us and we are them. Nothing more than predator and prey

        1. Military is less likely than the Obamy’s 250,000 strong Feral Civilian Polezi force……..
          I suspect posters with locked profiles… the NSA isn’t able to see everything.
          agent provocateur perhaps?

  2. Ok then, they should have NO problem then if we should engage them, and come up behind them very quietly and stealthily,and place a rifle barrel at the back of their ear! “Click click, you would have been dead”!
    They wouldn’t like it? Awww, too bad! If they’re going to regard us as the enemy, what can they reasonably expect!?
    This crap has gone too far, and now they’re breaking the law with no regard for the constitution, or any other law for that matter.
    Folks, the scenario I touched upon WILL happen someday soon, and God knows what else they have in store for we subjects of the new communist states of AmeriKa.

      1. People are SURPRISINGLY easy to approach from the flank or the rear, especially people that are used to being bad asses.
        I am getting older now but I still “play” war games at times with close friends, as one never knows when one will need to use such skills.

        1. I know that these guys are sneaking around and doing their exercises without having followed the law or letting the proper local authorities know what’s going on, but what if the SEALs were told to do it and they don’t know that local authorities are unaware of them? For all we know they may think that this has all been arranged properly when in fact it hasn’t.
          I’m just suggesting that maybe the higher up military personnel are the bad guys and the SEALs are completely unaware of it. It is common practice for them to train in areas like this and they might believe that it has all been arranged properly.
          I don’t disagree with you, I’m just suggesting another angle to look at it from.

          1. Yes, that may well be, but it won’t help the person who takes fright when going downstairs for a glass of milk in the middle of the night, and seeing some combat weirdo creeping around the garden. Next thing Bam! Bam! and who will get the blame…?

          2. I know, you’re right, they shouldn’t be doing exercises like this in populated areas, but that could happen whether they tell local authorities or not. What they should do is train in a remote area where they won’t encounter civilians.
            Whatever their reasons for doing it around people is, it could definitely result in a tragedy. And of course it will be blamed on the civilian.

  3. Just for a minute, consider that the terrain of the proposed training areas is very, very similar to the coastal terrain of……North Korea. The NK coastline is wooded and mountainous and the water temperature of the Pacific Ocean is notably colder than the Atlantic – because of its depth and overall volume. The areas designated for training operations are mostly public (Federal, State, etc.) and this is nothing new for the Navy to use these areas for field training. So, instead of just ASS-U-ME(ing) that this is a preparatory exercise for “invading” America and further solidifying the “police state” that is continuing to develop, consider that USSOCOM may be conducting practical training for operations on another continent. Just sayin’.

    1. You MAY be correct Frank. If so, then they should follow legal protocol and notify the proper authorities of their plans so no risky or dangerous misunderstandings occur. PERIOD.

      1. How do you know they haven’t informed anyone? Military are not the only ones who know how to keep a secret. Civilian authorities could have been notified without telling the masses. Government does a whole lot of things behind our backs without telling us. Feds as well as civilian.

    2. Just for a moment, consider that if they were operating legally, they’d have informed the local “authorities” as required by law.

      Nice try, shill.

      1. Nice to know that you haven’t out-grown the playground name-calling, Rev.
        How do YOU know that they haven’t?
        There is nothing unusual about this activity by the Navy in this particular area except for the fact that they’ve included the possibility that SEALs may be seen in neighborhoods. And, BTW, the Parks managers/officials work closely with the military (all branches) and have for quite some time.
        Being informed and knowledgeable about what I’m talking about doesn’t make me a Shill. Maybe you should get better informed and stop the shallow and ill-informed blabber.

        1. Did you read the article?

          “All the documents surrounding these wargames were labeled by the Navy, in such a way that no FOIA request would ever discover them. No public notice was given, and no relevant government agency was alerted at the local, state, or federal level.”

          1. I know – if you’re literate – you might learn something! Can’t have that in the modern world. . .

          2. You certainly won’t learn anything by reading the editorials in the Cody Enterprise, my local “newspaper”:


      2. ..and who gave America the right to invade yet another country? And you wonder why the world is so determined to arm themselves with nukes!

    3. If they will not follow the law in doing this, then it isn’t wise to assume that they’re following all the other laws but this law.

      The patriot always mistrusts the government even when they follow the laws. When they don’t follow the laws and use the people as tools, well, they need to learn a lesson.

  4. We must ask ourselves-when does a trend become a threat? Nothing un-Constitutional should be regarded as anything less than threatening. It would be wise for all of us to keep our heads on a swivel.

  5. If they consider us to be the enemy, then THEY will need to become conditioned to be treated as hostiles in country … THEY will become the collateral damage. They may be stealthy, but not invisible and remember, there are many like them now in civilian life that STILL possess the same skills they are training for … !

  6. The Muslim Kenyan traitor must be removed now. No last year in office no pention no secret service protection only a filthy jail cell for life

    1. You all really have to wake up. Don’t you think they are aware that this administration wants to cull them from the herd? What about the mountains of Afghanistan where Seal Team 6 was shot out of the sky by the Taliban! That was a set up. Go on a mission in a Viet-Nam era Chinook helicopter with no gunship support and guess what all of a sudden there was a Muslim Imam there to say a few words over their dead bodies. Obama don’t want these hero’s around any more than the Taliban or Isis does. That goes for Benghazi too, they were no longer in the military, but they were Seals just the same.

      1. Yer right about the Chinook disaster, not only were they not supposed to be on it, the whole team is never supposed to be on one bird. And worse, there were survivors that were done away with. It was about the bin laden raid,it was a hoax.

  7. “’s another step forward in our government’s goal to get everyone used to living in a military police state. With Jade Helm, everyone knew it was coming. Now they want you to feel like it’s perfectly normal to see troops on the streets without notice.”
    Happening all over the West. Britain has armed police on the streets, surveillance cameras on almost every significant street corner, and a constant propaganda narrative of ‘Phew! Thank heaven’s we are watching over you!’
    Meanwhile, we never needed watching over before. Just like David Icke predicted 30 years ago. In fact, it was DI who first got me thinking about who is doing what and why.

  8. I understand that the training going on is more for crowd control. obama is planning something for us that isn’t going to be pretty.

  9. Coastal Washington State………demographics please? Liberal, anti gun ProgreSSives. Sheeple in other words seeing (USN Seals) bearded?, wearing camo, face paint, carrying GunZ!!!! = OMG, MILITIA!!!!
    What is happening in OR? GunZ!!!! and MILITIA, and being more closely followed on local Newz too.
    The Seals are just doing as ordered,(hopefully) a training exercise, and not involved in the over riding propaganda pogrom.
    Just my paranoid opinion, comrades. LOL.

  10. Don’t you guys see how you are feeding off of this post? All the ignorant comments I see based on what this kind of media tells you. Your kind preaches about how bad mainstream media is, but you latch onto this kind no problem. Hypocrites. Half the info in this article is not true or exaggerated. They are not going to “treat civilians like prisoners” that’s the most ridiculous BS I’ve ever heard. The SEALs and other special forces have been going on private, public, or whatever land for their training since their inception. Read some of Don Shipley’s old SEAL stories off his website Same with “Delta Force” whose training pipeline includes rucking around the Appalachian mountains on private, public, whatever land for months. After BUD/S, guys in the SEAL training pipeline do land navigation in a lot of places close to national parks and such. I know a guy who was stopping for a snack in the bushes during an exercise, and some person dropped their pants a little off the trail and took a dump near him. This has been going on for decades and it’s necessary for them to polish their skills and protect you and me. Wake yourselves up! You may have pulled your heads out of the mainstreams ass but you stuck it into another one. Try to make a real difference instead of feeding of hate and lies off the internet. You can’t trust ANY media anymore.

  11. I have no problem with the boy’s playing wargames … I hunt deer with a crossbow on the ground… stalking within 10-20 yards… now that’s being invisible… 🙂

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