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The Challenges Facing Humanity: Interview With Zen Gardner

The Liberty Brothers discuss geoengineering, the global elite, psyops, and mainstream media propaganda with Zen Gardner.

Agenda 21

The Challenges Facing Humanity: Interview With Zen Gardner


As we have outlined numerous times on-air and in print, we are truly being attacked from seemingly every direction by those who would seek to rule over us. It doesn’t matter which institution that you reference, the global planners seem to have sunk their claws into its very fiber, and operate it like some kind of evil puppeteer.

Unless you are a newbie in the arena of Alternative Media, you have likely heard of Zen Gardner. Zen is a prolific writer whose insights and energy are second to none when it comes to analyzing the challenges facing humanity; and we were delighted, as always, to have Zen accept our invitation to be a guest on The Liberty Brothers Radio Show.

Like ourselves, Zen has a burning desire to awaken the population and enlighten them on the challenges facing humanity, so we got right down to business. We opened with the topic of geoengineering, something that we have covered numerous times on our broadcast. You can listen to those interviews here, here, or here.

Moving on, we cover the evil global elite and their end-time agenda. What do they really have in-store for humanity? And, on a topic that we have also covered in the past, what is the possibility of some type of inter-dimensional influence on our planet by an alien, off-world species?

Coming back to earth, we move on to cover the topic of truth, its essence, and the diminishing influence of the mainstream media propaganda machine. In that same vein, we then discuss the constant threat of Psychological Operations being perpetrated on the populace; and the race for awakening that is ongoing, and is really the key to most everything.

Zen has been a guest on our broadcast before (here and here), but the feedback we’re getting so far is that this is Zen’s best interview with us to date.

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Contributed by Jim White of The Liberty Brothers Radio Show.


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