Surviving Martial Law

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The definition of martial law is simple: The suspension of The Constitution.

Once the administration decides that the people are almost at the point of rioting, the troops will hit the streets.

There are many things that will happen quickly once martial law is declared. The order may vary, but it will all most likely start with a curfew. Confiscations of firearms, ammunition, and supplies will most likely follow, with the summary arrest or execution of anyone who resists. Relocations, ‘for public safety’ reasons will be voluntary for those who don’t know any better, and enforced for those who have attracted the attention of the authorities.

There will be nowhere near enough FEMA camps for the whole population, so make sure you are one of the ones left behind, make sure you are the grey man with the grey family who gives the military no cause for concern. You will not be in the entitlements group who are rounded up to prevent them rioting when their money isn’t paid, and you should not be in the ‘dangerous’ group who most likely won’t even make it to the camp.

For most of us the initial urge is to come out fighting, but if you have family with you this is likely to have a bad outcome for all concerned. The announcement that martial law has been declared will only come AFTER the jackboots are in position and ready to act. There will most likely be little chance to get out before the doorbell rings.

If there is an advance warning, or if watching the way things are going you are pretty convinced martial law is coming very soon, leave. A pre-prepared bug out location is the best choice, but moving in with other likeminded individuals will give you a better chance than going it alone in a town full of sheeple.

If you can’t get out at that point, you have no choice but to stay put.

So how do you prepare to survive such a situation?

  • Well, firstly, from this day forward say nothing about your views, your opinions or your preps to anyone in your area unless they are a part of your prepping group. You will be amazed how fast people will spill their guts to the authorities in order to ingratiate themselves and maybe get an easier life as a result.
  • Even though the military are in control, you should not assume that others, those previously in authority, no longer have any influence. The chances are they do. No body that represents any form of authority, past or present, should be trusted.
  • Even if your preps are kept at home they should be hidden well enough to go undetected by the first and even second sweep of your home that the military will conduct. Every home varies in its construction so there are no hard and fast rules but think carefully and act accordingly. Consider caches underground on your property, preferably in areas where disturbed ground is not suspicious. In urban and suburban environments under flower beds would be a viable position. If you have acreage then be careful to keep the ‘lay of the land’ as differences will be noticed. All goods should be stored with avoiding sniffer dogs and metal detectors in mind.
  • When the military does drop by, hide your contempt. This may go against the grain, but the survival of you and your family is your number one priority. Ask a few questions but not too many. You need to be the grey man, totally unmemorable. Nothing you say or do, nothing about the way you look should make you memorable. Keep a cheap weapon and a few rounds to handover for when you are asked to hand over your weapons. You should have ‘bills of sale’ for all other weapons…get creative, computers are wonderful things.
  • Be a smart prepper: Starting today, pay cash for arms, ammunition and bulk food buys. Plastic is traceable and don’t think they won’t have information on all those who are armed to the teeth and buying Mountain House like it’s going out of fashion…they will.
  • Make a point in getting to know your environment, I mean really getting to know it. Know where the CCTV cameras are and routes you can use to avoid them. Take note of which neighbors are left behind – are any of them known preppers? Are there any of them that are like you, who are ‘playing the game’ in order to avoid detention? Make a mental note of the times your neighbours cook their rations. Using stored food to make meals will be less noticeable when others are producing cooking smells as well.
  • Make sure you turn up for any food and/or water hand outs. Not doing so would mark you out from the rest of the people left behind. You should also turn up at any meeting when instructed to do so. Again, nothing should mark you out as being different.
  • Once the area has ‘stabilized’ and no one there is considered a threat the military will move on. There is nowhere near enough of them to keep martial law in all areas at once. With Chuck Hagel announcing today that the military is facing deep cuts in staffing levels they will be even thinner on the ground than previously expected.
  • When they have moved on it’s time to make the decision as to whether you stay or go. At this point, unless you have clear intelligence on exactly where the military are, you may find it better to survive in place than to move your family though possibly occupied areas. Once the initial shock has worn off, a resistance movement will be forming in some areas. Stay away from those that are disorganized and have no definite goals or aims. You would do better alone than with a disorganized and ill equipped bunch of renegades.
  • Consider alternative means of communications. Ham radio, CB, whatever you can get. Keep a list of frequencies and contacts apart from your equipment. If you have no contacts so be it, you will have to ‘cruise’ the airwaves in short bursts to establish contact in the future.

Other things to consider

The American people are disatisfied with many aspects of their lives but not to the point where they will be willing, or even able to step out of their comfort zone and take their country back.

Most pople will do almost anything to maintain a semblance of ‘normal’ life, even if that life has to be under martial law. Any thoughts you have of resistance will depend on the group you are with, the knowledge base within that group, and the connections they have to other like minded groups.

As much as it sticks in my throat to say it, unless we are part of a well formed survival group, the time has come to stop wearing our hearts on our sleeves and sporting bumper stickers that declare we are members of the NRA.

The time has come to buy guns and ammo for cash at shows some distance from our homes.

The time has come to quietly slip from the radar screen of government control.

The time has come to become a grey man, that unmemorable soul that passes by un-noticed.

While talk of organized groups and resistance bolsters our passion for freedom, we have to face the fact that when the time comes most of us will be alone with our families and the only people we will be able to rely on is ourselves.

You can start that now by getting into your role, by slipping of the government radar screen as much as possible in your situation. It takes practice to go un-noticed, it’s not something we usually have to do, but then again martial law is not something we have had to think about much in the past.

If you are lucky enough to be in touch with other patriots, consider contacting them from an internet cafe rather than on your home computer. Buy a few cheap pay as you go cell phones rather than use a contract one. Use different phones when contacting your group, and have spare sim cards so you can swap them around, it makes tracing the calls more difficult.

Resistance takes many forms, and by not letting them con you into thinking they are there for your benefit you are by definition resisting.

By surviving and thriving you are resisting.

By living to fight another day, you are resisting.

They may be able to control your surroundings, but by not letting them control your mind and actions, you are resisting.

By disconnecting as far as possible from the system, you are resisting and by caching weapons and ammunition for future use, you are resisting.

Many thousands of people will be resisting just like you are, knowing where at least some of them are before an event will make it far easier to hook up with them at a later date.

Having the support of like minded individuals should not be underestimated, and knowing that you are not in a position to get to them, or for them to get to you should not deter you from making contact and keeping in touch now, while you still can.

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34 thoughts on “Surviving Martial Law”

  1. Constitution has been suspended since 1871. More precisely, the Act of 1871. Ole ‘honest Abe’ was a sellout to the bankers, and America has been paying thru the intestines ever since.

  2. People who come trying to confiscate weapons or to put folks on FEMA buses may not come home. I have heard thru the grapevine that many home entry points are booby trapped with gasoline and propane bombs and things like that. Sure would be awful if something went “boom” and they all suddenly ceased to exist….yep….just awful.

    1. did ya’ll just see what happened in the Ukraine … GovForces took an ass beating… like the pics of the guy using the slingshot to hurl gas bombs @ the troopies… & all them cops held hostage…

  3. “surviving” How about preventing?
    Start with ousting the fraud Obama along with all his enablers like Pelosi, Holder, Boehner, and 90% of congress.

  4. Don’t really think my property (preps) would remain undetected by government searches, especially the livestock and poultry. Looters, even if sent by the government will not be treated kindly.

  5. I’m not gonna Rambo it, but I’m NOT going without a fight. And if you think Barry Obama is bad, wait til Hitllary gets in the house.

  6. I agree Mike. I’m 60 years old and they can kiss my ass; I may leave in a body bag but guess what? I’m not going to be the only one leaving in a body bag. Fuck them cock suckers!

  7. Survival by compliance is just another way of granting the usurpers legitimacy. Authoritarian regimes do not exist without being granted legitimacy by either a silent majority (those who would trade freedom for security) or an influential minority (lobbyists, military industrial complex, corrupt financial oligarchs, international organizations).

    The constitution itself grants the right to everything that martial law would forbid.

  8. Pretty sure those in the military “ranks” that would take on such a task (if asked to) would not particularly like the idea of while they are away collecting firearms and rounding up people……their OWN family and loved ones are left behind…..unprotected. There would surely be a consequence to that if there were a Hatfield/McCoy issue between the government and it’s people.

    1. Ah, but the cops’ll be told that they must bring their families to the fema camp to keep them safe from the public. Once they do that they can make the cops do anything.

  9. Handing over a cheap firearm when they come to call never works. Can’t believe this is still suggested. They are coming into your home to rip it apart and they will find all your firearms then leave you a bloody pulp laying on the floor. Don’t fall for this stupidity. To wait for a knock on the door is sure death. If you know they are trolling your neighborhood for guns it’s time to meet them out in the open and take at least one of these goons with you. The odds of being a sheep and getting through this on your bellies is very slim and distasteful to many. No one here gets out alive anyway.

    1. Gotta agree with you, except for the meeting them out in the open part, we are blessed with some woods around here. Nice pic of Zappa.

      1. Lucky you living in open spaces. It’s us poor city dwellers that need a strategy. Let’s keep the memory of FZ alive. Cheers bro!

  10. I don’t think it will be troops but the local “law enforcement”, that is why they are killing/torturing the citizens with impunity as we type in most jurisdictions in America to include many small departments now. The globalist took over our courts to include the SCOUS. Why else would the Chief traitor Justice himself flip the court for Obamacare breaking all established court norms of procedure: A jurist can only decide a case by the evidence put forth at the trial; the government put forth that the law as NOT A TAX as the defendants were auguring it was and unconstitutional. He rules it is a tax against the government’s position that it was not in order to award the government with the ruling! White in Black, Black is White!

  11. Why do people think our military will blindly follow some kind of disarmament / socialist agenda? They’re the friggin’ least likely and most patriotic of everybody?! Maybe some units somewhere would acquiesce, but I’d hazard the vast majority would be siding with the populace on something like this. Thanks for your service sir. Alarmists make me crazy.

  12. The Constitution is a “contract” between the government and the people. In realistic terms they’ve already broken it. If a suspension was actually called out…. the contract is null and void.

    We are not taking them down because at least “we” have morals and decency. I already know that “they’re” the enemy. Drop The Constitution and it’s pretty much fair game. If the people are targeted, that should be flipped 180 degrees also. The power has always been in the numbers. Suspension should expose the lies for even the most brainwashed. By that time, most folks 401K’s and IRA’s would be gone anyway. I’m getting robbed NOW… I certainly won’t stand by while everything I own is stolen from me.

    As far as staying off “The List”…. forget it. You’re already checked off.

    Take this for what it is…. your “government ” IS NOT yours. When they come for me…. I’ll be coming for them.

  13. Good to know. Knew there were probably more anti-constitutional folks than previously, but half’s not toooo bad. Due to my geographic location, I imagine they’d be wise to side with the local general populace. (guns per capita = quite high)

  14. This author is a coward and insensible. Since when did Americans decide that not fighting tyranny is a preferred alternative? This author is articulating the very thing Martin Niemoller advised against during the Nazi era in Germany. Niemoller was lamenting the fact he did not speak out when they came for everybody else. Chris Carrington is an idiot you should not listen to at all. He is wrong. Under his system and if you are lucky, you may be the last surviving free American in the country, when they finally come around to extinguish your life. Carrington should be ashamed of himself. Carrington’s advice is the advice of the NWO and a cowardly sheeple himself.

    1. Martin Niemoller:

      “First they came for the Communists,and I didn’t speak up, because I wasn’t a Communist.
      Then they came for the Jews, and I didn’t speak up,
      because I wasn’t a Jew.
      Then they came for the Catholics, and I didn’t speak up, because I was a Protestant.
      Then they came for me, and by that time there was no one left to speak up for me.”

  15. Where were all these warriors when they (under a lone man pretext) shut Boston down? The other side is not stupid either, they test the waters.

  16. The original 13th amendment, still in effect, does not allow Godless, Puke, Barfstains on America called attorneys to hold office or be a citizen of the states united. ALL LAWS THEY HAVE PASSED ARE PUKE. ABSOLUTELY NULL AND VOID

  17. The problem with this is that you may be on their terrorist watchlist and not know it. Post things anti-current-government? I betcha’ that awards you a spot on the list.

    If you haven’t already been that ‘gray man’, then you are in for a world of hurt. If you have spoken up for the rights of American people, then you will be shot or detained and later cooked.

    This scenario will ONLY work if you have, in fact, been a quiet person the entire time. Why do you think they have been data-mining everyone? Why do you think Facebook and the government are in it together?

    They did that so that they KNOW exactly who is with them and who is against them. As Bush said: “You’re either with us, or you’re against us.” That’s exactly how they will see it.

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