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Staged Disaster Looms

Just look at this staged insanity. After all, anticipation magnifies the desired response, and how convenient to have the perpetrators already identified.

Controlling the Herd

Staged Disaster Looms


You have to shake your head and almost laugh at this staged shutdown taking place and all the fear mongering going on. As we know, this is all done by the same sociopaths itching to pull off the next false flag to bump their program into the next gear. They apparently figure, why not prepare ahead of time for the new hyper-draconian measures they’ll mandate in the wake of some horrific new false flag event, or events?

Just look at this staged insanity. After all, anticipation magnifies the desired response, and how convenient to have the perpetrators already identified.

Fears terrorists will target planes with computer and human bombs

Heightened airport security after US terror warning could lead to summer of chaos for holidaymakers

Terrorists are plotting to use new stealth bombs in laptops and even humans to bring down a US-bound passenger plane, it is feared.

Airport security was increased across the UK, US and other countries amid fears al-Qaeda bomb experts have successfully designed a new explosive that can bypass current checks.

They are believed to be targeting the thousands of Western Jihadists fighting in Syria and Iraq as would-be suicide bombers.

The threat, which originated from US intelligence, had an immediate impact at British airports where passengers were subjected to more stringent and rigorous security checks. Source

Note “western Jihadists”. While it’s true there are US/NATO/Mossad operatives posing as Islamic separatists, that they have suddenly multiplied into this sophisticated army poised to attack the west is a total, fabricated myth. For a purpose.

9/11 Redux – Reinforcing the Meme

The driving force and motives behind all of this are painfully clear.

1. People of the West are tired of war and they need a new incentive, much like PNACs outline for needed popular justification to massively militarize and invade the Middle East via a “new pearl harbor” event and hence 9/11. They need to “re-energize their base and get their minds off of domestic troubles.

2. The wake up is hitting critical mass. The truth about 9/11 and these concocted, engineered wars has been blown wide open on a massive scale and they want to put that fire out. Nothing better than creating a bigger one, or several events, to reinforce the story that the first one was no “hoax” as “certainly the government wouldn’t nuke one of its own cities”, or whatever demonic scheme or schemes they have in the cooker. This is why the Pentagon was one of the 9/11 targets, even though the missile hit the only recently reinforced section of the exterior wall while also conveniently taking out those investigating the trillions in “lost” money announced on the eve of 9/11 by Donald Rumsfeld.

3. This in turn justifies the government going after those who’ve opposed this projected narrative – and with a measure of popular approval. “If this new attack is clearly in no way government perpetrated, then those conspiracy kooks deserve to be locked up as enemies..” sort of thing. Unfortunately, in times of chaos, confusion and fear, however induced, this is how humanity is often swayed.

4. “Naming the Enemy” so you’ll know ahead of time. The extremely sudden advent of this ISIS movement appears almost as an act of desperation on the conspirators’ part, although it’s clear this was planned for some time. Al Qaida has been outed as an arm of the US and has changed sides so often recently that something needed to be rebranded. And boom, along comes ISIS; bigger badder and apparently so suddenly financed and sophisticated they’re able to control aircraft and infiltrate anywhere at will.

Sound familiar? Only this time is in a big hurry.  Apparently things haven’t gone as smoothly as they would have liked. Expect a lot of mistakes to be clearly noticeable as they move at this frantic rate. Hence the draconian clampdown on media, communications (coming) and personal movement.

New Heights of Fascist Hubris and Hypocrisy

While normal, documented travelers are being grilled, intimidated, searched, surveilled and irradiated, the overland borders of the west have never been so porous for illegal immigration. In fact, the Federal Government in the US is deliberately encouraging, allowing and shipping thousands of immigrants all over the country, even housing them in military installations, no questions asked.

Is anybody paying attention? Apparently seeing the big picture has become so ghastly that no one dares to look.

The disintegration of a once proud people is well under way, while at the same time there apparently is a need to militarily and technologically control those very same people being undermined to make sure nothing goes wrong. Sound like a fascist takeover of a force they fear? Perhaps an intelligent, informed and awakening populace is what they fear the most.

And it is. America is in the process of an engineered meltdown, and in a hurry. Too many forces are converging right now for this waiting for something catastrophic to last much longer. That’s not to breed fear, but awareness…and preparation.

The Ominous Month of July

Most astute researchers and awake observers see this current month of July as a very dangerous one. Economically, geopolitically and domestically. While the US stock market soars to ward off any public distrust in the current system and keep the mainstream intoxicated, manipulators behind the scenes are poised to pull the plug at any time.

Just listen to how many times IMF/Rothschild spokesperson Christine Lagarde mentions the word “reset” in this recent talk. A very clever way of letting others know the whole game is about to be changed, with a centralized global power at the helm. (Skip the intro, but notice how vague this woman is, never mind over the charts abject arrogant, as she is in every speech, being the globalist propaganda mouthpiece that she is. But pushing “reset” is clearly her mission. Watch for “rebalancing” as a buzzword as well.)

Video HERE if you care to endure it.

In addition to all that forecasting, here she is giving seeming occult clues as to when this reset is to take place (recently posted on my site):

In addition, the patriotic frenzy of July 4th is an emotion they would love to direct, for their clear purpose. Fear, animosity for an alien enemy, insecurity and the rest. I’ll be surprised if they don’t take advantage of such an opportunity on such a pregnant year, as sad as they may seem.

We must be wise.

What To Do

Get your money out of the bank and into safe instruments. There will be a bank “holiday” soon, after which withdrawals will be next to impossible and only on their terms. The more independent you can be from this matrix of deceit the better.

Live somewhere safe, or at least prepare with supplies of any sort. When the breakdown happens you’ll be confined to your home, that’s what happens.

Prepare others. While this may seem alarmist, “better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it.”

Remain consciously awake and aware. Times of serious societal stress are hard to endure – it’s not just you, but those around you that are responding, so it’s a world of its own.

Being prepared is a state of mind and heart, as well as action.

Don’t delay.

Much love, Zen


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Contributed by Zen Gardner of Just Wondering.


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