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Solutions for Peace and Freedom During an Engineered Apocalypse

This control system requires dependence from the population; we must, therefore, do all we can to reduce our need to ever ask for help from their institutions, and render our would-be controllers impotent.

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Solutions for Peace and Freedom During an Engineered Apocalypse


by Nicholas West and Zen Gardner

Once we are alert to the machinations of the elite overlords as highlighted in our previous article, Is the New Madrid Mega Quake Being Engineered? we can then devise our own plans for preparation and eliminate the fear that they require for our subservience. By no means is this possible mega-calamity the only challenge we face. We are being hit with the full-spectrum domination mentioned in myriad publications by the proponents of a so-called New World Order.

This control system requires dependence from the population; we must, therefore, do all we can to reduce our need to ever ask for help from their institutions, and render our would-be controllers impotent.

Our first priority of course is breaking out of and remaining free from their mental and spiritual entrainment. If your mind and spirit are contained and controlled as their entire matrix of deceit is designed to do, dependence on their enslaving institutions is assured. Maintaining a high level of loving, conscious awareness and encouraging the same in others is the driving force that keeps us free to make wise decisions and live in peace in these times of increasing crises.

Here are 4 key practical areas where we can help ourselves, our families, and our neighbors break free from the stranglehold of those who benefit from crises manufactured or real.

It all comes down to self-sufficiency . . . .


Of all the scams, the worldwide banking system is one of the most mind-boggling. Once you “buy into it” you’re already ensnared, and it’s either eat, or be eaten. That’s their design. Never mind the entire false premise of fiat money and the debt system — vast amounts of this illusory “currency” get shifted every micro-second in a wave of deceit and piracy. If we are to break free of our engineered financial shackles we must develop and promote competing currencies and barter systems. They are already trying to imprison people for doing just that, which is a sure sign that it is an Achilles Heel. They can’t lock up everyone, so get started now developing your own private currency, supporting state-owned banks, and discussing alternatives to The Federal Reserve fiat system. Completely throwing out the bankers, jailing those responsible for the collapse, and forgiving fraudulent debt might not be as feasible as it was in Iceland, but we shouldn’t stop entertaining the possibility.

Until that time, we can take some lessons from other areas which already are experiencing the economic collapse looming in America’s future. In the wake of their pillaging by international financiers, Greeks who have realized that protesting is likely to bring little relief have begun to implement barter systems to meet their local community needs. Through a combination of decentralization from the Euro, free markets, local cooperation, and the creation of a new currency based on productivity, markets like this one in Volos are leading the charge to a restoration of the principles that build truly sustainable economies.

A similar rebellion against austerity-induced servitude by elite overlords is taking place in Spain as a means to combat a loss in the standard of living through inflation and outright theft by global banksters.

Americans would do well to learn from the truly revolutionary actions taken by individuals in deliberately collapsed countries, because if global (mis)managers have their way, a similar scenario is guaranteed to unfold in the United States.

Food and Water 

This is the second main method of control the world over. Globalists employ the IMF to literally use food as a weapon, which is exactly what was proposed in State Department Memorandum 200 from 1974 where Henry Kissinger addresses much of what we see happening across the globe in the present day. Food inflation already has begun in earnest, while environmental destruction is impacting food and water quality planet-wide. Agenda 21 is impacting local communities with long-standing family businesses being shut down. Now is the time to become fully self-sufficient.

By all means begin by filtering your water at the very least; the global water supply is running short and that which still is available is highly contaminated with industrial run-off, pesticides and worse, among them pharmaceuticals, heavy metals and fluoride. If possible, find a local supply of fresh water. You can do this at findaspring.com, a user database of natural springs around the world.

It is never too late to learn off-the-grid food production methods such as aquaponics and permaculture. We must build our communities from the food up, rather than from government down. If you find that food growing is simply not possible, then learn where your local growers are so that you can support the strength of the community that can help you best in times of crisis.

Shelter and Skills

Much has been made of the massive rise in doomsday bunker purchases, as well as purchases to enter self-sustaining underground communities. This path is certainly not for everyone, as the most serious disasters like a mega quake across New Madrid could last for an indeterminate length of time.

Perhaps a better path is to stay mobile, rather than fixed. It is sad that many people have lost their permanent homes during the financial collapse; however, for those in such a position you might just be best suited toward survival. The ability to pick up and go has proven to be important as the fallout from the Fukushima disaster has circled the globe. There is always someplace safe; it is important to identify where that is and be prepared to move when necessary.

Densely populated metropolitan areas most likely aren’t going to be safe so that should be taken into consideration. Also, if your entire nation has become inhospitable you might want to consider other countries. It’s a big world and there are many places way more sane than the United States for example, if you can find a way to make it work.

Rather than “running for one’s life” as a cowardly act, this should be viewed as running toward better opportunities when presented with adversity beyond one’s control.

All true survivalism depends on one’s ability to physically adapt, then to have the mental fortitude to make the best from unfortunate circumstances.

Some key areas of focus are radiation protection, plug-in scalar technology, orgonite and EMP protection.


We saved the best survival tactic for last. Ironically, the pooling of resources is the single most effective and inexpensive strategy to ensure your own independence. Disaster preparation can seem like an overwhelming task to take on single-handedly — much better to befriend people who are already skilled (and well-stocked) in certain areas. Every community already has people well-trained in mechanics, craftsmanship, food production, and tactical weapons. Rather than try the nearly impossible task of gaining skills in all of these areas, offer your current skills, property, or ideas to other key people and strategize about what-if scenarios.

Just such a project has been started in New Hampshire. The Free State project is a recruitment for liberty-loving people to move to New Hampshire. You can read their statement of intent to decide if this might be the path for you. Also take a look at the Safe Haven States Project initiated by Brandon Smith from Alt-Market and Stewart Rhodes from Oathkeepers. These are just two examples of concrete plans for people to connect with other like-minded individuals and carry out shared goals. This erases the feeling of being alone, which leads so many people to inaction as they see their current neighbors turn a blind-eye to the problems we have outlined above.

Or perhaps you are a hardcore individualist. One can still maintain total independence outside of any formal organization while still trading and interacting with others. Have a look at what has been accomplished by The Moneyless Man, Mark Boyle, for true adaptability and survival.

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