Shock: CNN Literally Fawns Over Sister Of North Korean Dictator As Millions In Country Are Starving To Death, Tortured In Slave Labor Camps

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CNN has sparked widespread backlash throughout the country after running what amounted to a direct propaganda piece for the North Korean dictatorship that literally fawned over the sister of dictator Kim Jong Un despite the fact that her and her family have been involved in the horrific abuse of their own people as well as directly threatening to destroy the United States.

The “disgusting puff piece” featured the openly pro-North Korea title, “Kim Jong Un’s sister is stealing the show at the Winter Olympics,” and was prominently featured at the top of CNN’s website. To make matters worse, the “reporters” who wrote the propaganda piece even compared the murderous sister of the man threatening to nuke the United States to Ivanka Trump herself.

“If ‘diplomatic dance’ were an event at the Winter Olympics, Kim Jong Un’s younger sister would be favored to win gold,” the propaganda piece ridiculously reads. “With a smile, a handshake and a warm message in South Korea’s presidential guest book, Kim Yo Jong has struck a chord with the public just one day into the PyeongChang Games.”

That’s right, American reporters for CNN literally wrote that Kim Jong Un’s sister should be given a gold medal simply for showing up, again despite the fact that she is directly involved with a regime that has millions of their own people in slave labor camps with millions more actually starving to death.

Apparently, CNN reporters Joe Sterling, Sheena McKenzie, and Brian Todd are now in the business of publishing actual propaganda pieces for a country that openly wants to kill each and every American citizen.

The CNN piece continued:

Seen by some as her brother’s answer to American first daughter Ivanka Trump, Kim, 30, is not only a powerful member of Kim Jong Un’s kitchen cabinet but also a foil to the perception of North Korea as antiquated and militaristic.”

Newsbusters also reported on the CNN puff piece for North Korea, making it clear that this wasn’t some nuanced piece discussing possible ways towards peace, but was an actual piece propaganda published by a network that has spent over a year attacking the American president.

It’s unclear if it was supposed to be a way to glorify Kim or a way to smear President Trump’s daughter, but the trio wrote extensively on how Kim was seen as “North Korea’s Ivanka Trump.” “Seen by some as her brother’s answer to American first daughter Ivanka Trump, Kim, 30, is not only a powerful member of Kim Jong Un’s kitchen cabinet but also a foil to the perception of North Korea as antiquated and militaristic,” they opined.

Experts say her visit for the Winter Games is calculated to answer the expected presence of Ivanka Trump at the closing ceremonies,” the CNN reporters fawned. “‘Kim Yo Jong is the perfect counterpart to this,’ Hwang said. ‘And it also is a signal that North Korea is not this crazy, weird former Cold War state — but it too has young women that are capable and are the future leadership.’

In contrast to CNN’s dismissive handling of average South Korean dissenters, they highlighted praise from a “South Korean public servant” who told them just want they wanted to hear: “[It’s a] great lesson for my children. They learned that winning is not everything and that you can get more cheers for trying to overcome differences.”

The CNN reporters even drew attention to what Kim was wearing during a diplomatic dinner following the joint Korean hockey team’s 8-0 loss to the Swiss team: “At a dinner at a hotel in Gangneung, the sub-host city of the Olympics, Kim Yo Jong was ‘wearing a wine-colored jacket and black pants,’ South Korea’s Yonhap News Agency reported.”

This obnoxious glorification can after CNN spent the previous few days comparing President Trump to Kim’s dictator brother for wanting a military parade.

You truly cannot make this up folks. The SAME network who has spent a week attacking Trump for wanting a military parade is publishing hit pieces for countries that are actual ENEMIES of the United States.

So there you have it. CNN is now moving from a liberal leaning anti-Trump network to a full-on anti-American propaganda channel solely dedicated to pushing the globalist narrative even if that means publishing puff pieces on a regime that literally wants to murder most of their readers.

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79 thoughts on “Shock: CNN Literally Fawns Over Sister Of North Korean Dictator As Millions In Country Are Starving To Death, Tortured In Slave Labor Camps”

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  1. “Shock”. REALLY? WtFf?? This, from C(ertainly)N(ot)N(ews)/C(ommunist)N(oiz)N(utworks)/C(ollusion)N(eeds)N(oobs) (pick any 3), is somehow “SHOCKING”? I find that claim itself shocking. In that, it appears the author of this ‘5 minutes I can never get back’ piece of bullshittery is the only one here that doesn’t know the Truth of MBM (Make-Believe Mee-dee-yah) yet. Holy underwear, Batman…….

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    2. Those of us who have visited the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki know for a fact the only way to preempt any other city in the world from that kind of senseless horror is to preempt the perpetrator!!! especially one who has already declared his intentions!!!

      1. You’re a bright guy, you need to look into if nuclear weapons even exist. So much fakery, and when you catch them faking one portion of it, it’s usually all fake. The footage of the Hiroshima explosion is one mushroom cloud cut and paste on top of another one to make it look larger. No reason to do a paste up unless something is being faked. Hundreds of soliders were filiming ‘WW2 in color’ with hand held camers that had a higher pixel resolution than the camera on a plane, filming the 1st nuke used in war. The large blast could be a fuel air bomb, that accounts for what people saw, and the burns. The city was carpet bombed and burned down, just like the photos show. The wood building are gone, but the cement reinforced buildings still stand while Timothy McVeigh’s poop bomb has no problems with cement. All the test films look fake. Too much to list here, just remember that these people lie about everything. Nuclear weapons might be nothing more than a psyops to create fear to control nations and provide an excuse to invade places.

        1. You are absolutely correct that government lies about everything … but I’ve been to both Hiroshima and Nagasaki and using damned good equipment, tested the sewers of both for radiation and found a lot of it!

          Your photo MIS-interpretation is because of the assumption those bombs went off at ground level – which they did not!!! Both were high-level air-bursts that pushed DOWN as much as they did sideways, spreading immense heat as it went. Concrete structures UNDER the blast would not have been blown across town, just smashed into skeletons in a ball of fire.

          As for the B&W photos … the colors in a nuke blast reveal a lot of scientific data … we didn’t want the whole world to be free recipients of our very expensive toy’s processes, materials, et cetera …

  2. Yes. We need more coverage on the games not politics. Why not feature the lives of top athletes in the centrepages of our papers? This might lead to more sales. Oh I forgot. Business acumen died as we all got dumbed down. Feeling just not good.

    1. The Olympics has always been politics without warfare.
      I gave up totally on the Olympics when the US sent a team of professional basketballers in 1992. I guess that no one told the Olympic committee that they came from the NBA.

      1. They used to strip medals from Olympians who had ever been paid to play in even a single sporting event prior to competing in the Olympics.

        The Olympics are supposed to be for amateur athletes.

          1. The US wasn’t banned under BushClintonShrubObama – all of them we’re orders of magnitude worse than Trump.

  3. SEDITION AND TREASON USED TO BE A CRIME IN AMERICA,but major corporations,and even smaller ones are now getting in the Commie money shower,WHERES ALL THESE FEDERAL AGENCIES WHO ARE ON PAYROLL CLAIMING THEIR MAIN JOB IS TO PROTECT AMERICANS…and SWORE TO PROTECT THE US CONSTITUTION??are they even americans anymore……

    1. They swear to uphold the US constitution, then immediately ignore it and enforce the UCC on us. Ignorant fools don’t even know they are doing it.

    2. Some aren’t really…think of all those biological, chemical, and now electromagnetic experiments they have been preforming on US citizens without their knowledge or permission… for decades. Latest being the electromagnetic radiation experiments that got APPROVED for parts of Oregon and Washington State. These haven’t stopped in spite of the now public exposure of them.

  4. Those millions starving to death are due to our scanctions. The Sout Koreans do not want those sanctions and neither do many of us right here in the USA. Let the Koreas REUNITE!

      1. Whatever THEY choose, if political unity is necessary.
        The CSA was forced back into the USA by an unlawful war and many of those in the south still think of themselves as being under occupation. Anyone who doesn’t feel under occupation in the US now is extremely self-deluding.

        1. “Political Unity” like our current mess would only add to the total disaster Koreans neither deserve nor can survive!!!

          You’re absolutely correct about the CSA and current US occupation. I’m from one of those ‘divided’ families of the Civil War … My Great Grandfather Anthony Cunningham, was wounded at Gettysburg in the fight to stop Picket’s Charge – and his brother Harold was IN Picket’s Charge!!!

          They also fought against one another at Philippi Bridge, one of the earliest battles; then at Bull Run; Hampton Roads; Seven Pines; South Mountain just before Antietam; Chancellorsville; Fredericksburg and then Gettysburg.

          Then one was at the Battle of the Wilderness and the other was at Spotsylvania – don’t remember which …

          Because they were both crack-shots and superb horsemen – they were generally couriers carrying messages and info too hot to put on any wires – and once on station acted generally as snipers. How many skirmishes they were in only they and God know.

          One thing Great Uncle Harold never failed to mention when giving the history of a weapon, ensign or piece of equipment he had collected, was “To accomplish what?”

          A very appropriate question for most of the antics we’re eyeball deep in today!!!

          1. I would be more likely to believe that couriers were used because of feasibility than secrecy. Since most of the telegraph lines of military utility were between Washington and other points than between those points, a courier would be the only way to transmit a message that wouldn’t be routinely intercepted by a telegrapher in the days before any automatic repeaters or switches existed.
            Back in the days that most countries were monarchies, when a king declared war, he lead from the front. It was the death of a monarch that determined the winner of the war. I think that we would have fought fewer wars and would occupy fewer countries if the Constitution had specified such a requirement. Although it would be far less likely to determine the outcome of a war, it would be highly likely to prevent them if those who voted to start them had to fight them.

          2. Yep. According to Great Uncle Harold nobody trusted the wires for secrecy as the operators, both railroad and telegraph, were known to be Confederate sympathizers but as to “who” was the unanswered question. And as you so accurately point out: wires didn’t reach everywhere; somebody had to carry the messages!!!

            With an army on the move for positioned for attack, there weren’t any field phones from unit to unit – and that required a runner/rider of some sort …

            I agree our Forefathers were very intelligent men but were a long way from infallible. A lot fewer wars wouldn’t have hurt a damned thing except some warmonger’s and profiteer’s pocket books …

            BTW, did you know there were NINE General Officers killed at Gettysburg?

          3. All it has ever taken to be called a sympathizer is to be less than a dedicated jingo.
            You would have to know more about our military history than I ever wanted to. I spent my childhood repelling my father’s attempts to interest me in a military career. He spent 22 years in the Cavalry, Army, Army Air Force, and Reserves, much of it out of my sight. He also sat out most of WW2 in a secret Norden bomb sight school in France after having been grounded because he knew too much to risk losing him as a bombardier and navigator. After the armistice was signed, MacArthur pinned on his leaves for a field upgrade to bird colonel and gave him his back pay. He always teared up when telling that last bit.

        1. “The form of government is for the Koreans to choose.”

          Do you live under the DELUSION the common people of North Korea are going to decide that choice?

          And FYI, neither the Washington Times nor all universities combined have the force of law – only the influence over dumbed-down minds …

      2. What’s it got to do with YOU..? As always, warmongering Yanks think they have the right to DICTATE what everyone else may/not do.

    1. Umm…the communist’s idea of reuniting is to attack and take over, then kill /cull everyone they don’t like, the govern over absolutely every aspect of their slave people’s lives. In America we still have a chance, its supposed to we ‘we the people’ that is the government…. even if it is flawed its a whole lot better than ‘I the governmental ‘ or ‘me the communist Tyranical murdering dictator’. You are trying to take the moat out of the USA’s eye all the while ignoring the log in the eye of Communist and near Communist countries. And thank God we don’t have would be corrupt communist Kliniton ruling over us.

      1. We have had the Rothschild banking cartel ruling over us since 1913 and they are every bit as bad as the Communists, or even worse. The IRS/FED axis has been funnelling out tax dollars into the pockets of our Jewish elite since 1913 and they can go to h*ll.

          1. Guns are useless without a human or robot to pull the trigger. REALITY..the nuclear missiles they have pointed at the US and others do not care if you and I are leftists, conservative or gay or pro. North Korea..TRUTH

          2. More importantly, pride has caused more wars to be fought by those ignorant of their purpose than any other cause. Nuclear missiles mostly point straight up in a silo or a submarine, or in the direction the planes carrying them is pointed. There are no missiles in use that are nuclear in propulsion. Only their warheads are nuclear. No weapon on the planet is capable of killing without the intent of a human’s control. No war has ever been fought by the American military for defensive purposes, because none of them has ever deterred an attack.

          3. Pretty sure you got my text shorthand. I’ll agree on most of that, but I’m confident ending ww2 prevented an attack by Hitler, for 1 example, as the Nazis had already assigned people to govern areas in the US AFTER their PLANNED victory.

          4. That might be true if the military of the United States had ended the operation of the German military. It did not. The Soviet military dispatched the Germans while the Americans were fighting in other theaters. It is well documented that Hitler escaped to South America and was continuing his planning to install the Fourth Reich in the US, which could be seen to be the cause of the neo-com co-option of the Republican Party. Leo Strauss did a pretty good job as a agent of such.

          5. Yes ww2 was a team effort. One the US was reluctant to join. Do I want to be NAZI or N. Korean missile test bait????NEITHER

          6. Those whose income comes from waging and supplying war are more powerful and entwined in the politics that cause wars. It doesn’t matter if the rest of the planet’s population is opposed to war if those people are allowed to lie to us and lead us to fighting unnecessary wars. They have always won because they have had us dumbed down to where we can’t think for ourselves and will trust whatever they say. The only solution if for the soldiers to refuse. Once they get their warbots in place, that won’t matter either.
            Nuclear weapons are becoming “usable” under Trump in direct contradiction to what he said in the election.

          7. True. Most wars are because of greed and over territory and provisions. Both WWI and II were engineered. Hitler actualy sued for peace after Germany’s problem with Poland’s incursions and harming of ethnic Germans in their country came to an end. Most history books also do not mention that France was inside of, and occupying sections of Germany before WWII. And theres a lot more that that… Like why did we go to war with Hitler and not Russia to for the invasion of Poland?
            Albert Pike…. three world wars, and the third with one of its goals is to turn the Jews and Muslims against each other (not that this takes much effort ) and destroy both, along with the athiests and Christians. War is to be against Russia….. then they (think) they will have their NWO. This is no conspiracy ‘theory’ but FACT, as it is right out there in the open for all to see their stated goals.

    1. What do you/we know of Korean prison conditions other than what the criminal neocon contingent of western psychopaths tells you/us?

      I imagine that you remember Slobodan Milosevic-the genocidal “butcher of the Balkans…” Guess what: and

      So, in all honesty, I cannot make any comparisons between the profit driven US carceral-state system and the existential, self-preservation motivated, Korean one that would reflect reality, and neither can you.

      1. I have studied extensively, sources around the globe including defectors and Communist North Korea is known around the world as one of the most oppressive and evil of nations. Nuff for me. Criticize their government, the way you do America’s, while in NK.and a propaganda poster theft will pale in comparison . Go there and hold up a protest poster then text me and let me know how your doing

        1. North Korea has a bitter memory of America’s own Hitleresque war criminal of a Prez.—A-bomb Truman— meddling in her domestic affairs.

          Unknown to most Americans, the US ‘totally destroyed’ North Korea once before

          Considering the degree of death and wanton destruction—war crimes—heaped upon their heads in defense of western colonialists’ right-wing henchmen why is it any surprise that they would protect themselves from all political agitation domestic and foreign?

          Why Do North Koreans Hate Us? One Reason — They Remember the Korean War.

          IOW, it could be argued that being incessantly put upon they have a legitimate reason to fear domestic dissent while in the US prison – when not used to stifle dissent – is a for profit capitalist industry and a racist one at that.

          1. I sometimes wish I could change history too, but your support for the Kim regime is underwhelming! I guess enslaving your own people is good revenge on America…….wait,…
            Is this Kim?

          2. My “support” for the Kim regime is actually no such thing.

            Mine is a rejection of the far more deadly, brutal and greed driven, hegemonic American regime which, if it was met with internal populist rebellion, would make Kim’s repression of political dissent look quaint by comparison.

            I happen to believe that we ought to first tend to our own garden; to the mote in our own eyes rather than be parading our hypocrisy in the name of a dehumanizing immoral and criminal, US corporate-state oligarchy.

          3. Thus your handle. A PRESIDENTIAL COUP. If what you say were true all of MSM and their families would be rounded up and shot. Buh bye

          4. So you rise to protect your corporate welfare state and criminal oligarchy which managed, in this century alone, to have dispatched some 2 million innocent civilians to the here-after as a matter of lies-based and MIC profit driven wars of choice.

            I’d say that Kim, all told, represents the lesser evil…

            Then there is the standard capitalist nightmare fare like this:

            Hard to top such calloused psychopathy of state-capitalism’s welfare queens and this kleptocratic system’s paragons of “virtue.”

          5. So you’re just another immoral octogenarian simpleton-putz who engaged in vast war-crimes in behalf of western corporate interests—War Is a Racket, Smedley Butler— half-way across the world…

            Unknown to most Americans, the US ‘totally destroyed’ North Korea once before
            In its Korean War bombing campaign, the US ‘burned down every town in North Korea’

            “The election system corresponded to the same, limited system that was established under the Japanese. In larger towns, only land owners and tax payers could vote, while in small towns, elders voted for everyone else… Not all South Koreans supported the elections either, as stated before that Kim Koo and Kim Kyu-sik were against it from the beginning. and eventually both boycotted the elections. The people of Jeju island, Jeju island people, saw the election as a unilateral attempt of the United States military government under the flag of United Nations to separate a southern regime and to employ its first president Syngman Rhee, but police fired and killed Jeju demonstrators.] Then April 3 uprising occurred, tens of thousands of Jeju people were killed by South Korean officials and right wings…”,_1948

            I’m glad that propagandized fascist nit-wits and borderline psychopaths like yourself are well on their way out the freakin’ door. The world can’t wait.

      2. All that Americans think they “know” about North Korea is provided to them by the American media. If they read newspapers from other countries, even South Korea, they would realize that all these “facts” are just hoaxes perpetrated by the captive American media, an organ of the intelligence agencies. People from other countries can’t believe the bullshit Americans believe because they saw it on TV..

      3. Most of Americans I know were against our incursion in the Balkans and saw it as a Klinton and UN NWO op. Too bad our military was gutless and went along with their orders. Follow the money and we find that it was some government owned mines that were what the globalists wanted control of.

  5. Such propaganda! Such hatred! first of all, the famine was a decade ago. Now the farmers have surpluses. They are allowed to sell up 30% of their production in the free market now. This is called capitalism. It is one of the new developments there.
    As far as prisons, I hope that neither the author nor the posters in this comment section are from the US. America imprisons more of its citizens than any other nation, both in absolute numbers and percentages. Work is mandatory in most of them. The conditions in many of them meet or exceed the UN standards for torture. Prisoners of war cannot be treated like this because it would be a war crime. However, Americans rant about other countries and their prisons. Such hypocrisy!

    1. OVER 70 % of what farmers produce is pre-owned by the government. Whee! This is called Tyranny. And the entire country is a prison. Political opponents are executed, etc. And yes, we do need to know, and object to the creeping evil that is making headway in the USA as well. Be vigilant or we may become like them, and have neither freedom nor ‘safely’.

  6. I gotta say, that is one SMUG fugly bitch. But then she shares Kum Dung Bung’s genes, so what could one reasonably expect?

  7. Nothing shocking about it. When you hate the USA as much as CNN does, you naturally fawn over others who hate us, too. The stronger the hate, the higher the accolades.

  8. The little fat man probably paid CNN for the coverage. It’s not like it’s a secret that big companies pay for positive news stories.

  9. The DS needs to change that pic of CNN to read: Communist News Network. That’s all they are- a bunch of commie bastards.

    “‘Kim Yo Jong is the perfect counterpart to this,’ Hwang said. ‘And it also is a signal that North Korea is not this crazy, weird former Cold War state — but it too has young women that are capable and are the future leadership.’”

    WOW. Anyone who believes this needs to go to a re-education camp.

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