Rotten to the (Common) Core

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by Dave Hodges

Your child has been sentenced from 12-16 years to a re-education camp. No, we are not talking about a FEMA camp, but we may as well be.

Our education system is rotten to the core, the Common Core, that is. Common Core is the latest of the educational fad programs which is supposedly designed to raise American school children’s academic performance. This program is insidious and bad for students and America at its core. This is a multi-part series which will examine the origins of this Common Core program, the stated goals behind the program, the real hidden agenda behind Common Core and most importantly, the threat that this program poses to our children and to the United States as whole.

One Fad After Another 

Most any veteran teacher in the public school system will tell you that about every six to seven years, the American educational system embarks on the latest “miracle” designed to fix the low standardized test scores American students achieve in comparison to our international counterparts. Teachers have endured such educational faux pas from Goals 2000, to School to Work, to No Child Left Behind and now we are witnessing the latest in fad in American education, Common Core Standards.

Each one of the aforementioned programs threw billions of taxpayer dollars down the toilet, while contributing to the dramatic decrease in student performance. For example, SAT Reading scores, for the high school class of 2012, reached a 40+ year low since the implementation of No Child Left Behind.

Everyone of these previous educational reform programs emanated from the United Nations organization, UNESCO. Everyone of these programs is a propaganda tool designed to dumb down our children and these programs are being remarkably effective to this end.

The Hidden Agenda Behind Common Core 

The undeniable truth is that each of these United Nations inspired and failed educational programs have ulterior designs on what should be taught to our children. The undeniable fact is that the brainwashing of our children is the ultimate goal of Common Core.

Common Core is based upon social justice, arriving at knowledge and subsequent decision making through a spirit of collectivism and developing a communal agreement about the need to teach and to integrate into each classroom an underlying theme of sustainable development. These goals are not just going to be taught in specific Environmental Science courses, but these philosophies are to be implemented and taught in EACH and EVERY course that a child takes during their educational experiences beginning with pre-K and stretching to post graduate secondary education.

Agenda 21 Controls Your Child’s Mind 

For the more aware readers, you surely recognize the terms, sustainable development, social justice and collectivism as staples of the philosophy which underlies Agenda 21.

Globalist and Eugenics proponent, Bill Gates, is one of the Founding Fathers of the Common Core movement and its copyright holders, NGA/CCSSO. Gates donated about $25 million dollars to promote his version of global education. Gates has made several donations to CCSSO to promote Common Core. In 2009, Gates made two separate donations of $9,961,842 and $3,185,750. In 2010, Gates donated $743,331 and in 2011, he contributed $9,388,911 . In 2008, Gates donated $2,259,780 to the National Governor’s Association (NGA) to develop and implement Common Core. The NGA is the conduit into America from the United Nations UNESCO, Education for All Agenda 21 version of globalist education being forced down the throats of our young people.

Gates is listed as partner with UNESCO/UN to fund ”Education For All,” which in turn was transferred to the NGA which changed the name to Common Core. In a key document, The Dakar Framework for Action: Education For All: Meeting Our Collective Commitments’ which identifies the goals for what became Common Core. The document speaks directly to the Agenda 21 educational ideals of collectivism, social justice, environmental justice and the espousing of the beliefs of the pseudoscience known as sustainable development.

Chapter 36 

Chapter 36 of Agenda 21 Public Awareness and Training focuses on impressing upon every citizen on the planet, the indispensable need for achieving sustainable development. In plain language, Common Core is going into every country. The implementation names of this global education may vary, but the underlying Agenda 21 philosophies do not. Chapter 36 also states that the globalists plan to “reorient” worldwide education toward sustainable development. In future installments in this series, the weak academic standards of Common Core will be revealed.

Reform of the nation’s standardized objectives is merely a smokescreen to the true intent of the program which is the acceptance for Agenda 21 policies. Subsequently, the Agenda 21/UNESCO documents clearly state their intention to turn each student into a globalist who will accept smaller living space, residing in the stack-and-pack cities of the future, acceptance of drastic energy reduction and the loss of Constitutional liberties. The document goes on to say that

While basic education provides the underpinning for any environmental and development education, the latter needs to be incorporated as an essential part of learning. Both formal and non-formal education are indispensable to changing people’s attitudes so that they have the capacity to assess and address their sustainable development concerns. It is also critical for achieving environmental and ethical awareness, values and attitudes, skills and behaviour consistent with sustainable development and for effective public participation in decision-making. To be effective, environment and development education should deal with the dynamics of both the physical/biological and socio-economic environment and human (which may include spiritual) development, should be integrated in all disciplines, and should employ formal and non-formal methods.

Please take note of reference to spiritual education. The implication is subtle, but undeniable. This phrase opens the door to the evisceration of the Christian religion. This phrase allows Common Core to propagandize school children into belittling the importance of Jesus Christ. And what will Christianity be replaced with? Anyone who has read the Agenda 21 documents in earnest, understands that the replacement for Christianity has been groomed for decades, and that replacement is the pagan religion called GAIA.

GAIA changes the Christian worldview significantly. Christians fundamentally believe that God gave dominion over the earth to man with the remainder of the hierarchy consisting of animal, fish, plants and finally, the earth. GAIA teachers that the earth reigns supreme followed by animal, fish, plants, and man in last place. This is a decidedly anti-human agenda. The undeniable conclusion is that your children will receive cleverly crafted lessons designed to lessen the appreciation for their own worth as a human being. This is the beginning of spiritual enslavement paradigm which will accompany the already implemented policies of economic enslavement presently being thrust upon the American people through the acquisition of massive debt created by the globalists.

When Common Core is fully implemented in 2015 and your child begins being assessed on the PARCC and Smarter Balanced assessments, your child will be an Agenda 21 globalist minion in training. This is not a warning about what will be, the enemy is already inside the gates propagandizing your child.

Education Without Representation 

The Common Core is an untested, federally promoted, unfunded experiment. The standards creators (NGA/CCSSO) have not set up a monitoring plan to test this national experiment, to see what, if any, unintended consequences the Common Core will have on our children. This is a game of Russian Roulette being played on the socio-emotional, intellectual and spiritual aspects of our children’s development.

No teacher and no school board member was asked to contribute to the Common Core standards. Nor was any State Legislature involved in the creation of this monstrosity.

Under this plan, every teacher will teach the same material with the same teaching strategies as every other teacher. This is the 21st Century educational version of the Stepford Wives. The Tenth Amendment is dead and individual freedom is being stamped out.

This is only the tip of the iceberg, the more serious threats to our children’s educational futures, under this misguided plan, will be laid out and documented in the future parts of this series.

Dave is an award winning psychology, statistics and research professor, a college basketball coach, a mental health counselor, a political activist and writer who has published dozens of editorials and articles in several publications such as Freedoms PhoenixNews With Views and The Arizona Republic.

The Common Sense Show features a wide variety of important topics that range from the loss of constitutional liberties, to the subsequent implementation of a police state under world governance, to exploring the limits of human potential. The primary purpose of The Common Sense Show is to provide Americans with the tools necessary to reclaim both our individual and national sovereignty.

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16 thoughts on “Rotten to the (Common) Core”

  1. The U.S. coopted communist education system is geared to instill a communist collectivist slave mentality and that is why science, math, reading, and cognitive skills have suffered. These solid educational skills are not top priority. They are not even of tertiary importance. Political correctness and anti-white racism are the only subjects that matter to the “educators.”

    1. You’re absolutely correct. All the evidence can be found at:

      Take a good long look in the Education department. The US government actually coordinated openly with the U.S.S.R. to mirror education standards. Of course, the average sheep won’t even bother to look at this, let alone take the time to investigate it.

      1. Thanks Joe. Yes, in my case a professor who taught us Developmental Educational Psychology was a Russian woman trained under the Soviet system! That is significant evidence of the agenda under discussion.

  2. These people are sick out of their minds ! I suppose they’ll also illegalize home schooling as well . They’ll want to push our two year olds into daycare centers , so that the indoctrination may begin in the critical years ! And of course many will cheer this on because they believe they’ll save day care funds to work ! It’s time to consider getting out of this country but what’s happening here will be on a global scale. IF YOU havn’t watched HUNGER GAMES , do so ! Since the moment I watched it I felt iit was a propaganda movie preparing all for AGENDA 21 ,drones and all.In the movie , hunting is illegal , another tenement of social justice . What a bunch of pathetic controlling scumbags. It’s truly sad more around the world are not aware of their humanity destroying project , we’d be able to crush this group of evil , depraved group of monsters !

  3. P.S. Arguing with them is not going to stop them. Talk is not going to stop them.

    The resistance to this communist tyranny is about 40 years old and generations of mind controlled zombie reactionary knee-jerk obamanoid communist zealots are the result. Where do you think that the obamanoids and the Piers Morgans of this world come from? Foreign attacker of our liberties Piers Morgan was a willing inductee into this collectivist totalitarianism. Yes they have a communist indoctrination system in the U.K., too! It is even worse! They started the damned thing! Ever heard of the Rhodes Round Tables? Have you heard of the Royal Institute of International Affairs (Chatham House)? How about Tavistock? The London School of Economics? The London School of Economics and Tavistock (mind control) are Chatham House institutions.

    We are 40 years late in our resistance. It was necessary to resist at least 40 years ago, so now we need to redouble our efforts to fight this collectivist totalitarian thought-crime mentality and the organized criminals behind it!

    It is becoming widely known that university “education” now is completely based on a radical collectivist authoritarian movement. Well, guess what? As bad as University Education is with regard to promoting and demanding a subservience to an extremist, collectivist totalitarian doctrine, the elementary and secondary schools, PUBLIC AND PRIVATE, are even worse! I know it from the inside. I tried to do everything that I could to undermine the collectivist totalitarian indoctrination (communism) and to impart American values and real skills. Believe it or not, the students will turn on you and resist you when you do so. Why? They resist because every other teacher in their entire experience has brainwashed them with collectivist totalitarian (communist) propaganda. It isn’t completely communist, however, like Obama/Barry Soetoro, while communist in nature the adherents will bow to corporate fascism (another totalitarian collectivism) in order to achieve some of their goals. Hence there are high schools where teachers and administrators have annual meetings with corporate representatives and in which the teachers and administrators receive their marching orders. If pushed, I WILL name names and give a specific High School involved in this subversion as well as the same high school’s promotion of Che Guevara brand communist insurrection and mass murder!

    People who claim that the U.S.A. pushes the U.K. around have it reversed. The communist organized criminal traitors at Chatham House push Americans around and set our agenda. The scumbag traitor communist totalitarian scum at the Council on Foreign Relations take their marching (and stomping on faces, a la 1984) orders from Chatham House and other elitist organized crime organizations. There is a video in which Hillary Clinton asks her masters to give her orders and she will obey.

  4. P.S. The “educators” do not want any of the hoi polloi to master math, science, logic, reading skills, and so forth. They only want a fully indoctrinated collectivist elite to have such skills. Those who are not fully indoctrinated collectivists might turn on them and use their literacy and communication skills against them and their evil cause and in the cause of liberty;)

  5. Heimdall, you should make a YouTube telling everything you know. Information is key get it out there while you still can.

  6. My kids know how to think for themselves, shoot, hunt, fish, and know right from wrong. They can also protect themselves from predators of the 2 legged variety. Homeschooling rocks.

  7. @Justcause

    Thank you very much for the moral support and for your patriotism and love of liberty. I have already written a sort of editorial about this subject of the subversion of education for collectivist anti-liberty purposes that was widely distributed on the internet. Heimdall is a current nom de plume. I not only commented on the indoctrination, but I used many of my own real life personal experiences to illustrate the nature of the problem. The local school bond issues were defeated shortly after that:)

    There is an L.A. teacher who has written an article about the anti-white racism and collectivist extremism in her school district. She also showed pictures of a Che Guevara mural(promoter of mass murder in promotion of communism) and other extremist communist and racist (the prevalent anti-white variety) murals as well as promotion of communist and a-w racist material in classroom lectures. If you google it with the correct terms, you might find it after a while. I’ve had trouble locating it. I did read the article and found that her experiences were quite similar to mine.

    I could give a concise (really quite paired-down from all of the excellent material and research that is out there) of work by researchers who have done much excellent work and much more work than I have done on the subject. I have read much of their great work and I I have experienced much of it first-hand but some of these researchers have experienced much more or have done a huge amount of research work into the subject. They have helped me to understand what is happening. Here is a concise list (I am trying to make it short, and much less than all of the good work, just the essentials).

    On the internet go to: Freedom Force International: Go to “The Issues” page and scroll down and read all of the articles in PDF at the bottom:
    Part 1: The Chasm
    Part 2: Secret Organizations and Hidden Agendas
    Part 3: Days of Infamy
    Part 4: The War on Terrorism
    Part 5: An Idea Whose Hour Has Come
    These articles explain the major players, their goals, the nature of collectivism, and the nature of freedom as well as giving examples from history. Once you understand these things you can see through their machinations through the corporate media wh**re presstitutes and education.
    -Report from Iron Mountain; Using fear to make people subservient to government.
    -Thirteen Predictions for the War on Terrorism
    -No Place to Hide; The Strategy and Tactics of Terrorism

    Then some books by other authors:

    The Shadows of Power: The Council on Foreign Relations and the American Decline by James Perloff (a concise and seminal work on the subject that should give you a good understanding of who some of the main conspirators are and what they have done).

    Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt, The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America

    John Taylor Gatto’s work on education, several books. I would start with The Underground History of American Education.

    From Major Jordan’s Diaries (first-hand testimony that the so-called capitalists and the Fabian Marxists mentioned in the other works are intent on empowering communism, going so far as to illegally provide the Soviets with nuclear weapons technology way back during “Lend Lease”)

    The Real Lincoln: A New Look at Abraham Lincoln, His Agenda, and an Unnecessary War by Thomas DiLorenzo which shows who Lincoln really was where we as a nation started going astray in earnest and how totalitarianism first got a major foothold in the U.S.A. You will find that those who sing the praises of Lincoln are almost universally collectivist totalitarians (or just plain ignorant of the truth).

    -Importing Revolution: Open Borders and the Radical Agenda by William R. Hawkins. The author and book were really quite prescient considering that the book was published in 1994. The book shows, among other things, that many of not most of the imported third worlders forced down our throats are socialists or communists. Right in line with Chatham House and CFR goals.

    -Gangs of America: The Rise of Corporate Power and the Disabling of Democracy by Ted Nace.

    The most important thing that I got from this book is that originally the United States was set up to only allow corporations to exist (and thus have tremendous influence over, and an incestuous relationship with, government entities) under limited charters limiting their existence to a given place (usually one state only), for a specific time period, and to accomplish a specific job or goal (usually emergency or very important public infrastructure projects). This is because corporatism is fascism (as Mussolini noted, and he should have known). Fascism, like communism, is a collectivist totalitarian form of government that is at odds with freedom and individuality. The limited charters were also practiced because under a corporation the investors have immunity for prosecution and civil action for malfeasance of the corporation as well as various other extra protections and privileges.
    Some of the original colonies were corporations and were quite tyrannical.

    The last is a book about what seems unfortunately to be ahead:

    Civil War II by Thomas Chittum which can be downloaded and read for free on the internet.

  8. Civil War II should be read by all, THEN follow it with “the Turner Diaries” That GAIA religion is NOT what the UN has in mind, ISLAM is what the UN has in mind since it is totally controlled by the fuckin Saudis.

    1. SORRY about the F bomb there, but I know the Saudis all to well and their control of the UN via the OIC and their overwhelming voting power within the UN security council.

  9. The euro union in western europe is built. The eastern half in the arab lands is being built. The east and west will join together under one government.

    This is the Revived Roman Empire spoken of in the book of revelation.

    The western half of the original roman empire collapsed. the easten half survived another 1000 years under the name Byzantine Empire, but it was still roman.

    Arab spring revolts in egypt, syria, libya etc are well planned by the globalists to unite the two halves of the empire again.
    Bible prophecy is right on target.

    1. after the two halves are united AGAIN. the antichrist will appear to rule this new world empire.

      Would you like a chip under your skin…or your head removed ?

  10. Definition of sustainability want less for yourself so the elite can have more for the “common good.“ Yet when people want to collect on ss and other things they paid for the “free market suddenly comes into play.
    What a hoax played on the american people.
    Why not allow many educators to “compete“ so many will come up with an awesome education?
    Why the eliteand corporations would not be involved at all .

  11. I don’t need to read the entire article or look at any statistics to know that our education system has been set up to fail especially in the urban core. I have worked in different departments within a major city’s school system and I can tell you without a doubt, that the entire system is corrupted and stinks worse than a whore house at low tide!

    I thought Arne was going to fix things but he hasn’t done shit! You know him, the president’s basketball buddy.

    The Department of Education has been the biggest failure to the American way of life that I have seen because it is supposed to determines our future leaders.

    College education costs as much as buying a damn house these days and even when you graduate, that doesn’t guarantee employment. Funds being consistently misused and wasted, idiotic school board members, bullshit curriculums. Its no wonder why the US has fallen so far behind other countries.

    I don’t want to keep rambling but education has always been a passion of mine.

    I can tell you though, the most aggregious act committed by the education system, is in regards to the history of the country. Either we weren’t given the truth or the truth has been twisted to suit the evil do-gooders.

    Thank God my grandchildren are home schooled and talk only to me when something happens in our world that doesn’t make any sense.

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