List of “Fake” News Sites for Google to Target Released; Every Alt Site You Know (Including The Daily Sheeple) Is On It

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This is no longer about having a different opinion or being labeled a conspiracy theorist.

This is about 100% online censorship of viewpoints, ideas, and information that governments (and the megacorporations they are in bed with) do not want you to see online.

It’s bad enough that just six megacorporations control 90+% of the media society consumes:


Note that Time Warner changed its name to “Spectrum” and then got bought-out by AT&T. Their icon is a hypnotic eyeball:


As previously reported, there’s a reason Google’s new parent company is named “Alphabet”. They will literally be controlling the exchange of information and online communication in the future.


The Wild West of the Internet is coming to an end.

It was just reported that Google/Alphabet and Facebook were going to be clamping down on so-called “fake” news sites.

Like clockwork, floating around on the Internet now is a list of these “fake” sites authored by Melissa Zimdars, assistant professor of Media and Communications at Merrimack College.

It just so happens to include almost every major alternative news site you can imagine.

She has deemed all of these sites as “false, misleading, clickbait-y, and/or satirical ‘news’ sources”.

This list, she claims, is for educational purposes only (think about what viewpoint those college students are paying to be taught), but it is being shared everywhere including by the LA Times like it’s an authoritative list from a valid, vetted, unbiased source.

It has been so revered that it might as well be the final, official list from the mouth of Google itself. In fact, the way this list is being spread is actually in a false, misleading way (oh the irony).

Zimdars has broken everything down into four categories, and even satire websites like “The Onion” on there because quote, “1.) They have the potential to perpetuate misinformation based on different audience (mis)interpretations and 2.) to make sure anyone who reads a story by The Onion, for example, understands its purpose.”

(click to enlarge)


Like we live in a world where everyone is on the exact same educational and experiential level that when they read a story, we are all going to understand it in the same way. That doesn’t even make any sense and it isn’t the job of Google or the government to make sure your grandma knows whether or not a story in “The Onion” is “real” or not.

She also tells people to check information out with Snopes, which has been caught blatantly lying and using logical fallacies in its so-called “fact checking,” and Wikipedia, which can be altered by anyone anywhere at any time, to find out if a website is a good source of information or not.

On top of that, she says the sources that she trusts include government-funded NPR, Bilderberg attendee The Washington Post, Council on Foreign Relations partner The Atlantic, and blatantly biased (especially in its 2016 election coverage) The New York Times.

How does that make her qualified to create such a list when she’s obviously biased to begin with?

Using Wikipedia to fact check information was a huge no-no back when I was in college… I remember one lesson in a journalism class specifically reinforcing that Wikipedia was not a reliable resource, as did many of my English courses on paper writing.

Zimdars goes on to note that The Huffington Post and Fox News are not yet included on the list (when they quite obviously should be), but she never once mentions MSNBC or CNN — clearly exposing her political leanings, as both lean full left. Both are biased through and through, and both completely misrepresented coverage of Hillary Clinton during the election just like NYT, while both have conversely censored information in the past about topics like the CDC whistleblower and the revelations of Wikileaks’ Podesta emails (except to misleadingly blame the leak on Russia, an establishment talking point which has never been proven).

Here’s the list below. You will notice right away that mainstream media sources are glaringly absent, even though Wikileaks and other sources have proven over time how biased and dishonest many mainstream sources are.

Talk about living in George Orwell’s [amazon text=1984&asin=0451524934]…





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49 thoughts on “List of “Fake” News Sites for Google to Target Released; Every Alt Site You Know (Including The Daily Sheeple) Is On It”

  1. They did us a favor. Now we have a list of the best websites for alternative (that is, right-wing) views. It’s kind of like being on the SPLC’s “watch list” or Nixon’s “enemies list” (remember that?)…it’s a badge of honor. Remember the old saying, nobody bothers to kick a dead dog.

        1. You can open a command prompt in windows (push the windows key, then type: “cmd” (no quotes) and hit enter to bring up the windows command prompt). At the command prompt just ping whatever website you want the IP address for, for instance: ping
          That will return the IP address for any site you ping.

        2. You are an assistant attorney general in Michigan who is a lying, perjuring, kidnapping slanderer…..

          well, that thing has the same name as you…. SUE HER !! She is defaming your name.

      1. DNS is not that simple, there is not one “GOD LIKE” DNS server out there. There is also not a guarantee that a large webpage will have a single IP, but many, since they exist on many servers.

        1. Actually… it is. (also, I never said there was one Godlike DNS server…) there is a primary DNS address associated to a webpage. Weather that’s a gateway address to a load balanced server farm, or a single address pointing to a homebrew IIS server, that address will get you there, as long as the host is still up and routing.

          CNN for example uses 151.101.x.y, many of which will reroute you to where you need to go (not that I’d advise going to CNN…)
 uses as a single entry. That will get you there every time.
          Mind you I’m only talking about DNS. If someone shuts down a backbone circuit, no ones going anywhere.

          1. Webpages are spread across multiple DNS servers; while they are companions, they do not overrule (this is exempting intranet DNS serves or organization based ones)

            Shutting down the backbone is not as simple anymore, especially if the service is cloud served (all of my webpages were, as well as some servers).

    1. You do realize that ixquick derives it’s results from Google using a proxy server. This means that the search results are Google results, but the search does not point back to your IP, only the ixquick IP. What you really need is a search engine outside the scope of Google. As Randy Wellman said, something like is a better alternative.

  2. If the evil un-american traitors at Google, the most evil company on the planet, wants to get rid of fake news…..get rid of CNN, Fox, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, NBC, Washington Post, NYT, WSJ, etc.

    Many of you get my drift. Fuck the rest of you.

  3. What is really interesting about this list is what is not on it, and i don’t mean the stagnant MSM sites. There are numerous alternative sites I have long suspected as being CIA limited hangouts that are filled with false and misleading information hiding behind a few truth molecules. Not one of them is on the list, which confirms the obvious conclusion that the list itself is disinformation.

    Thanks for all your hard work, Melissa Zimdars, assistant professor of Media and Communications at Merrimack College. You’re a good little shill.

    1. That doesn’t really confirm shit. It’s not a list composed by AI it’s composed by some elitist dirt bags sitting down and making a list off the top of there head.

      1. The “elitist dirt bags” is an assistant professor who teaches media and communications, a/k/a talking head school. Actually, the list is quite useful for anyone looking to update their news feed.

        1. Agreed… this bitch may have actually aroused the curiosity of some uninformed sheeple with her handy little list…

  4. lol who the fuck do they think there messing with.

    Infowars outranks ESPN
    Brightbart outranks FOX
    WRC (not on the list) outranks MSNBC
    A video of a feminist falling off a dock outranks MSNBC.

      1. Flat out Zionists and Israel Firsters. I sift out the weevils while reading Breitbart. Not many conservative or libertarian sites without a liplock on Israel.

      2. Yes. Try posting even moderate Rand Paul style anti-interventionism and watch the neo-cons cry foul. Same with many if the authors: pro-war.

      3. All about their side getting back in power, No outsiders, just retreads with a new paint job. This guy served under Kissinger and Baker, but now he is GOOOODDD. He has seen the light, he and his bunch will lead USA, right through those slaughterhouse doors. Ok, ready for Putin to aim his nukes at DC.

        1. I always have deep misgivings about people who serve The Beast and then claim to turn GOOODDD. Mark Passio and Paul Craig Roberts sure fool a lot of people. What makes you so sure?

          1. Don’t trust PCR one bit either. Watched the system for at least 45 years, (started young), Did you listen to the names in the vid, who he said they want, just more sold out prostitutes, Goldman Sacs, Congressional/military/industrial asses, nothing new, just good cop, bad cop BS. Trump would not been allowed in the race if he was a real danger to the owners and their plans. And my gut tells me, i have learned to trust my intuition.

          2. Seems like our intuitions agree. Intuition is all we have now that the “truth” we learned to regurgitate has been ripped away and tossed on the compost pile. Fine with me, my intuition works great.

  5. Kinda knew this was going to be coming eventually.
    In the google doc link – this was interesting:

    “If the story makes you REALLY ANGRY it’s probably a good idea to keep reading about the topic via other sources…”

    Just read HAPPY stories folks – that will solve everything. Look, kittens.

  6. There are a bunch of left leaning alternative news websites that are missing from this list. Obviously this is a hit list of websites that the leftists don’t want people to go to. So Google has decided to censor them.
    And these are supposed to be “fake” news sites. Well, all the websites that aren’t on this list are guilty of writing a bunch of fake news articles and trying to pass them off as real news articles. All the mainstream media websites do nothing but write fake, dishonest and misleading articles all the time. And nobody seems concerned that we are reading fake news from them.
    It’s pretty obvious that this is all part of their agenda to control the narrative and control dissent. This is possible because control over the internet was given away to a bunch of communists. And it wasn’t an accident or an oversight. This was the plan all along.
    Little by little, bit by bit, our rights and freedoms are being eroded away. And each instance itself does not seem to be worth fighting about. But one day we will wake up and realize that we have been living in a tyrannical dictatorship, and we won’t remember when it started. But it will be too late to do anything about it.
    I sincerely hope that there is a massive backlash against Google. And if people were smart, they would find another search engine to use.
    But I don’t know if anything can be done about it at this point. This might be a bell that cannot be un-rung.
    How much more of this slow descent into tyranny will we put up with?

    1. There’s alternatives like, (now hyperboria) and of course, the bulk of the internet, the darknet (.onion sites), among others. The regular internet will be no different than mainstream television once (((they))) get done with it which will give way to the dawn the new popular acceptance of peer-to-peer networks that are decentralized and about 20x faster in speed than the internet is.

      1. Thanks for the info! Things are ramping up quickly and everyone is behind the power curve. I was shocked this past year how I had been censored by several news agencies and YouTube over the Oregon Occupation as a result of posting links to information countering news narratives. On several occasions I discredited their reporting to their readers until my IP address was blocked and YouTube account disabled. Many others responded to my complaints reporting the same for them.

  7. Alt sites NOT on the “fake” list are also important, I think; there are many CIA disinfo sites posing as truth sites, and they’re not listed I haven’t had time to look for missing sites on the “fake” list yet, but I didn’t see The Common Sense Show and Newstarget (Mike Adams, NaturalNews is) there, and I think they both get enough traffic that this isn’t an oversight. These are both Russophobic zionist disinfo that post the fearmongering divisive hate-inspiring info that creates ‘loosh’, negative energy, if you use Disclosure terminology, and is also contrary to Christianity. (the “Russian” troops in the US are from the US-sponsored Ukraine coup government; Avoz neonazi terrorists), mercenaries paid by Ukraine Zionist activist gangster Igor Kolomoisky. It’s the same agenda as the Soros/Clinton paid protests and the Coudenhove-Kalergi genocide through immigration program in the EU; a policy that pits religious and racial groups against each other, weakens communities, and facilitates the NWO (Nazi/Saatanist/Zionist) global takeover..

  8. The ReaL LiST oF FaKe NeWs SiTez :
    LA TiMES
    or if media is owned by one of 6 corporations controlling 90 percent of all media on the planet, do not trust anything they say, write, photo, or video. Government controlled mainstream media propagandists whether newspaper, radio, tv, cable, are NoT to be trusted, therefore it is best to tune them out, boycott them, boycott their sponsors.

  9. Actually MANY other AND very good sites, such as Personal Liberty”.; “What Really Happened” ; “Resurrect the Republic”; “Incendiary Radio”:”Dr.David Duke”; plus many more, are not on the list.

    What could that mean?

    Does that mean they are NO threat, or are they SOLD OUT to the Freemasons/Zionist Cabal called Illuminati, or just NOT important enough?

    Time will tell

  10. The internet and information was alive before

    Google/Alphabet and Facebook arrived on the scene and it will be alive when they are gone.

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