Presstitute Polls Twitter to Find out If People Believe WikiLeaks or US Intelligence: Guess Who Is in the Lead?

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CNBC Chief Washington Correspondent John Harwood, whose friendly relationship with the Clinton campaign was exposed in the Podesta Leaks, Tweeted to ask Americans who they believe regarding the hacking of the Democratic National Committee – WikiLeaks or US Intelligence.

So far, here are the results of Harwood’s poll…


Oops! Looks like this backfired on him.

Harwood is also a contributor for the US government mouthpiece New York Times, by the way. He launched the poll on Thursday, and it received more than 19,000 votes within 14 hours.

Several mails between Harwood and Clinton campaign chair John Podesta were exposed in the Podesta emails released online by WikiLeaks. A search for John Harwood in the trove of Podesta emails yields more than 200 results.

Many Twitter users let Harwood know what they think of him and his cozy relationship with Clinton…


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7 thoughts on “Presstitute Polls Twitter to Find out If People Believe WikiLeaks or US Intelligence: Guess Who Is in the Lead?”

    1. More reality. CIA = Wikileaks. Assange is a 9/11 Truth denier, publicly stated 9/11 Truth is a “false conspiracy”.

      We’re being played on countless levels. “Don’t look here, look there!” at the political & geopolitical dystopia soap operas.

  1. NY Slimes. The paper of fiction writer Jayson Blair, Walter “I don’t see no starving kulaks in Stalin’s Ukraine” Duranty, big supporter of Lincoln “I have seen the future (in Stalin’s USSR) and it works” Steffens, supporter of outed Nobel Prize fake Rigoberta Menchu, ad nauseam.

  2. Just like the military industrial complex sells weapons to both sides of the war to maximize profits, we are being played by two sides of the same coin for maximum control of the people.
    Even information that seems to be a benefit to us, and seems to be coming from a source that is against the establishment, is likely to be controlled opposition.
    A lot of fake news and phony conspiracy theories that are reported by supposedly trustworthy news sites were originally made by leftist sources, and they are designed to make us look like idiots.
    Of course it’s gonna happen once in awhile even if you’re careful. But there’s a big difference between getting caught with a fake story once in awhile and losing all credibility because you put out fake news constantly.
    As for this Russian hacking nonsense, I would say that it’s more propaganda than fake news. Because regardless of whether or not it’s true, it’s purpose is to distract us from the corruption of these crooked politicians. And even if it’s real, and in fact the Russians did hack our computers, it doesn’t matter. It’s the content of the documents, not the source that’s important.
    There is no proof that the Russians hacked us. There is no proof that the Russians are the source of the documents either to Wikileaks or the person who gave them to Wikileaks. And there is no proof that the Russians intended to alter the outcome of our election, regardless of whether or not they did. They hacked into the democrats servers and got a bunch of their e-mails. They also attempted to hack into the republicans e-mails, but because they are less stupid than the democrats, it didn’t work. If it had, then it would be difficult to make the case that they wanted to support one candidate over the other. And it would be more believable that they were simply exposing government corruption, which is possible.
    I will however concede that Vladimir Putin does seem to like Donald Trump much more than Hillary Clinton. But that could just be because Hillary is a horrible person who hates everyone and feeds on human flesh. But that’s just my guess. It is therefore likely that Vladimir Putin did want Donald Trump to win the election. But he didn’t do anything to rig our election so Trump would win. In the end, the people voted for Trump. If it was because the Russians exposed the corruption of the democrats, then we should send Vladimir Putin a “Thank You” cake.
    But the fact is that there was very little in the Wikileaks documents that we didn’t already know or suspect about them. And most voters didn’t sit down and read all the Wikileaks documents either. And I would argue that none of the voters had any idea that the Russians did anything as far as exposing the corruption of the democrats.
    So all this nonsense about the Russians is just a big distraction from the real issues.
    And regardless of whether Wikileaks is in on it, the people voted for Trump because Hillary was a horrible candidate with a terrible campaign. She put no effort into her campaign because she thought the election was going to be handed to her on a silver platter.
    The Fakestream Media knows how full of shit they are. They fabricate fake news stories all the time. But sometimes they do things like this, and I wonder if they actually think they are doing the right thing. I wonder if they have been listening to their own bullshit for so long that they have actually convinced themselves that their propaganda is the truth.

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