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Police: 16-year-old boy murdered for defending another kid from a bully

Police: 16-year-old boy murdered for defending another kid from a bully


Police: 16-year-old boy murdered for defending another kid from a bully

We’re often told by our parents, elders, and role models to do the right thing and stick up for those we see being bullied and tormented.

Now, a 16-year-old who intervened when someone was being bullied is dead after being allegedly shot by the very bully he confronted.

Samuel Reynolds, an avid soccer player and student at Arlington High School, was shot and killed on February 13th.

According to both local authorities and the teen’s family, Reynolds recent intervention in a bullying situation is believed to be what fueled the shooting of the teen.

Police responded to a call that fateful Thursday at around 4:30 p.m., where first responders found the teenager had suffered a gunshot wound. Reynolds was immediately transported to a nearby hospital where he was later pronounced dead.

Arlington Police Lt. Christopher Cook revealed the perceived motive that led to Reynolds being shot. A 15-year-old suspect, who is now in police custody for the murder of Reynolds, had allegedly tried assaulting another school-aged student.

At some point during that altercation, Reynolds stepped in and put the fray to a halt. Lt. Cook stated:

“After he broke up the fight, he started having trouble with the suspect.”

Shahveer Dhalla, the principal of Arlington High School, was clear in that the 15-year-old suspect arrested in this case was not a student at his school. Some reports indicate that the suspect in custody was actually still in middle school, despite their age.

Apparently, the suspect in custody for the teen’s death happened to live in the same apartment complex as Reynolds.

While police say the suspect completely denies any involvement in the shooting, obtained security footage from the complex paints a different story.

Speaking with local media outlets this past Friday, Lt. Cook spoke of the disturbing moments captured on video:

“He pulls out a handgun from the rear part of his pants he was wearing, points it at the victim and fires one round. We did recover one spent shell casing. It’s a .40 caliber semi-automatic handgun.”

Since the suspect in custody is a juvenile, police have not released his name. Furthermore, despite facing murder charges for Reynolds death, it’s not clear whether the teen will be tried as an adult or not.

Even though police seemingly have a solid case against the suspect in custody, it’s not just the shooter that they’re looking to hold accountable.

Authorities are especially eager to track down whoever gave the juvenile access to a firearm in this case.

Lt. Cook stated the following on that sentiment:

“That’s something we want an answer for. We are sick and tired of children in our community coming in contact with firearms and possessing them and using them.”

Arlington Police Chief Will Johnson mirrored those thoughts as well, posting the following to Twitter:

“This senseless act of gun violence has no place in society and our hometown community. This was an emotionally tough case for responding officers, investigators and medics.

We will direct our attention to how a young teen suspect accessed a firearm used in the offense.”

Dhalla is particularly saddened by the passing of the young teen:

“We are heartbroken by this tragic loss of a young life. He touched the lives of many of our Arlington students and teachers, and he will be missed. We are keeping our thoughts and prayers with Sam’s family and friends.”

There are no words to really encapsulate the truly senseless killing of Reynolds. He was a young man that saw a small boy being bullied, and attempted to do the right thing – and did do the right thing.

There’s little that can likely console the sadness that his family and loved ones are experiencing right now.

However, hopefully knowing that Reynolds passed while being the example of someone genuinely good can serve as some sort of comfort to those who knew him well.

Speaking of bullies… we reported on another violent incident involving several last week in Newark, New Jersey.

Last week, a junior varsity high school basketball coach was assaulted by his own players after returning from an away game. The assault occurred on Feb. 3 outside the Malcolm X. Shabazz High School in Newark, New Jersey.

In a disturbing video posted on Twitter, four teens can be seen punching and kicking the man after he falls to the ground after being chased down by the little thugs.

The coach was apparently trying to stop the misunderstood youth from bullying another student.

One of the players jumped on top of the coach and started throwing punches, while three others surrounded him and started kicking and stomping on the coach. The fray finally ended when a man in a black coat went up to the little misunderstood youth and pulled them away.

Disturbing video out of Newark, NJ where a high school basketball coach was attacked by his own players. Police are working to identify the suspects. (Sharing recut video due to offensive language) Live report on Eyewitness News and updates here: https://t.co/ASc7PagSOp pic.twitter.com/5elHx2ujQo

— Eyewitness News (@ABC7NY) February 6, 2020

Police officers reportedly saw the assault in progress as the members of the team exited the bus after returning from a game in the town of Livingston at around 9 p.m. According to ABC-7, the coach was attacked when he tried to prevent the players from picking on another student.

“Our detectives are investigating this incident to identify and to appropriately charge those individuals involved,” Public Safety Director Anthony Ambrose said.

“Because high school students are typically juveniles, the names of the suspects will not be released. But those found to have participated in this senseless act of violence will face criminal charges.”

All of the students who were involved in the assault have been suspended from school, however no arrests have been reported as of yet.

The victim refused medical attention.

Video of the assault was widely distributed throughout the school, and a majority of students said they were embarrassed by the behavior of their fellow students.

“I spoke to the superintendent, principal, coaches and team,” Newark Mayor Ras Baraka said.  

“The actions of these students will not be tolerated, and they don’t represent the majority of the school. The school and team have many great kids who go on to college and do great things, and we’re proud of them. We support the superintendent and principal and will do whatever we can to make the rest of the year successful,” Baraka added.

We can hear the parents now. “But he was a good boy. He wants to go to college to study gender dysphoria!”

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