Pentagon Can’t Account for Over $6.5 Trillion

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Everyone knows by now that the US military has the largest budget on the planet. It’s so large in fact, that it could pay for China’s military budget 3 times over. Which has to make you wonder, where does all of that money go? You may think that question has an obvious answer, since we’re aware of most of the military’s weapon systems, personnel numbers, and equipment.

In reality, we don’t know. And when I say we, I mean even our own government doesn’t really know. In response to Congressional demands that the Pentagon provide a comprehensive audit of their finances for the first time, a Department of Defense Inspector General’s report was published last week. It revealed that the Pentagon could not provide documentation pertaining to $6.5 trillion in transactions.

On top of that, the report showed that the Pentagon “did not document or support why the Defense Departmental Reporting System . . . removed at least 16,513 of 1.3 million records during Q3 FY 2015. As a result, the data used to prepare the FY 2015 AGF third quarter and year-end financial statements were unreliable and lacked an adequate audit trail.” Sounds like the Pentagon is deliberately hiding some of their expenses, doesn’t it?

Which wouldn’t come as a surprise, since the Pentagon has been ignoring a federal law passed 20 years ago, which mandates regular audits for all government agencies. In that time, they’ve never once provided a good explanation for where their our money is spent. Is this money being burned up in fraud and waste, or are they spending it on clandestine activities that would outrage the American people? Since they never get in trouble for ignoring our auditing laws, we’ll probably never know.

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37 thoughts on “Pentagon Can’t Account for Over $6.5 Trillion”

    1. Yeah? Well let’s see…
      You would need a billion taxpayers to cough up $6500 bucks each.
      Or 65 million taxpayers who would pay one hundred thousand bucks each!

  1. I’m guessing clandestine activities such as underground tunnels, bunkers and railways to name just a few, and geoengineering.

    1. YES HE DID!! And then the Freudian slip when he said “cruise missile” instead of plane that crashed into the Pentagram

      1. True, but don’t forget John Lear’s remains the only legally unchallenged truth on 9/11 – and it didn’t involve ANY planes hitting anything.

  2. This is understandable when given such huge amounts which is almost impossible to account for.Easy come easy go.Cost overruns for some reason are a common occurrence.Especially in research.Plus the corruption.

  3. Investigators beware. Last time 2 trillion went missing they took out 35 of the investigators at the pentagon missile attack a.k.a. as 9/11 attack.

  4. What the hell have you people been doing with all that money and where are the accounting firms to keep control of these errors. As we the american people in bad shape —we don’t and want you to be in bad shape. Our military better have the weapons that they need. Is this due to obama short changing you people, I can believe. Did he short change you. Who is in control of those records. Tell us everything. I can possible believe a million but not a trillion. What went wrong —please clear this up to the American people.

  5. Oh they can account for it, they just don’t want to tell us where it went. I bet to fund terrorists and black ops programs that train terrorists as well as in some pentagon officials pockets.

  6. They’re spending it on building deep underground military bases so the ‘elite’ can ride out the disaster they’re planning. They should keep in mind that the penalty for treason is death.

  7. Blackops Baby, Blackops………..that is where the money goes……to places that they dont want us to know about!

  8. lol the puppet country doing it again, lol the people will be like ok kill us again we dont care we are stupid and will never wake up. feed us some more fluoride so we can be brain dead, THE GOOD OLD US of A no shit hole like it.

  9. Does anyone remember all the gold being stored under the World Trade Center disappearing? I read that special trucks with super heavy-duty suspensions and special tires hauled it all out the night before the towers were demolished by high temperature explosives (basically a controlled demolition).

  10. The Secret Space Program ain’t cheap. They just laugh at rockets, while electro-gravity rules, and baffles Einsteinians, and their false concept of gravity..

  11. That does not count what they steal which in itself is significant. Our government is corrupt and criminal at every level. They are so impressed with the alien technology they will steal and kill and feed babies to the beast for their power. Ride with the devil you will burn with the devil.

  12. Until which time they can show where this “lost” money has gone, I propose the ones paying for it (Tax payer) stops all payments. A suit must pursue on behalf of the tax payers and collections are postponed until a clear and precise account of all lost money is recognized. If the money is not accounted for, a refund is distributed for the equal amount among tax payers and those responsible are incarcerated.

  13. That’s OK because my money is right here in my pocket.
    Wait! Where’s my dough? Boy freedom from money really isn’t free.

  14. The money goes back to the Federal Reserve, which burns it. Prints more money which it lends to the government and charges interest on it

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