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It’s hard to appreciate the degree to which marxist-socialism and the welfare entitlement State have simply functioned to hand over all the real resources and wealth of Nations to thieving international banksters.


Paving the Way

It’s hard to appreciate the degree to which marxist-socialism and the welfare entitlement State have simply functioned to hand over all the real resources and wealth of Nations to thieving international banksters. Presently, those secret and mostly hidden families (Rothschild, Rockefeller, etc.) that own all the central banks of the world are actually stealing all the real wealth and resources of the world while handing out paper they fraudulently print out of thin air and “loan” at interest to fund the entitlement system and war machines of the world. The central banking model is a scam that acquires all the real wealth of the world by theft and fraud and delivers it at the feet of whomever owns the central banks. Think about it, we were warned and saw it coming.

A secondary by-product of the system of marxist-socialism proffered and promoted by the international banksters is that it also functions as an engine of destruction, consuming the economies of those nations foolish enough to be enslaved by government-funded entitlements. Today, many years after the adoption of marxist-socialist principles and borrowing trillions of paper funny-money from the banksters to fund entitlements and welfare, Europe stands upon the brink of economic destruction. Even mainstream rags like Der Spiegel have begun to run morbid stories titled “Investors Prepare For Euro Collapse“. People are starting to realize the economic systems of the world are finished. So yes, the jig is up, but wait, there’s more!

Evidence exists that these central bankster families are kabalists (Jewish kabalah is luciferian in nature; it is the Babylon mystery religion for Jews) and long ago funded the creation of  a secret society of insiders whom they have used to infiltrate and control all the governments of the world. They employed a jesuit luciferian named Adam Weishaupt to create the “illuminati”. The name “illuminati” actually refers to the god they serve, lucifer, whom we know as devil or satan. We shouldn’t be surprised about this, the Bible calls him the god of this world. In any case, the illuminati went about infiltrating freemasonry in the 1700’s and turning that secret society into a resource for the banksters to accomplish their project for world dominion for their god. Clear evidence exists that links marxist-socialism (it’s not agodless atheistic movement!) to luciferianism and satanism.

The point is that these banksters and their secret society collaborators are capturing all the wealth and resources and preparing the world to be ruled by the devil’s man; the man the Bible refers to as the anti-Christthe man of sin, the idol shepherd, the son of perdition, that wicked, the beast, the bloody and deceitful man, the wicked one, the man of the earth, themighty man, the enemy, the adversary, the head over many countries, the violent man, theAssyrian, the king of Babylon, the son of the morning, the spoiler, the nail, the branch of the terrible ones, the profane and wicked prince is Israel, the little horn, the prince that shall come, the vile person, the willful king, the angel of the bottomless pit, the rod of God’s anger, the unclean spirit, the vine of the earth, etc.

Freemasonry uses a phrase “ordo ab chao”, Latin for “order out of chaos” and “fiat lux” which some say means “let there be light” but more secretly means, “let satan reign”. Incidentally, luciferians also refer to the devil as “lux” openly (hidden in plain sight).

As patriots, it is important not to lose sight of the fact that, just as the Bible tells us, “we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”

The freemasonic temple in Wash., DC leaves no doubt whose side they’re on in this battle

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Contributed by Lentenlands of SmashABanana.

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