OOPS: Meme Shows Trump Isn’t Even the President and He’s Already Creating Jobs

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This is the new Trump meme going around…




It has actually been reported multiple times (see here and here for just two examples) that protesters at Trump rallies are showing up because of Craigslist ads offering $15-16 bucks an hour.

How sad is that?

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8 thoughts on “OOPS: Meme Shows Trump Isn’t Even the President and He’s Already Creating Jobs”

  1. Follow the money trail… FBI ? DHS ? Anyone wanna know who’s behind the money to protest ? ANYONE ?

    These punk a$$ ba$tards sucker punching people need a dirt nap. These hate crimes should not be tolerated…

    Facial recog huh ? I’m all for the proper use of technology. It’s when it’s abused to do the work for the devil that really grinds my bones…

    TRUMP 2016 !!!

  2. Those paid protesters were pretty shocked when they came to Trump’s rally in Janesville, WI. They were met with “Bikers for Trump”. Needless to say, there were no problems and the protesters went home to mommy and daddy.

      1. Not sure what your point is. My point was that the bikers stopped the protesters from pulling off any riots like they did in Chicago. Are you saying bikers are murderers? You can’t compare all bikers to Hell’s Angels. Many of them are Vietnam vets.

        1. I regard most Vietnam veterans as traitors, which are worst than murderers. I can compare anyone to anyone while exercising my First Amendment rights, assuming there is no one educated enough to understand why said amendment conveys no such right.

  3. The only jobs that the president can create are government jobs and since 99% of the federal government is unconstitutional and anyone who takes the oath to protect and defend the Constitution and then takes an unconstitutional job is a traitor by definition…

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