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Observations From the Trenches of Alaska

An email sent to From the Trenches World Report outlines mysterious happenings in Alaska.


Observations From the Trenches of Alaska

Email sent to From the Trenches World Report:

Here are some things that I have been seeing to if you haven’t noticed:

1. Weather control, heavy droughts in US, Fed attack on Farms and then the Feds allowing China to set up an Agricultural Bank in the US (along with buying one of our banks). What happens to the properties when farmers fault on their loan? http://www.thedeal.com/content/regulatory/fed-allows-china-wealth-fund-to-buy-us-bank.php

2. We found many double headed dandelions and excessively pedaled buttercups this year. We were told by the UAF that it was due to the warm weather and that organic growers up north were also having problems with their broccoli. I did notice the “contrails”, even some that were blackish, but I thought maybe it was from the planes engine. However, we started noticing that it only went from one end of our very short town to the other and I started looking it up. We live in Ketchikan, AK.  I know that we don’t need the pretentious “West Nile” bug spray as there has been no reports of it. I think all this is connected: plant fasciation and spraying. Plus, I have been to the doctor for a “sinus infection”, which the doctors are reporting a high number of untreatable cases in our town. In another Alaska town, they found orange goo that turned out to be “microscopic eggs” that came from the sky and were not from here. At the same time, it was reported that some of the fish were dying. http://www.foxnews.com/scitech/2011/08/08/mystery-orange-goo-in-remote-alaskan-village-identified/ 
It appears someone is intentionally trying to ruin the ecosystem.

3. I noticed both our CDC and Canada’s Dept of Health posted blogs about zombie preparedness. Even if it is mockingly, their has been suspicion of “zombie” like behavior across the nation. Bath salts have been implicated, but cleared in some cases. My thoughts came to spraying the people from above. I read an article about Putin stating he has the power to control minds using radiation (not saying he is controlling them per say). And I read an article about “kawasaki disease” coming in on the winds. Kawasaki Disease has similar symptoms of radiation and other types of poisoning. What about the increase in “whooping cough” and could this be related?

4. And going back to the West Nile virus, the government dropped genetically modified mosquitoes this year in Texas. Could this be linked? Texas had pellets dropped to “prevent” rabies this year.  http://www.chron.com/news/houston-texas/article/Texas-gains-upper-hand-in-rabies-fight-2449565.php
However, it appears there is a  increase in the cases of rabies now being reported.

5.Also, if you follow the rain storms and mass death of fish and deer in the US, you will find that it matches up and comes right after a rain storm. Many people actually report that the fish died right after a heavy rain.

6. We are landlocked, but have had increased military presence. We personally saw two tank like vehicles roll through town. Up north in Alaska, there was a warning not to be alarmed that it was just a drill. We have seen black helicopters which could be explained away as tourist helicopters, but it is appearing more like a take over. Do you think that the increase of sending our own troops away recently is part of leaving our own land unprotected? We have noticed foreign military here too, but again it could be explained away by just being tourists. They were wearing their own uniforms and speaking another language.

7. Down south I have heard reports of military blocking of mountain passes and sealing up caves. Two recent articles came out in our local paper talking about our empty mines in Alaska and the need to take action to keep people safe.

8. Alaska changed military commanders this year and we stopped doing our F-22 patrols by restrictions given by the Pentagon. http://www.adn.com/2012/05/15/v-printer/2465689/pentagon-limits-flights-by-f-22.html. We had two coast guard murdered on watch in Kodiak also. Is it linked?

9. Russia was tunneling to Alaska. Do you know where they are with that project?

10. There is a Chinese base on the opposite side of the Mexican border. Could they be tunneling into the US? http://sacramento.cbslocal.com/2012/08/24/source-of-loud-boom-in-foothills-a-mystery/

This doesn’t mean that it is happening, but I would like to know more. Do you have any ideas on this?


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Contributed by From the Trenches World Report of www.FromTheTrenchesWorldReport.com.

From the Trenches World Report is intent on uncovering more documented facts to bring to light that which the common man or woman is not meant to see. We are in a war for nothing less than our right to individual thought. We will be reporting on that war From the Trenches.

From the Trenches World Report is intent on uncovering more documented facts to bring to light that which the common man or woman is not meant to see. We are in a war for nothing less than our right to individual thought. We will be reporting on that war From the Trenches.


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